Laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

15 NBA Players Who Allegedly Ruined Another Player's Relationship

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

From her controversial relationship with ex-fiancee, Gilbert Arenas, to the status of the relationship with her sister Gloria Govan and getting back. Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas posted a video to Instagram last night Arenas said his ex, Laura Govan — star of the VH1 reality show. Gilbert Arenas made harsh comments about ex Laura Govan after she surfaced that Laura had hooked up with Vincent during his marriage.

Maybe the woman likes that player better than the one she is currently with. Either way, it is wrong and shouldn't happen, but it does. These incidents will range from affairs that may have happened and in some cases, it could be a woman outright dumping somebody and running into another player's arms.

Smith had this to say about it at the time. It's gettin' old now and all you that believe them are ignorant!

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

In this day in age with social media, things will get out faster now than they ever did before. Barnes was on the Kings at the time is now on the Golden State Warriors.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

Fisher, to this day, is dating her. In Barnes drove to Fisher's house and beat him up.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

Barnes insisted the reason he beat Fisher up was out of concern for his kids and not jealousy. In any event though, some feelings for Govan must have still been there. She had already made plans with Jason Kidd.

Gilbert Arenas Wins $110K Defamation Lawsuit against Baby Mama who Falsesly Claimed He Gave her STDs

The two players denied the rumors were even true. This was before the internet and social media really took off.

If something gets out on the internet today, even by accident, it's going to spread rapidly. The baby came out a mixed race and Steve Nash is white. At first the media speculated that it could've been Leandro Barbosa's kid because of the fact he was Bazillion and Steve Nash's wife was from Paraguay.

The Suns then traded Jason Richardson, which had people thinking he was the father. On if her relationship issues with men, stem from her relationship with her father: I feel like now, looking at that, yeah. Its funny how I fell suit to my mom. On her biggest issue with her parents: And I feel like sometimes they go where the winds takes them, opposed to parenting.

One of the issues she had with her sister: There was a lot going on. In that situation, if she gave her sister permission to stay at their home while she was away: If she ever caught Gilbert and Laura having sex or if there were signs that she noticed: They actually sat and listened and understood.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quizzes

Especially when it comes to business. On co-parenting with Gilbert Arenas: On the persistent court battles between the ex-couple: Gilbert Arenas On the status of Govan and Arenas relationship: I have no ill-will for him. I want him to move on and be happy. And when I talk about him, I want it to be in good light. My parents are dope! He wants to drown me of money and make sure I have none. He gave me an ultimatum, actually.

Sister vs. Sister: Gloria Govan Goes Ballistic On Laura Govan And Gilbert Arenas

On the ultimatum he gave her: Like dude, you just got a court order to pay me child support. On getting a mediator for the Arenas and Govan: On if Arenas and Govan could meet with with Iyanla: I would love that. On why she thinks their relationship is so bad: I just think he has a vendetta. I always went back. Would he say that?

Laura Govan To Pay Gilbert Arenas Over $K For Emotional Distress | Black America Web

On her favorite part of doing Fix My Life: Getting my voice out. If she would let me go, I would have tipped over. On her overall experience with the episode: I feel like there should have been a part 2. There was more to a lot that was already said.