Kurenai and asuma relationship counseling

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kurenai and asuma relationship counseling

Explore christine geleen king's board "Asuma x Kurenai" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Naruto shippuden, Boruto and Naruto couples. Kurenai Sarutobi (猿飛紅, Sarutobi Kurenai, née Yūhi (夕日)) is a member of As a child, Kurenai meant Asuma Sarutobi during the Academy entrance ceremony connect with the new transfer student, Mitsuki, he went to Kurenai for advice. As a child, Kurenai met Asuma Sarutobi during the Academy entrance the class connect with the new transfer student, Mitsuki, he went to Kurenai for advice .

Kurenai gave Ino a pat on the back. She knew Ino missed him. Asuma was a great guy. It was a shame he died, but Kurenai figured that things happen for a reason.

When Asuma died, she didn't know what to do. It hurt her so much, but she had to be strong, because at that time, she was having a baby. It was a real struggle for her, but through all that, she found him. Just then, the door opened, revealing a small version of Kurenai.

She was in a pink, smaller version of Kurenai's Kimono dress. It had the same pattern of embroidered Yarrow floweres, but it didn't have a slit since it was especially made for children, her age. Where have you been? Will I have my hair done like yours too? Hinata braided her long hair into a neat french braid. After which, she pinned pink little Daisy pins to her hair.

Ino did the child's make up as well, making sure it was light since Mirai was only a kid and she wanted to maintain the child-like, innocent look on her face.

After the Kurenai and Mirai were done, Ino went to check on the venue and the flower arrangement. Sakura came to help her as well. Kurenai couldn't help but become grateful to everyone who was exerting effort to make her special day perfect. In the room next to the bride's was the groom, who had been doing some 'grooming' himself.

He combed his spiky, silver hair as his student and best man, Naruto straightened his blue Kimono that had a hand-embroidered dragon on it.

After doing so, he added the final touch to the kimono, pinning three yarrow flowers to it. The young shinobi held two thumbs up at him as he winked.

She'll go head over heels for you for sure. It's making you look less cool. It's a wonderful day today. Could you at least act a little happy for once?! It's either the bride runs away or the groom doesn't come. Sasuke could only face palm. Just then things started to go more out of hand when the door opened revealing Maito Gai with Lee and Neji by the door.

Neji had a poker face on as he tried to tolerate the other two. Lee sprinkled flowers all over the place as he skipped merrily inside Kakashi's room.

Gai went to hand Kakashi a bouquet of flowers. Your flames of youth are burning with love! Just then, Shikamaru came with Chouji and Kiba to congratulate him as well. You've got the groom's place all girl-ed up! It's their entire fault. Kakashi simply scratched his head sheepishly. His place got a bit chaotic with all the boys who just entered, making it harder for him to think clearly. She wouldn't run away from the wedding.

For so many years, Kiba along with Hinata and Shino have been looking out for Kurenai. It took a lot of steps for him to gain their trust.

The three students of team 8, were very protective over her. It made Kakashi feel glad that finally they have begun to loosen up to him. I agree with Kiba. How's the photographer gonna take good pictures of you? Kakashi thought for awhile. He always wears the mask. He had been wearing it ever since he was a child. To him the mask was like a security blanket, one he'd wear to obscure his emotions from enemies during missions.

It was hard to let go of it. But on his wedding day, he was no shinobi. He is Kurenai's husband-to-be. There was no need to hide anything from her.

It was about time that he'd learn to trust the people around him, especially her whom he'd be sharing his whole life with. He slowly pulled down his navy-blue mask and placed it inside his luggage, taking his student's advice. It took a while until Yamato came in with a smile on his face as he called for the groom, his best friend and former captain back when both he and Kakashi were in part of the ANBU black ops.

A nice soft Japanese traditional wedding music played as the participants of the wedding entourage entered one by one. First to enter was the groom's best man, Naruto, followed by Kakashi, who had his knees shaking with every step he took.

It was unusual for him to feel nervous considering how composed he is during battles. It was truly mysterious how love can change anyone, including him.

His heart beat fast with every step he took. It was a good thing that his shaky hands were being obscured by the long sleeves of his kimono, otherwise it would be so uncool to look at in the wedding video also, there were a lot of important people in the venue watching. His predecessor, Tsunade Senju was already in front of the aisle as the officiant of the wedding. The hokage were usually the ones assigned to officiate weddings in Konoha. In Kakashi's case, since he is the current hokage, the precedent is the one in charge of the rites.

He kept a nervous smile on his face as soon as he reached the right edge of the aisle where he stood, watching the bride's maids and grooms men in pairs as they walked, waiting for his lovely bride to come. Kakashi noticed that on that day, love truly was in the air.


It made him happy that just like him, the others have found their only one. As soon as Hinata, the maid of honor, came entering, Kakashi turned to look at Naruto with a 'knowing' look on his face. He chuckled to himself as soon as he noticed how giddy his student was at the sight of the Hyuuga princess.

When Hinata got to her place, Kakashi felt excited and nervous at the same time. It was the moment he had been waiting for and he just couldn't stand still as he painstakingly waited for his bride to arrive. Kurenai kept a sweet, bright smile on her face as she entered with Mirai escorting her as she walked down the aisle.

Traditionally, it is the father of the bride that does the ushering, but since Kurenai had lost her father in the war long ago and that the one whom Kakashi had to get approval from was actually Mirai, they decided that it would be alright that she'd do the ushering instead.

Mirai loved the idea and immediately agreed to it. She held her mother's shaky hand and gave her a smile as she looked up at her. Together they slowly and gracefully walked down the aisle. Kurenai felt her heart beat against her chest as she saw her husband-to-be waiting for her with a smile on his face that she could clearly see since he didn't wear the mask at that moment.

She let out a soft sigh as she and her daughter finally made it at the end of the aisle, in front of the altar, relieved that she had managed to walk without tripping on her shaky legs. Mirai smiled as she placed her mother's hand on Kakashi's. She beamed brightly at him, giving him her approval. Kakashi smiled at her as he bent down to her height and reached for her small, soft hand, planting a soft, gentle kiss on it.

The guest couldn't help but sigh and react at the cute gesture. Mirai couldn't help but blush, feeling shy about the attention given to her. Kurenai gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek, before letting her walk gracefully to her seat.

Mirai watched excitedly as Kakashi took Kurenai's hand in his and helped her get up the platform since it was a bit difficult for her with her kimono dress so long. The two took their seat in front of the altar as the rites were done. As soon as it was time for their vows to be said, Kakashi and Kurenai faced each other. He looked into her eyes and held her hand. He took a deep breath before he started, "For the years that I've spent my life as a shinobi of the leaf, I have experienced so much pain as everyone I loved were taken away from me.

When Kurenai assured her safety he would reply that he must keep his word to Asuma. At the rare times he was unable to be there, Shikamaru made sure Kurenai had Hinata — or anyone he trusted.

kurenai and asuma relationship counseling

It was the thought Kurenai needed as much help in protecting her child in its vulnerable stages. During the fourth shinobi war Kurenai had to take her regular check-ups though they felt cold without the young beside her. She nodded approvingly at the healthy developed baby in the sonogram. Don't worry if he is early or late. Due dates are never exact. Kurenai had heard what she wanted to hear: Soon she would have the only thing left of Asuma.

They quickly left the hospital departing ways again — but not without Shikamaru worrying over the little wobbles in Kurenai's walk or his constant concern if she was fine alone. Kurenai chuckled at how much the lazy teen was worrying.

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In fact he was more scared than the inexperienced mother-to-be. She had been stroking the naval of Kurenai's stomach with such a gentle mothering touch. Kurenai knew if Hinata ever had the chance to start a life, separate from the shinobi path, Hinata's kind and warm nature would make her the best mother.

Kurenai doubted herself then. She had not been as close to children as she would have liked to. She had been especially distant with her team when they first were brought together when they were young Genin.

Kurenai had been led as a shinobi by her father for most of her life that the relationship she had with her mother was vague. You've gotta give it a strong name, sensei! Kurenai looked at her team — the same one she had disbanded nearly a year ago but had still kept together strongly and tightly. They had grown so much and if anything their team was stronger when she had disbanded them than if she hadn't.

Shino had advanced to Jonin level after the shinobi war which was not unusual. The same level Kurenai was banded into. Kurenai could feel it too but she didn't mind it as she knew he was healthy.

Kurenai looked at the two males who stared at her belly that had grown. She took Kiba's hand and pressed it against the kicks.

kurenai and asuma relationship counseling

He had always been reluctant to do so although he didn't say anything. Kiba frowned for a moment unsure of what to do but smile. Nearly he pulled his hand away when he felt the kick. Akamaru barked beside him and her child kicked once more in response to the dog. When she let Shino touch the slowed kicks she could tell he felt happy even behind the high collar and dark goggles. He slowed down and then stopped to listen to his mother's voice. Her mouth twitched unable to say that her child would not see the one man whom she wanted.

As the team took their leave Kurenai twitched at the cramps in her lower back. She had to rely on asking Hinata to help her back into her home. Once she stood up the pain did not stop once she stretched her body upwards. In fact she found it hard to stand let alone move. She had been getting them frequently during the morning and had scared Shikamaru countless times.

This one though was more painful than previous ones. Both the boys had no idea in what they should have been doing rigid in their places. Akamaru has a rather irregular movement not suitable for smooth rides those that Kurenai-sensei needs.

Anyway it's not like you're an expert! Kurenai eased them saying she was fine and that all she was experiencing, for now, were contractions. Even that scared them but they tried to help in taking her to the hospital. Kurenai had sent the message to Asuma. Their child was arriving. Harsh white lights shone down viciously but what could the ex-shinobi do in her current situation apart from stare straight into them.

Time had passed since she had entered the hospital and the nurse confirmed her state of early labour. Although Kurenai's contractions came and went, she was able to practise her rhythmic breathing method.

Looking back at the dark days when Asuma's student stood in front of her bearing all grim news, she had thought of how lonely she would be without her lover beside her. Her future had ended. Even once the subject of abortion had crept into her mind.

In her hand was the firm pale hand that had been with her: Shino had found Shikamaru on the way to the hospital and he had gone white as the snow in the land of Iron. She was never swayed by the beauty of snowflakes; she preferred the silent strong wind stroking her face and swerving in through the red flowers. That familiar breeze that flew in through the open window. Keeping into the rhythm did as she was told. Did as she had practiced. She was fully dilated and paid no attention to Kiba fretting in the corner or how Hinata stroke her teacher's hair in a soothing manner.

All Kurenai could think of, was seeing the face of her baby and her breathing pattern.

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She thanked herself for getting an epidural and the cool wind through the open window. She gave the final push feeling him move from her pelvis. Her limbs trembled in the last seconds of birth. Sweat stuck to her face. Kurenai smiled bending her neck to see Dr Shussan holding her child.

Her umbilical cord was cut. Her child was taken to the other side of the room to be cleaned and disinfected.