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Thanks be to all that Veronica walking away from Grace Manning in that If a victim is traumatized, weak, affected, and/or needs therapy, You know I love Logan, but I'd be hard pressed to believe that his . I would have liked to see a working relationship with Leo that Veronica fostered, TIMELINE. The Life and Timeline of Veronica Mars. All the important (Implying that she wasn't dating Logan at the time or she wasn't that serious about Logan.) Lilly warns . Ms. James holds counseling sessions right after Lilly's murder. Veronica was. Cram Jam, or How Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls Got Banned from the Ain' t No Therapy Session, alethia, Veronica/Weevil, 2Teen, Season two AU . Parts One and Two focus on the Keith/Logan relationship, and Part Three focuses on the Logan/Veronica AU, set about three years before the timeline of the movie.

Trouble Scout (VERONICA MARS: MR. KISS & TELL Musings)

She's caught speeding at 6: This means none of the Kanes have alibis during her actual time of death. Duncan finds them and he is furious. Duncan starts ranting and raving and Aaron leaves. Lilly tauntingly tells Aaron he can watch the tapes on Access Hollywood along with the rest of America. Aaron picks up something from the table, whacks Lilly upside the head, wipes his fingerprints off the object, dumps it into the pool, and leaves. He clutches her in his arms, and repeatedly pleads with her, "Lilly, wake up!

Jake screams, "Duncan, what have you done?! Jake says he and Celeste were home five or ten minutes before discovering Lilly's body. He says they knew the kids were home, so he went to the pool to check up on them. Celeste says Duncan got home before them and was showering when they arrived. During the interview, the dryer timer buzzed. Keith finds Duncan's soccer uniform in the dryer.

Call about pilates session. Meet Duncan for coffee. In the file, it says that Lilly was last seen leaving the car wash in her VW bug at 1 pm. Her body was found 7 days later by the PBS underwater dive team in the ocean among the seaweed. Her backpack and shoes and watch were missing. The only suspect is Jake Kane. And Lilly had strangulation marks on her neck. It's not revealed when Dick and Beaver made this promise. James holds counseling sessions right after Lilly's murder.

Eli was profoundly affected by Lilly's death and threw a chair against the wall. Based on their conversation, it seems that Ms. James only had sessions with Veronica and Weevil right after Lilly's death.

However it seems that she and Duncan had been meeting regularly because of the fact that she knew about the old standby medicines and antidepressants, which he started taking 7 months after Lilly's death. It took three orderlies to get him into a straight jacket. Mars" A week later while in the bathroom Veronica overhears Carrie Bishop and Susan Knight say they are surprised that she and Duncan lasted as long as they did.

Susan accuses Veronica of dating Duncan only for his money. Carrie says Duncan is loony bin crazy and tells Susan about Brian's story. Mars" Norris steps in and helps Veronica as 09ers blow spitballs at her during lunch. Diary August 28th November Six weeks after Lilly's death, the crime scene video is leaked and posted on the net.

A teary eyed Logan confronts Veronica about her father destroying the Kanes. The Thetas take Patrice and some other pledges to a secret room, have them undress, and circle all the parts that need work with a permanent marker. Patrice, who is pudgy, is practically covered with circles. The Pi Sigs are watching and laughing their asses off. Chip calls Patrice a marshmallow and the nickname sticks. During the interrogation, Keith is suspicious that Jake can't answer basic questions about the supposed two-and-a-half tryst at the Neptune Grand.

During her interrogation, Celeste confirms they were in the hotel for two-and-a-half hours, but she contradicts Jake's claim that the TV was on in the background. He thinks it's completely out of character for the Kanes to be doing their own laundry the night Lilly was murdered.

Keith thinks Jake called Wiedman after he discovered Lilly's body. As Jake's alibi falls apart, Keith questions the official time of death because the core body temperature didn't match the timeline. Keith thinks Wiedman, an ex-Army intelligence officer and ex-FBI agent, did something to Lilly's body to affect the results of any tests as to time of death. Jake says he was at work during the time of the murder.

After the interrogation Jake goes to the press and says he was wrongly accused. Jake's alibi in the pilot is different than his alibi in Betty and Veronica. Since Lianne left after receiving the photos in February, this means Keith was fired in January. November 19, While the other Thetas are tanning on the roof of the sorority, Patrice walks out onto the roof and strolls off the edge. Afterwards, she is transferred to a mental health facility. After losing his job as Sheriff, Keith announces to Lianne and Veronica that he is going stay in Neptune and try to make a living as a private detective.

This is the last straw for Lianne. Dick complains "Beaver is getting all the loving. Dick's flapping out in the breeze. Dick massages Madison's neck to calm her down, but she tells him get his hands off her, and then she walks away.

Sophomore Year

Luke gives two doses of GHB to Dick to help loosen up his avoiding-alcohol-because-of-Atkins-diet girlfriend who doesn't do as much as he wants her to do.

Dick passes Madison a cup of regular soda, which she does not want because she is on a diet. Madison sees Veronica, gives her "a trip to the dentist" by spitting into the cup, and passes the soda-spit-double-dose-GHB cocktail to Veronica.

As Meg and Cole leave the party, they see a group of 09ers cheering as guys do shots off Veronica's body. Meg tells Cole, "We can't leave her like that. Duncan charges in and angrily pushes a freak off Veronica, who can barely sit up. Duncan tells Logan to leave her alone. Veronica makes out with everyone at the party including Dick, Casey, and "the garage door.

Dick tells her it's not cool and pushes her away. Veronica then climbs onto Casey's lap and flirts with him. Dick grabs a stumbling Veronica, puts her hands on his chest as he sings "I Touch Myself," and pulls her down to the couch. Veronica tries to balance herself by holding onto Dick's head of hair. Dick kisses Veronica and then tells her to see Uncle Casey.

Veronica clumsily crawls onto Casey's lap. Casey says, "No thanks, I like mine to stand on their own power. Veronica says she wants to go home. Both Dick and Sean pour shots down her throat and tell her that Shelly Pomroy is a hot foreign exchange student that she has the hots for because they want to see Veronica and Shelly make out. Sean tells Veronica that it was Dick, not him, feeding her drinks. He also says Dick and Beaver were horrible to her.

Sean passively and silently watches as Dick carries an unconscious Veronica into the bedroom. Dick tells Beaver that Veronica is a ready-and-willing, cute piece of ass. Dick taunts a reluctant Beaver that an unconscious Veronica is the best that he can do because he's not real big with the sober chicks. Dick tosses Beaver some condoms and pulls Sean out of the room. Sean gives a concerned look as he leaves Beaver alone with Veronica.

Dick walks by the guest bedroom and sees a wasted and slutty Veronica flirting with Beaver and pulling him towards the bed. It made me smile so hard my face hurt. Awkward and strange and I loved it. Logan was super weird, but somehow it worked for me. Oh, how I would love it! Did I mention that already? But he has also always picked himself up and brushed himself after a relatively reasonable period of time because his perseverance has always outweighed his self-destructive tendencies.

If I think of it as a slow burn through multiple up and down cycles though, I feel better about it. That hit my cliche quota. The thing that I did love about his backstory though? Someone who went out of his way to help Logan completely unsolicited because he saw his potential? Who gave Logan direction and purpose and therefore the tools to accumulate self worth? Galway is the one who gave Logan his wings at his Navy winging ceremony.

The death toll at this point is redonkulous. Did you really have to decide to ship him off again after 3 months home? Open your mouths and speak. I was a puddle. A happy disembodied fangirl of the highest order. Early in the book Veronica also admits to having thought about the future and how she expects Logan to be there for it.

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She jokingly references grandkids in front of Logan, Keith, and Mac. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. They want to try. And that feels good. She is wonderfully complicated in this book and human and has grown up a lot, but is still in dire need of some serious growing up. I really love her in in MKAT as frustrating as she can sometimes be.

Wanted to shake her. Maybe club her upside the head. Logan leaving Veronica with the full knowledge that he loves her and will be in contact vs. On a different note, the image of Veronica getting ear-licked by a puppy in her civies while Lisa, the barely older than her lawyer extraordinaire, arrives to do business was something I enjoyed very much. Could you imaging if Logan had committed suicide or ODed and what that would have done to Veronica when she heard?

Maybe not even until years later?