Lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

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lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. . The main actress (Kim Sun Ah) not only stunningly beautiful but a fantastic actress. Lee Dong Wook's Past Yearbook Photos Prove His Natural Good Looks . and it keeps you constantly expecting what will happen to her and their relationship. Confession night for Lee Dong Wook in Singapore . being the hit drama Goblin, which also stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na. Scent of a Woman, a Korean Drama with Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook. Tv Guide, Asian Actors, Beautiful Things, Chinese, Actresses, Relationship, Otaku.

Nevertheless, the story is far from a happy ending. Lee Joong-goo tells Mo-ne that Jae-wan is his son and threatens to drag him to prison with him if Mo-ne does not bail him out. Despite feeling betrayed that she fell in love with the son of her father's killer, Mo-ne bails Joong-goo out. However, she tells Jae-wan that she does not want to see him again and sacks him as general manager. Besides that, Roman Lee is revealed to be Baek Mi-nyeo's adopted son and that he is actually Ju-han the boy who was with Jayden.

Mi-nyeo is also revealed to be Jae-wan's presumably deceased mother, Mi-yeon unknown to Jae-wan at this point. Mi-yeon was badly burned in an accident and was told that her son had died. Baek Mi-nyeo succeeds in dismissing Mo-ne as chairwoman and is appointed as Mo-ne's successor. Meanwhile, Ah Mo-ne becomes a maid in order to stay close to the hotel and in time, she learns more about the hotel and its employees.

Cha Jae-wan manages to keep his job as general manager and vows to help Mo-ne reclaim the hotel.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

After initially refusing his help, Mo-ne eventually realizes that she can't save Hotel Ciel without the hotel monster. The two resumes a romantic relationship after they decide not let each other hurt anymore. Cha Jae-wan prevails in saving Hotel Ciel by buying shares from the minority holders and by causing Roman's company in the US to fall bankrupt.

Mo-ne becomes troubled on whether or not to tell Jae-wan the truth and she invites him to the Little Ciel cottage again. She then decides against telling him as she feared that he would leave her again. Mo-ne then asks Roman to persuade Jae-wan not to report his mother to the police, who initially agrees to it. Jae-wan then finds out that the boss of the gang whom he thought he killed, did not die. He fumes and threatens to kill Lee Joong-goo, who has been using that murder against him all this while, but does not do so.

The next morning, Jae-wan apologizes to Roman and reports Baek Mi-nyeo to the police, much to Mo-ne's dismay.

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She then tells him that Mi-nyeo is his real mother. Jae-wan regrets his decision but does not blame Mo-ne as he realizes that it would have been too difficult for her to tell him the truth.

Mo-ne seeks Song Chae-kyung's help in getting Baek Mi-nyeo released. Once she is released, Mi-nyeo continues her attempts to ruin the hotel and is only stopped when Roman reveals to her that Jae-wan is her real son, Hyun-woo.

A remorseful Mi-nyeo then gives Jae-wan and Mo-ne her blessings, and decides to put an end to the bitter war of the older generation by dying together with Lee Joong-goo. Jae-wan manages to save his mother but she ends up amnesia and a mental capability of a 5-year-old. Together, Jae-wan and Mo-ne takes care of Mi-nyeo and he eventually proposes to her.

He promises to marry her exactly a year from then, after he manages to get Hotel Ciel back for her.

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Later, Cha Jae-wan is interrogated for leaking private hotel information and Lee Joong-goo testifies against him by revealing that Jae-wan had intentionally approached Ah Sung-won 2 years ago in order to come and work for Hotel Ciel.

The interrogation was somehow recorded and sent to all the employees of Ciel, including Mo-ne. Despite wanting to bring this secret to his grave, Jae-wan reveals how he initially thought that he was Ah Sung-won's real son.

Mo-ne was shocked by the revelation that he had initially thought of her as a sister, but eventually comes to accept the important fact that he loves her nonetheless. After collecting evidence of Lee Joong-goo's crime in murdering Ah Sung-won, Jae-wan hands them in to the police. Lee Joong-goo escapes to a sky bridge and holds Baek Mi-nyeo captive. Following a confrontation with Jae-wan, Joong-goo tells Jae-wan that he actually loves him and jumps off the bridge.

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Jae-wan catches hold of him, but Joong-goo lets go and falls to his demise. After this incident, Jae-wan and his mother leave Mo-ne and Hotel Ciel. Almost a year later, Mo-ne is chairwoman again and has to deal with a celebrity customer who wants her wedding to be organized by Cha Jae-wan.

Mo-ne then goes to visit Jae-wan and tells him to come back. Jae-wan tells her that he cannot escape from the fact that he is Lee Joong-goo's son and thus, requests to end their relationship.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

Heartbroken Mo-ne demands that he finishes off this last wedding project as compensation to her. While organizing the wedding, Jae-wan realizes his cowardice and confesses that he still loves Mo-ne. She accepts him back and they get married.

The show then goes a few years into the future. Baek Mi-nyeo's amnesia is cured and she returns to her training manager position in Hotel Ciel. Chairwoman Mo-ne brings her two children to their grandmother's training session for babysitting.

The final scene ends with Jae-wan's monologue: When I looked at with one eye, it was a luxurious place for riches. But when I realized I was a human being with a beating heart, I saw the people and their stories. However, once Yeon Jae discovers the mix-up, she keeps the charade going. Yeon Jae knows everything about Okinawa from her time at the travel agency and wants to get a shot at seducing her dream man.

Yeon Jae and Ji Wook are drawn to each other immediately and end up hanging out and touring for days. Ji Wook finally realizes this is what he has been waiting for, love. However, things take a turn for the worse when Ji Wook discovers that Yeon Jae is an imposter and an ex-company employee accused of stealing. There growing friendship that blossomed on a house full of lies collapses. At this point, Yeon Jae is bogged down from constant trips to the hospital to receive her treatments.

Yeon Jae has not told anyone about her diagnoses, including her mother who she lives with. Thus, Eun Suk is the only one Yeon Jae confides in and he becomes her rock. Eun Suk tells her that she has to let other people in, but Yeon Jae resists. Yeon Jae also vehemently resists Ji Wook in Korea. They give me so much happiness, I could cry.

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The reason why a drama that would normally be a melodrama, is actually just a romantic drama and almost could be a romantic comedy. There were really just too many cute and loving scenes to the point I just spent most of the time with a big grin on my face. Anyways, this drama makes you believe in love at first sight and the power of meet-cute.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

When Yeon Jae and Ji Wook met, it was a thrilling calm, two characters that were made to be together finally met. Their initial interactions were seamless, in that they exhibited some awkwardness, wariness, disbelief, but all of their reticence was overcome by their enchantment. Kim Sun Ah as Yeon Jae: Another great heroine played by Kim Sun Ah. Yeon Jae had several great story lines that involved redemption, rebirth, and renewal: All of these story lines intertwined impeccably, sometimes you hated Yeon Jae, other times you felt sorry for her, and most of the time you loved her and hoped that she would find all that she was missing before it was too late.

Lee Dong Wook as Ji Wook: This is my favorite Lee Dong Wook drama character. While there seems to be little on the surface, Ji Wook has a convoluted set of her characteristics stretching from being a recluse to becoming a desperate man searching for meaning in his life, and later trying to hold on to it.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

One of the best written and portrayed evil second female leads I have seen in awhile. Se Kyung is evil in all the right ways.

She is mean and not out of no where psycho, meaning that the writer actually found a way to make her actions consistent with plausible motivations. Most of her slapping fury comes from the pain of being mistreated and abandoned by her former lover.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship tips

Ji Wook is the only one who sees Se Kyung as a better person than she sees herself, therefore she is determined not to let him go.