Louis farrakhan and barack obama relationship

louis farrakhan and barack obama relationship

A photo of former President Barack Obama and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from surfaced on Thursday after more than a. Barack Obama at a meeting in with Louis Farrakhan, the virulently . that Obama's relationship with Farrakhan was cozier than previously. It was a letter from Barack Obama, the nation's first Black president. MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN stands with Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend . after he admitted to having a personal relationship with Farrakhan, calling.

The racist arson that followed killed 7 people.

louis farrakhan and barack obama relationship

This was what Obama did in the open. The recently revealed photo gives us some idea of what he was doing in the shadows. There is so much about Obama that was kept buried to protect him.

The Farrakhan photo was suppressed by the Nation of Islam to protect his political career. Not until he was out of office did the hate group begin coming clean about its ties to Barack Hussein Obama. The same thing happened with Rep. Keith Ellison, the DNC Vice Chairman, who had begun his political career with the Nation of Islam and may have spent as much as eleven years with the hate group. The media allowed Ellison to repeatedly lie about his membership and his history of anti-Semitism.

Why did Barack Obama meet with Louis Farrakhan in 2005?

We will probably never know. It will go on being incurious about Obama posing with a bigot who once crowed, "Here come the Jews. So that leaves two questions: Was Farrakhan formally invited to the CBC, and what does it say about black politicians and the Jewish community?

The likelihood is that he was invited: He was with a substantial retinue and the logistics of schlepping all those folks around Capitol Hill just to say hello for the informal first minutes of a weekly CBC get-together seems unlikely. It also seems likely, given the timing of the meeting and the presence of Wilson, that Farrakhan was invited to discuss marking the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Was it the CBC as a group?

Why did Barack Obama meet with Louis Farrakhan in ? - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

Was it Rangel, McKinney, Obama or another unidentified member acting on his or her own? Farrakhan may have gravitated to the emerging political star to say hello, Muhammad was in the right place and time, a snapshot ensues. Rangel, during his long service as a House member from Harlem, was a go-to congressman for Jews from his city.

One of his last acts as a House member, when he was 85, was to fly to Israel in for the funeral of Shimon Peres.

louis farrakhan and barack obama relationship

At the same time, Rangel also has a longstanding relationship with Farrakhan, stemming from when they brokered an end to a deadly standoff between police and Muslims at a New York mosque.

And he really resents it when Jews call him out on the relationship. Jewish leaders said Farrakhan was too deeply stained with Jew-hatred for that rationale to fly.

The time had come for Reverend Al Sharpton to speak. A few minutes into his speech, Sharpton took out a piece of paper.

So why did Barack Obama skip Aretha Franklin’s Funeral? | New Pittsburgh Courier

It ended this way: Many had read in news reports that he was scheduled to speak at the funeral of Senator John McCain on Saturday, September 1, but his itinerary the day before remains a mystery. The answer perhaps could be found on the very stage that would have placed Obama in the presence of Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. Obama had a decision to make. From the mayor of Chicago to the wealthy members of the Pritzker family, Obama has ties to influential Jewish figures.

Many are billionaires whose massive donations are critical to the success to his presidential center and library. Many are from Chicago and not only are they donors, some are on his foundation board of directors. Whatever decision Obama made would threaten to alienate or upset a group that he values for their support.