Lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

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lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

Ksenia Solo may be moving on from "Lost Girl," but she's not leaving as quite a shock when Kenzi was "killed off" at the end of Season 4. In a way she thought it was fun, but after Hale's death and her death Ksenia Solo On Leaving 'Lost Girl,' Her Fans, And What She's Going To Do Next was Kenzi and Bo's relationship even when everything else sucked. Her relationships with Dyson and Lauren are friendly but more guarded, due to the fact that both have at one time or another hurt Bo because of the romantic.

I came here to rescue you! Ianka sings a death note to kill Marcus, and Kenzi recoils in pain. The woman he loves!!! Ianka kills Marcus, sacrificing herself in the process, and Bo cradles her as she dies. The scene fades out to Kenzi stretched out on a bench, Hale stroking her hair as she comes to.

Hale tells her that Bo is fine and Marcus and Ianka are dead. The tight pants are still on, though.

Lost Girl – A Kenzi and Hale Recap | from the land of five actors

And then she decides to do just that. Which…would now be a particular bummer for me. Hale strokes her face, they make gooey eyes at each other a little, and Kenzi decides to put on his hat.

lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

Other than "thank you," what else would you like to say to your fans? It's so humbling, and it never ceases to amaze me, how much Kenzi means to people. You go to set and do your job, and you feel that you're portraying someone who's special, but you never know how that person is going to affect people. From the interactions that I've been lucky enough to have, whether it's online or in person, every single time it's an eye-opening experience. When people say "Kenzi has inspired me," or "I want a friendship like Kenzi and Bo have," or her ability to be brave and courageous in the moment, those are the things that affect people, and I find that to be such a beautiful thing.

I've played this character for so long, and to have her mean so much to so many people all over the world I don't know if I'll ever get used to that.

When you can touch people so deeply, it just makes your job so amazing. Does the character of Kenzi end how you want her to? Did you have any say about how her storyline ends? I feel like the end of Kenzi as we knew her was the Season 4 finale.

lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

I really wouldn't have imagined it any other way, so again I thank the writers. Kenzi has always been the most loyal, loving friend to Bo, so it's in her nature to do something so brave and selfless -- to sacrifice herself in order to save Bo and to save her friends that she loves so much. That moment where she walks into the portal and looks back, gives the final "I love you" It was genuine and beautiful. Do you have any thoughts on the show itself ending?

It's been an incredible ride for us all, right from the very beginning. All of us have grown so much. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and ultimately it's not up to us actors. It's bittersweet, but I think the fans are going to be happy with what's to come in the final season s. Based on Kenzi telling Nate that it had been sixteen years since she last saw him, and she was six at the time, this meant that Kenzi was 22 years old at the time of this episode in the series.

At the party Kenzi and Nate were the band. When Kenzi introduced Nate to Bo, he told her that Kenzi said Bo was the big sister that Kenzi never had but always wished for.

Kenzi and Nate 's relationship continued to grow, with Nate eventually asking Kenzi to leave town with him on a tour which Kenzi agreed at the end of the episode. Table for Fae was an important point in Kenzi's relationship with Nate and also caused Kenzi to agree to a request from the Morrigan to save Nate 's life. Kenzi and Nate returned from their trip to discover Bo in bed with Ryan. After this awkward moment passed, they all spent time together at a restaurant, but it did not go well.

The deal was that Kenzi would owe The Morrigan a favor whenever she wanted to collect it. Kenzi also demanded that Bo end her relationship with Ryan and Bo agreed to do so. In School's OutBo was still in a relationship with Ryan and trying to hide that fact from Kenzi who believed that Bo dumped him. Dysonwhile investigating odd occurrences at at high school, drew Bo and Kenzi in: Bo as a teacher, Kenzi as a student. Kenzi's time undercover did not go well with her getting into a fight with other students and being in detention at least once.

Kenzi also became the target of one student's attentions which resulted in Kenzi becoming effected by what claimed two other students in the school so far. Bo solved the mystery and Kenzi recovered from the affliction. Kenzi agreed to do so, but as a result Nate believed that something was going on and Kenzi was not telling him about it.

When Hale introduced Kenzi as his girlfriend to his family, they rejected Kenzi and expressed their hate of humans in general, as well as their racial views of anyone not of their own family. Nate confronted Kenzi at the event about what was going on and they reconciled their relationship, Kenzi expressing her love for Nate and explaining why she was acting as Hale 's girlfriend.

Trick also uses Kenzi's blood in order to free Ryan from her influence, something that neither Bo or Ryan was aware of. Kenzi also confronted Bo about lying to her about Ryan and they reconciled their relationship as Nate left Bo 's life. Truth and Consequences was a pivotal moment in Kenzi's arc in the series. Kenzi and Nate 's relationship continued to grow, Nate at one point asked Kenzi to take it to the next level, meaning for them to become a real couple.

Kenzi met with Trick and he told her that the coming fight with The Garuda was not her fight and she should live her own life. Trick explained to Kenzi that Bo 's love for her was a weakness and she must leave with Nate to remove that weakness. Kenzi talked with Bo and explained that as a result of all of the threats they face she could not continue to lie to Nate or have him come to harm because of Bo's life.

Bo told Kenzi that she wanted Kenzi to leave with Nate because she could not allow anything to happen to Kenzi when The Garuda attacked. After all of this, Kenzi lied to Nate and told him that they could not be together in order to protect him. She told him that she did not love him in order to send him away. This crushed Nate 's heart and he left, Kenzi being heartbroken for what she did.

Afterwards, Kenzi told Bo what she did and that where she belonged was with Bo, and Bo 's answer was that she needed Kenzi more than ever after Bo was forced to kill NadiaLauren 's girlfriend. Ciara was killed and Dyson covered for the rest as they tried to escape. Kenzi however did not escape with Hale and Bo, instead she turned back to save Dyson and succeeded in doing so, which proved her bravery once again.

Kenzi made some life altering choices during Into the Dark. Kenzi confronted Dyson and made him understand that he could not give up for everyone's sake, and Bo 's in particular. Dyson saw The Norn with Kenzi and demanded his love to be returned, but was rejected.

Kenzi then took things into her own hands and attacked The Norn 's sacred tree and began to cut it down with a chainsaw. This forced The Norn to agree to Kenzi's demands and she gave Kenzi a bottle which contained Dyson 's love. As this happened, One of the gifts The Norn collected fell on Kenzi's hand by accident, which may have given her a Fae power. Kenzi then returned Dyson's love to him, but the consequences of the accident she suffered are not known. As well during this episode, Kenzi learned that Trick was in fact Bo 's grandfather.

At the end of the episode, Kenzi stood with Bo and her friends to confront The Garuda once more and also had to deal with Vex moving in with her and Bo. The group confronted The Garudawho was holding Trick in an insane asylum. In the course of doing so Kenzi is severely injured but Hale manages to use his powers to stop Kenzi bleeding to death. Partly recovered, Kenzi demanded to be taken to Bo.

When Bo began to slip away into darkness and insanity after winning the battle against The GarudaKenzi performed a ceremony to unbind everyone from Bo and stopped it from continuing. In the aftermath, something was effecting Kenzi causing her arm to glow with power, the source of this being the liquid spilled on her when she confronted The Norn.

At the end of the Second Season, Kenzi had found Nate and lost him again, made a deal with The Morrigan to save Nate 's life and still found herself owing The Morrigan that favor. She overcame The Norn for Dysonreturning the love he lost. Kenzi also suffered from the effects of something being spilled on her as a result of her confronting The Nornthe effect of which were still to be discovered.

She had gained more respect for her abilities and further had cemented her relationship with Bo and the others in the series, becoming close to all of them. Third Season The Third Season focused on Kenzi dealing with the aftermath of her confronting The Nornbeing impersonated by a Kitsune, and coming to a decision that the only way for her to help her friends was to risk becoming Fae herself in some way.

Her relationship with Hale ebbed and flowed through the season, culminating in Hale revealing his feelings for Kenzi. Kenzi's first appearance was in the season premiere Caged Fae where she was part of an undercover investigation launched by Hale as the Acting Ash.

Kenzi visited Bo in prison and used the name Kenzi Von Clare while posing as Bo 's pet human in order to smuggle an item Bo needed to protect herself. Dyson confronted Kenzi over what happened with The Nornbut she did not reveal what happened or that she was suffering from the effects of the liquid that was split on her. In SubterrFaeneanVex and Kenzi attended an art festival underground and witnessed Kenzi's friend Aussie vanish in the middle of a show as an actor was killed. Kenzi also revealed that after she ran away from home, she lived in the sewers and other underground places because she had nowhere else to go.

Some street people told Kenzi of an abandoned subway line and the tent city that sprung up there and that is where she met Aussie, who saved Kenzi when she was suffering from pneumonia.

While searching for Aussie, both Bo and Kenzi were mesmerized by a Fae who at one time was known as the Pied Piper for a short time. Kenzi also managed to turn Vex against The Morrigan during the episode, befriending Vex and receiving pointers about makeup from him. Kenzi also spent time with Laurenthe two eventually coming to terms and gaining new respect for one other. Fae-de To Black found Kenzi trying to talk to the others about the rash she had and that it was getting worse, but no one listened.

Kenzi also found herself blocked from seeing Hale through the actions of Trick as she was interfering with Hale's duties as The Ash. At the end of the episode she was pulled screaming by a force into darkness. Faes Wide Shut was an odd point in the series with regards to Kenzi.

A Kitsune had kidnapped Kenzi in the previous episode and was impersonating her, though this was not fully revealed until the following episode. During this episode, Faux Kenzi as she came to be known, acted oddly and eventually by the end of the episode made a critical mistake when she ate a dish which had peanuts in it, something that the real Kenzi was allergic to.

The Kenzi Scale overall was a Kenzi-centric episode in that it focused on Bo attempting to prove that Kenzi had been replaced by someone impersonating her. Bo discovered, with the help of Tamsinthat Kenzi had been replaced by a Kitsune named Inari and eventually found Kenzi trapped in a cave and rescued her.

Dyson killed Inari when she was impersonating Kenzi and attacked him. He believed that he had killed Kenzi until Lauren proved that it was not Kenzi which proved Bo's assertion that Kenzi was a fake to be correct. Inari told Kenzi that she had gained the glamor powers of a Kitsune through her exposure to the liquid that fell on her when Kenzi confronted The Norn.

Kenzi also injects Bo several times during the episode with a drug that Lauren created to her Bo with the effects of the Dawning.

Lost Girl Kenzi & Hale Domino.

Kenzi also discovers that Bo 's human name was Beth through the friends Bo once had in high school. Kenzi also discovered that there is a threat from an UnderFae in the community and helps Bo to overcome that threat.

At the end of the episode, Bo confronts Kenzi about hiding behind jokes, but Kenzi brushed that off before Bo pointedly asked Kenzi about her seeing The Nornbut the results of that question were not revealed. During The CeremonyKenzi was present when Stella attempted to have Bo feed on humans in order to prepare her for what was to come. Kenzi at one point confronted Stella, telling her that Bo would: Kenzi also spoke with Bo before the Dawning and promised her that she would be there for Bo regardless of what happened, even if it was the worst case possible.

Stella spoke with Kenzi before the Dawning as well, attempting to make her leave, but Kenzi refused. As well during their conversation Stella said to Kenzi that "Your scars are so deep. She also told Trick that Stella told her what happened to humans that were abandoned by the Fae that claimed them.

Trick revealed to Kenzi that he felt like Kenzi was family to him and promised to look after her if something happened to Bo. Within the Dawning, Kenzi appeared as a caricature of herself, demanding that Bo allow her to return to her old life.

lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

Kenzi was also present when Bo returned from her Dawning with the body of Dyson and saw Bo take the Chi from everyone in the room, including herself, in order to save Dyson 's life. This was, according to Kenzi, the first time that Bo had taken Chi from her.

Kenzi went undercover again in Delinquents when she, Bo and Dyson went undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths. Kenzi befriended the other youth by proving her abilities in being able to fence merchandise and jimmy open doors with a credit card.

Kenzi also spoke with Dyson about the events of the Dawning and his relationship with Bo, but she was unconvinced when he said things were fine. At a later point, Kenzi asked who around her could make pipe bombs. All of the teens and Kenzi raised their hands, and a moment later Lauren did as well which provided another clue to Kenzi's talents as well as that of Lauren. Kenzi posed as Bo's sister who, according to Bo, had just left rehab.

She also helped Trick to solve the mystery of the babysitter but opened new questions that Bo needed to have answered. At one point Kenzi substituted for the babysitter and looked after a precocious young boy who she managed to make like her by telling him a story about a superhero named Super Kenz.

lost girl kenzi and hale relationship

At the end of the episode, after Bo took the babysitter's life at her request, Kenzi comforted Bo and helped her to come to terms with what she had done. While doing so, Kenzi learned that Bo believed that she had seen her father during the Dawning and felt like she needed to find him.

  • Ksenia Solo On Leaving 'Lost Girl,' Her Fans, And What She's Going To Do Next

Hail, Hale marked the beginning of a turning point for Kenzi in several ways. At first she helped Trick prepare the Dal Riata for Hale 's inauguration, but the events of the episode turned the Fae world and Kenzi's relationship with it to a new direction.

Kenzi found herself being confronted by Massimo, a Druid who over the course of the episode placed doubts within Kenzi about her relationships with Bo and her other friends and placing the idea in her that he could make her Fae which would begin to haunt her more and more.

After the Dal Riata was attacked and Dyson was kidnapped, Kenzi found herself making a deal with Massimo for information which Bo needed, the price of that information being a kiss from her.

It was revealed that Massimo needed that kiss to complete a spell which was to control Bo and allow her to be captured. Hale also revealed to Kenzi his feelings for her and secretly gave Kenzi an item without The Morrigan knowing of him doing so.

During this, Kenzi was made to believe that Trick was dead and Dyson ] was likely dead as well, which was a lie told by The Morrigan. Kenzi was threatened with torture and death by The Morriganbut when she attempted to shock Kenzi with a teaser, it had no effect on her.

Afterwards Bruce revealed to Kenzi that Hale had sacrificed an item which had been protecting Hale from harm to protect her. Kenzi then escaped with the assistance of Bruce, The Morrigan 's henchman who had a crush on her, and went in search of the Druid Massimo, intending to become Fae so that she could help Bo and her friends.

At the end of the Third Deason, Kenzi did not fully understand the implications of what had happened to her at The Norn 's home. She had a closer relationship with Hale but also had found herself threatened by The Morrigan whom Kenzi still owed a favour to.

Kenzi also had a promise from Trick that she was seen by him as part of his family and would look after her. As a result of the events of the season finale and a belief that she needed to be stronger to help her friends who she believed were in danger, she made the choice to locate a Druid with the help of Bruce, one of The Morrigan 's henchman that had a crush on her. With the deterioration of the world of the Fae, Kenzi's future was uncertain as the season came to a close.

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They encountered a Troll who would not allow them to pass over his bridge unless Kenzi agreed to guard it for him for two weeks. Bruce did not allow that to happen and took over the guarding of the bridge so Kenzi could continue. However this meant that when Kenzi met Massimo, she was alone and without any help.

Kenzi's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the season premiere In Memoriamwhich could be considered a Kenzicentric episode overall. As a result of the actions of persons unknown, the memories of Bo were wiped from existence which resulted in a change in the memories of everyone, including Kenzi.

Kenzi continued to live in the same place as she did previously with Bo, but did so by herself. She also took on the role of a private investigator similar to that which she and Bo had done previously. Kenzi also had a more intimate relationship with both Hale and Dysonseemed also to have a relationship with Laurenbut her friendship with Trick seemed to be significantly changed. Kenzi also appeared to have made a deal with the Druid Massimo to obtain the powers of a Fae, assuming in doing so it would make her Fae.

However she was tricked by Massimo who only used spark extract, taken from the genitals of a Sprite, to give Kenzi the ability to shoot sparks from her fingertips, but did not make her Fae.

Kenzi was hired by Aife to locate her missing daughter, Bo, but had no proof of Bo's existence. However she did reveal evidence of memory tampering which led Kenzi and Dyson to finding the source of the memory loss. After a confrontation with Vex and obtaining a device from a rare Fae item collector, Kenzi with the help of Dyson were able to restore the missing memories. This had several consequences, including that Kenzi now was on a search for Bo.

In Sleeping Beauty SchoolKenzi was devastated by Bo being missing and this began to overcome her, pushing all other concerns from her thoughts.

Dyson then asked her to look after Tamsin who Dyson had found, but she had been reborn and was a child once more.