Keller and beecher relationship quiz

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keller and beecher relationship quiz

Relationship Status in love with Tobias Beecher. At first, Keller only feigns a deep romantic interest in his cellmate. But as the two become closer, Keller's. Keller and Beecher: so loving, so stabby. When Beecher had nightmares about the fatal car accident, Keller was there for him. When Keller. This is a quiz on prisoner 97B, Tobias Beecher. Initially a NEXT>. 5. Who tells Beecher that Chris Keller ordered the kidnapping of his children?.

Hall was David Fisher, a conservative, closeted gay man dutifully working for the family funeral business. David was initially flawed, bitter and afraid of living an honest life - but over the series' five seasons, his character chilled out, found love and came out and even settled down into family life with Keith Mathew St Patrick.

Despite living in redneck and trailer back country, Lafayette can hold his own, deliver some of the series' best lines and survive a dalliance with the supernatural, as everyone must in Bon Temps. Williams in The Wire.

Chris Keller

In a hard-arsed series about the timeless tale of cops and robbers and drug dealersOmar's storyline was the freshest in all of Baltimore. As well as being out-and-proud, he stuck to his 'code' even if it was the perverse code of a mass-murdering drug dealer.

Even Barack Obama named him as his favourite character from the series. Kylie Northover Before joining The Age inKylie worked as a writer, sub-editor and features editor at various newspapers and magazines in London. Since joining The Age she has worked as an online producer and reporter, as well as deputy editor of EG, editor of Melbourne Life and deputy Arts editor.

keller and beecher relationship quiz

She currently writes news and arts features. Most Viewed in Entertainment. He is offered a plea bargain that would have allowed him to serve his sentence in a minimum security prisonbut Beecher, not wanting to do any time at all, instead goes to trial seeking an acquittal.

keller and beecher relationship quiz

The effort fails and the judge, a family friend of the Beechers, decides to make an example of him and sentences him to 15 years in the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary "Oz" with a chance for parole after four. Beecher's personal transformation forms a major part of the show's drama. Arriving in Oz without any street skills and having a naturally timid personality, he becomes an easy target for abuse and is hardened by his experiences.

He later remarks that, in Oz, he "became the man he always was and never knew". Despite having done terrible things while in Oz, Beecher often tries to atone. Season 1[ edit ] Beecher quickly learns that he is out of his element when he witnesses fellow arrival Miguel Alvarez getting shanked right before entering Cell Block E, or " Emerald City.

Approaching him in friendship, fellow inmate Vernon Schillinger offers to be his new cellmate.

Beecher/Keller - Love lockdown

Beecher, completely unaware that Schillinger is the leader of the Aryan Brotherhoodnaively accepts the offer, only to be "initiated" into prison life when Schillinger rapes him and burns a swastika onto his right buttock. Beecher is routinely abused as the Brotherhood's sex slaveor "prag". In attempting to deal with the trauma, Beecher starts using heroin and develops an addiction.

Prisoners of Oz - Tobias Beecher Quiz | 10 Questions

This is quickly noticed by prison psychologist Sister Peter Marie Reimondowho arranges for Beecher to attend group drug counseling. In preparation for a prison talent show, Schillinger has Beecher get a "makeover" from one of Em City's drag queens. Among other tortures, Schillinger makes Beecher beg to have sex with his wife before a conjugal visitforces him to eat pages of a law book, polish Schillinger's boots with his tongue, and orders him to tear up pictures of his family.

Beecher is too ashamed to speak, however, and the girl's mother angrily lashes out at him.

Tobias Beecher

Eventually, Schillinger tires of Beecher and forces him to leave the cell wearing a Confederate Flag t-shirt. Beecher then seeks out Schillinger, smashes the acrylic glass wall of his cell, and sends a broken shard flying into his eye. Beecher almost commits suicide immediately afterward, but is restrained by guards and put in solitary confinement. After being released, he confronts Schillinger in the prison gym's basketball court. He assaults Schillinger, ties him down, then defecates upon him in front of other inmates.

This earns him respect from inmates such as O'Reily, Alvarez, and even Adebisi. When a riot erupts in Em City, Beecher sides with O'Reily in the chaos, defending him from an attack by the Muslimsas neither belongs to any strong gangs. Season 2[ edit ] Beecher shares a cell with James Robsonan Aryan who tries to make Beecher perform oral sex on him. Beecher bites off the tip of Robson's penislanding him in solitary. There, he is interviewed by Alvah Casewho is investigating the riot.

Upon his release from isolation, Beecher threatens to manipulate Sister Pete's psychiatric reports to ruin Schillinger's chances at parole.

Frightened, Schillinger tries to put a hit on Beecher.

keller and beecher relationship quiz

He resorts to blackmailing corrections officer Diane Whittlesey with knowledge that she had shot prisoner Scott Ross during the riot. Whittlesey reluctantly agrees to the hit if Schillinger will keep quiet.

Beecher disappears and Schillinger subsequently meets with Whittlesey to see his dead body. Whittlesey reveals that she recorded their conversation. Schillinger is arrested for conspiracy to commit murderlengthening his sentence.

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Despite Beecher's celebratory mood, his new cellmate, Augustus Hillwarns him that Schillinger will be out for revenge. McManus also forces Beecher to confront the judge who sentenced him; she expresses remorse for her ruling and apologizes to him. Beecher responds that she was right in her ruling, but adds that he can't forgive her. After Hill is transferred to a different cell, Beecher is paired with Chris Kellera charming sociopath.

Later, Beecher receives word that his wife has killed herself; Schillinger brags that the Aryans actually killed her and staged the death as a suicide. Beecher gradually finds he is attracted to Keller, only to learn that Keller is working with Schillinger. After driving Beecher to start drinking again, the two corner him with the help of an Aryan guard, Karl Metzgerand break his arms and legs. Season 3[ edit ] Keller discovers that he has genuinely fallen in love with Beecher, and is desperate to win back his trust.

However, Beecher refuses to forgive him.

keller and beecher relationship quiz

Beecher then kills Metzger by sharpening his fingernails and slashing his throat.