Lelouch and suzaku relationship test

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lelouch and suzaku relationship test

out and keeping their relationship completely platonic mostly because Euphie wasn't Suzaku just didn't understand what got Lelouch's underwear in a bunch. . He did a test roll of his hips and Lelouch arched in beautiful. [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku is of why; when it comes to the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku. This issue has been on my mind ever since the beginning of the series. At first, I had expected Suzaku to eventually team up with Lelouch in.

Exposition entered, clutching her clipboard to her chest and approaching the examination table slowly and stiffly. Eventually she made it and regarded Lelouch with a suddenly stern and serious nod, "Mr. Lamperouge, if you have engaged in…sexual intercourse within the past three to four weeks? Wow, Lelouch, sorry but I thought you knew how this worked…" "Well I didn't!

Exposition blinked at the imagery in Lelouch's flashback, "Huh. Did that bastard give me Chlamydia! Oh, the next time I see him I will kick him where it hurts and-! Exposition disrupted the rant by clearing her throat loudly. Lamperouge" gaining Lelouchs attention, "Your urine tests didn't have any signs of STI's so yippee for that…" she gave a nervous half-smile and a thumbs up to Lelouch, he frowned.

Exposition stared at the clipboard, not meeting Lelouch's gaze, before repeating, "You're pregnant. Exposition frowned slightly before looking at him, "Ya-Huh, look.

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Lelouch peered at the letters before biting his lip, repressing the sheer tidal wave of angry disbelief and panic that was slowly drowning his insides. He politely attempted to strike up a conversation as to the cause of his apparent sudden ability to conceive. Lamperouge, c-can I call you Lelouch? In recent years the numbers of determinedly male persons falling pregnant has risen so high that the Medical Board has even given a name to this condition, called Fangirlsartisticlicence.

This is known as 'Fan-pandering' and usually results in badly written Fills on the livejournal kink meme, or male pregnancy. Exposition considered this for a moment. The aliens made it possible for you to get knocked up. C blinked at the imagery in Lelouch's flashback, "Huh.

lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Suzaku, is Suzaku and they will never be able to control each other. It doesn't work like that. Cool fingers press against his asshole, and Lelouch is stuck between surprise and lust. His legs spread more, and he's hard again, and Suzaku needs to hurry up.

Suzaku Kururugi

The fingers press in, one at a time, and Suzaku brushes up a spot that makes Lelouch clench. Lelouch braces himself, holding Suzaku's shoulders as the other boy's cock slaps against his bare thighs and he writhes and nearly goes crazy as the friction of his thighs against Suzaku's is so, so sweet. But Suzaku is dazed and Lelouch finally releases one shoulder to grab the large meat.

He can feel Suzaku's pulse through it, knows Suzaku is as excited as he is, and wants it in him.

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So he lowers himself onto it and muffles his moan in Suzaku's shirt. And Suzaku is so, so big and Lelouch doesn't think he can't take anymore even as he inches down the other boy's cock. Lelouch looks at Suzaku, the boy's hands are on his waist and tightening-- Suzaku meets his eyes, dark with maddening lust and desire and yet so, so afraid to move because he might hurt Lelouch. Lelouch leans forward, grinding himself down and loving the way he can feel Suzaku through his insides.

I want it in my mouth. But he obeys Lelouch, and pulls out until just the tip of his penis is encased in that hotness. Lelouch clenches around it, and it's so hot because Lelouch is goading him now.

lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Suzaku thrusts at the same moment, hitting that spot and rocking against it and Suzaku can feel his balls slapping against Lelouch's opening and the feeling encites him.

Lelouch's face is buried in his neck and sucking hard, and Suzaku has to try so hard but he buries himself in Lelouch's heat over and over. And Lelouch is writhing in his arms, moving down and Suzaku has to pull him up. He let Lelouch sit on his lap for a moment, simply rocking against the point that made the slighter boy breathless. Then he pushes off of Suzaku carefully, watching as the thick cock slips out of his hole bit by bit. It's wet with precum and dripping, and Lelouch has never wanted to taste it more.

Suzaku and you seem to be Suzaku looks unsure, because they've never really done it like this before and his cock has just been in the other boy's ass. But that doesn't seem to matter to Lelouch. And Lelouch takes Suzaku's meat, still pulsing, and holds it in his mouth. He looks at the other boy, his lips around his cock, and begins to suck.

He considered Zero to be an evil, immoral individual who was only focused on results and cared nothing for innocent lives. Suzaku twice rejected Zero's offer to join him, even when Zero held him at gunpoint. Later Suzaku would continue honoring Euphemia's memory by continuing his quest to change within by becoming the Knight Of One so that he could have the privilege of ruling an area on his own and transform Area He also held a quill given to him by Euphy and customized his Lancelot's shield with a Knight Of Honor as a mark towards her.

After Zero was exposed as Lelouch, Suzaku began to paint Lelouch with the same brush with which he painted Zero. Suzaku had a hard time acknowledging Lelouch's past actions, such as the Orange and Lake Kawaguchi incidents. This struggle was shown during the time he was transporting Julius Kingsley during the European Campaign. During this time, Suzaku had a more hardened personality and seemed willing to use more underhanded tactics, such as attempting to use Refrain on Kallen, though he discards it soon after.

He was not, however, willing to use methods similar to Lelouch's. Suzaku was willing to kill anybody standing in his way, which was shown during the first battle of the Tokyo Settlement for his bloodlust revenge against Zero.

While clashing with the Knights of St. Michael, Shin believes Suzaku's true nature to be similar to his own, that he hates the world and wants to destroy it with the darkness within him.

lelouch and suzaku relationship test

During Kaguya's conversation with the Six Houses of Kyoto, Suzaku showed no remorse for the fallen members, as their execution couldn't be helped. Regardless, Suzaku hasn't lost faith in Lelouch, as he wonders why he killed Euphie since there could have been another way but despises Lelouch for casting a Geass on him to live even though it was Suzaku's goal to die.

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After Lelouch reminds Suzaku of his father's past and their confrontation at the Kururugi Shrine, Suzaku realizes that Lelouch is the kind of person who would take all of the lies to make everyone's dreams into reality, indicating that Suzaku's view of Britannia had started to change.

After destroying the Tokyo Settlement with the F. After a one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the countless deaths he inadvertently caused. He then abandons his self-righteous nature and resolves to achieve his goals regardless of the means. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength.

This ultimately leads him to make a deal with Schneizel in order to become Knight of One by slaying the emperor, leading to the confrontation in C's world. Since both had lost the ones they loved and had sullied their hands with the blood of thousands, Suzaku finally allies with Lelouch, but his experience in the thought realm with Lelouch and C. He understands that the cycle of hatred would have to be broken for a peaceful future, and though it can only be done by Zero, no one would accept Lelouch as Zero because of the Geass, and devises the Zero Requiem with him.