Kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

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kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

See more ideas about Manga anime, Kenpachi zaraki and Anime art. New Captain Commander and Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana: Bleach Review Bleach. A year had passed into her secret relationship with Byakuya Kuchiki Beside the two was a book filled with poems that Yachiru had written. Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi. Yes, I am young Zaraki Kenpachi's my name, A name given by You detailed them and heir relationship perfectly!.

Yachiru's words had hurt worse than she thought. Deep down, Byakuya had kept his relationship with her secret because of the fact that part of him was ashamed.

Not because he was having sexual relations with a commoner from Kusajishi, but because he didn't want others to think he was spitting on his wife's memory by courting another woman. It was a feeling that'd sat in the back of his mind until Yachiru confessed her love for him, when the conflict began to eat him away from the inside.

Opening up a drawer in his desk, Byakuya pulled out a tiny photo of Hisana. Would you forgive me? For finding love in the heart of another woman?

Yachiru Kusajishi

Byakuya tossed and turned in his bed. He felt terrible after what'd happened and his confliction traversed over into the depths of his dreams…. Byakuya was currently reliving his darkest moment. Before him stood Rukia dressed in white. She floated up to the top of the Sokyoku execution scaffold to where her life would come to an end.

The Sokyoku erupted and became a firebird in front of her. Byakuya looked away, knowing how this would end. Ichigo Kurosaki would arrive to save her and then he'd fight him only to lose. He'd relived this nightmare several times and knew exactly what he was in for. Sometimes the dream was different though. A few times Ichigo had not shown up to save Rukia or it was Byakuya who'd won the day and killed the boy before choking the life out of Rukia with his bare hands like he said he would.

Whenever Byakuya had this dream he took small comfort in the fact that it was a dream and nothing more. He made it halfway before he was blocked by the Head-Captain. You are the head of the Kuchiki Clan. What is she to the likes of you? It was a voice he thought he'd never hear again in this lifetime.

It wasn't in the form of a firebird but it had taken another form. The massive effigy of the deceased Kuchiki stared down at her husband. Am I just a memory? The young woman was crying from seeing Byakuya having to choose between her and Hisana. Turning back, Byakuya merely let go of his zanpakuto. Senbonzakura fell all the way to the ground below, shattering to pieces from the impact and a result of Byakuya's aching heart.

But," he turned back to Yachiru, "This girl…no, this woman has opened her heart to me and showed me kindness and understanding.

My memory of you will never fade. But if I have sinned for loving another in your absence then judge me, not her. A tear ran down Byakuya's face as he accepted the truth inside his heart. I love her just as much as I loved you. If he had to die, then he'd die for someone he loved. Despite knowing it was a dream, Byakuya still felt odd when he felt no heat whatsoever. Wondering if he had woken up, he opened his eyes…and saw Hisana floating in front of him.

His wife was flesh and blood and was smiling at her husband. He also saw that Yachiru, the captains and the Sokyoku Hill were all gone. Before him, he and Hisana floated in a sea of white. Husband and wife embraced each other.

Kenpachi and Yachiru lost xD

Byakuya held his wife tightly as the pain in his chest throbbed. It was the same when we first wed.

kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

It is the same when you first took Yachiru into your arms. You and Yachiru love each other. As long as you keep me close to your heart, I will always love you. Nor will I ever stop loving you. Love her with all your heart….

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He wanted to hold her one last time, to feel her in his arms once more. Sadly, as his hand touched hers, she faded away with a glow of bright light. Byakuya sat up in bed, his body caked with cold sweat. Standing up, he removed his nightrobe and walked over to the small shrine for Hisana he'd made.

Opening it, he stared at his wife's picture. The woman's words from his dream came back to him, filling his heart with comfort. As long as you keep me close to your heart, I will always love you….

He knew what he had to do now. He had to prove to Yachiru that he cared for her and that he was not ashamed to be with her. And he had a clear way of doing that. Sparring Grounds Yachiru sat on a bench and watched as Ichigo and Ikkaku sparred.

After restoring his powers, Ichigo spent the next decade of his life being a Substitute Soul Reaper before deciding to become a full-fledged member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. When he'd came to the Soul Society for good, Orihime had come with him, the two having grown close and marrying several years after graduating high school.

kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

Currently he was the Third-Seat of their squad since Ikkaku stepped down to take the Fourth-Seat position. Feeling miserable from her argument with Byakuya, Yachiru watched in boredom while sitting next to her father.

kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

Kenpachi could tell that something was troubling his daughter but experience had told him that prying wasn't the best thing to do. Not only did they obstruct her stargazing but right now every cloud seem to look like Byakuya. Her misery magnified when she saw Byakuya looking down on her for the umpteenth time and she stood up. Kenpachi, Ichigo and Ikkaku looked at the pinkette as she walked away. She got halfway across the sparring grounds when the gates opened up and a man strolled into the area.

Yachiru's eyes widened with shock. Until this moment, Byakuya never, ever, came into her squad. The mindblows kept on coming when she saw that Byakuya was smiling warmly. I came to talk to you about yesterday. I was so conflicted about my former wife I neglected how you felt. Please forgive me…" he whispered as he held her.

Tears ran down Yachiru's face as Byakuya held her in broad daylight. Burying her face into his chest, Yachiru sobbed with joy. Kenpachi leapt to his feet and stomped his way over to the man holding his precious daughter.

Looking up, Byakuya calmly looked Kenpachi in the eye. Ichigo noticed how Kenpachi's long black hair was now standing up on end just from the shock alone.

She could tell her father was a volcano about to erupt. We have," Byakuya bluntly said. The air was thick with tension as everyone waited for what Kenpachi would do…. Squad Four Unohana was making her rounds when she saw Ichigo and Ikkaku running down the hallway, the two looking like they were running from the devil himself. Grunting, Byakuya sat up right before Kenpachi kicked in the wall in front of him.

Unohana gaped when she saw the look on Kenpachi's face. The man's eye was literally red with rage. Ichigo and Ikkaku hid behind Unohana like children hiding behind a couch while terrified of their arguing parents. Kenpachi took off after him. Everyone flinched when they rounded a corner and Kenpachi, not even bothering to slow down, slammed right into the wall and left a Kenpachi-sized hole in it.

You knew that Byakuya and Yachiru were dating? Ikkaku stepped out from behind her. Byakuya was sitting on his futon while nursing his wounds. Kenpachi had not stopped in his relentless assault to kill him. Only when the Head-Captain himself intervened did the man's rampage ended. The two men were forced to sit down and talk things over.

Byakuya had thought that Kenpachi was going to throttle him but once he'd calmed down the man realized that in the past year Yachiru had become more happy thanks to Byakuya. Which was good because Byakuya had something to ask Kenpachi…. The window opened and Yachiru slipped into room. As soon as she saw Byakuya she threw her arms around him and hugged him.

I thought Kenny would kill you! Just got a few flesh wounds, that's all. Your father and I were able to work everything out. I'm sorry for ever making you think I was ashamed to be seen with you. Their noses touched as they stared each other in the eyes. Byakuya leaned forward and his lips grazed Yachiru's.

Her tongue mingled with Byakuya's while her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Her eyes widened when Byakuya laid her down on the futon and started to rip off her clothes. This was so sudden for her; Byakuya had never acted so lustfully before. It didn't take very long for Byakuya to remove her clothes before shedding his own. Tonight, he wasn't the head of the Kuchiki Clan.

He wasn't the captain of Squad Six. Tonight, he was simply Byakuya Kuchiki, a man who wanted to be with the woman he loved. He threw himself on top of Yachiru and kissed her passionately, his hands roaming her.

During that time, he met a kindred spirit in Squad 4's Retsu "Yachiru" Unohana, both leaving their opponent with a scar during their duel. After leaving the district he found a small girl who, despite her young age, did not fear his sword. After some time had passed, Zaraki found his way into Soul Society and killed the previous captain of the 11th Division, thus gaining his seat in the Gotei As a new captain, Zaraki was begrudgingly forced to learn Kendosomething he hated because it personified his sword, though he did agree on one point: As such he makes it a point to avoid using it in battle in order to prolong the experience of fighting as long as possible.

In an interview, Tite Kubo noted that he would like to go into more depth about Zaraki. After a short skirmish, Zaraki stabs Ichigo thru the chest, seemingly killing him. Zaraki begins to walk away, when Ichigo stands up again, healed by the power of Zangetsu. During the fight, Ichigo becomes enough of a challenge that Zaraki removes his eye patch, thus releasing the extra power it has been devouring.

As they rush at each other, the exchange itself ends in a draw, with Ichigo falling first and Zaraki shortly after, both admitting defeat though Zaraki's sword breaks in the end, after it is deflected by the sudden manifestation of Ichigo's hollow mask, which spared the latter from death. Zaraki later admits that he lost, but he needs to get stronger and pay Ichigo back.

He finds himself happy he found someone strong to fight, before falling unconscious.

kenpachi and yachiru relationship poems

He then decides to help Ichigo and frees his friends from imprisonment. Much later on, while searching for Ichigo with his friends in tow, they are headed off by 7th and 9th Division members. He does not see Ichigo and his friends off when they leave the Soul Society. He tells Yachiru that he and Ichigo will certainly meet again because they are the only ones who are what they seem to be.

Zaraki also helps fight off the Bount invasion, and successfully defeats Maki Ichinose, a former member of his squad who left after Zaraki killed his captain. During the Arrancar arc, Zaraki appears to Ichigo as his instinct and desire to win, explaining to him that they were both the type of people who live to fight or fight to live battle after battle. Later, in Hueco Mundo, Zaraki comes to Ichigo's aid during his battle with the arrancar Tesla, dealing the arrancar a mortal blow with a single strike and then engaging the Espada Nnoitora in battle.

Despite having "more fun than he has had in a long time," he suffers enough injuries to realize that he may die if the fight continues. He flashes back to his Kendo training, and grips his sword with two hands to deal Nnoitra a vicious, incapacitating blow. Unfortunately for Nnoitra during the ensuing fight Zaraki's eye-patch, which is a special seal that strongly 'consumes' his Spirit Pressure this way battles will last longer allowing him to have more fun, is cut off allowing Zaraki to fight at full power.

When Nnoitra refuses to accept defeat and charges Zaraki, the latter kills him with another strike. Zaraki then stands over Nnoitra's corpse, telling him their battle "was a blast". He later appears to save Ichigo from the Cero Espada Yammy by cutting off one of his legs, and further engaging him in combat with Byakuya Kuchiki. When it seems that Zaraki and Byakuya are about to defeat him, Yammy undergoes a monstrous new transformation.

Byakuya and Zaraki ultimately defeat their opponent, though Zaraki thought the fight was "boring". He is last seen being reprimanded by the Captain-Commander for losing his captain's haori in battle. Seventeen months after the fight with Aizen, Zaraki, along with all the other high-ranking members of the Gotei 13, are ordered to restore Ichigo's reiatsu.

Zaraki is engaged by Giriko Kutsuzawa and quickly kills the Fullbringer, finding him "boring". After these events, a group of Quincy called the Wandenreich appear and send their invading force of Sternritter to take over Soul Society.

Zaraki then confronts Yhwach, revealed to be Loyd's twin brother Royd Lloyd in disguise, and is defeated. After the Wandenreich leave, Zaraki recovers and engages Unohana in what both expect to be a fight to the death, in order to train him in dealing with the Wandenreich.