Keima and elsie relationship tips

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keima and elsie relationship tips

After school, Elsie and Keima went to the roof. "So, who . Well, there is one thing that can make a relationship even more unstable." . She took a deep breath and kissed the tip of it, before engulfing the rest of it in her mouth. Elsie's last wish to Keima was to be a legit part of his family, now Okay, so the Akanemaru is back in tip-top shape. People who have a relation with Keima in the past have more importance in this gamer's life in a sense. Keima is disappointed to lose his head with Elsie so he list all the games before his Keima told Elsie that he need to develop their relationship by encountering .

While Katsuragi and Ayumi were heading to the second building, Elsie and Tenri, who were just behind him while covering themselves with Elsie's raiment to make themselves invisible, continued to follow him. Finding and convincing all the 7 year old future goddess's hosts is an easy task since they can easily be fooled by his fraud technics or so he thought.

You didn't even introduce yourself yet you're acting like we knew each other. I thought you already know my name. You just blurted out my name a moment ago right? She blushed for an unknown reason upon looking away from him. I-I just felt that I heard that name before. Thinking that she doesn't really remembered him, he replied but with his eyes on his game console.

There was a moment of silence until Ayumi took the advantage to continue the conversation. You even manage to play your games regardless of this strange phenomenon that is happening today. Of course those "black hooded strangers" earlier was just tricks which were made by Elsie's Raiment. He used that trick in order to maximize the chance of convincing her. Like everybody said "Proof before Theory".

She'll mostly be convinced if he'll show solid proofs even though if it's just some mere tricks. Well, vintage and gods do really exist but nobody can tell when they'll show up despite of that they are in the past time. He paused before he continued. They even tried to kill all the goddesses with their goddess's hosts. Luckily I've manage to strengthen up their powers for them to seal the loose souls and the vintage…but the goddesses and the hosts are still not safe from danger.

There are still who are trying to control the goddesses. I don't know who they are yet but I'll discover it sooner or later on. Just like Chief Dokoro said earlier that there will be an upcoming war in the present time against a mysterious opponent. The right eyebrow of Ayumi rose for she is uncertain whether he is telling the truth or just jesting.

By the way, what's this Vintage? He slightly nodded before he answered. I'll tell you everything when we find all the goddesses' hosts. For now you'll just have to cooperate with me in order to stop this phenomenon.

She's even more curious on how he would solve the situation. Do you know what their identities are? Keima pressed the "A" button first before he answered back. So far I found 2 for today; one of them is you, Ayumi Takahara. She flinched the moment Keima glanced at her for she saw her seriousness masked on his face.

After Ayumi asked him, Keima then signaled Tenri to show up in front of them. Elsie removed the raiment around Tenri upon she walked towards them shyly while hiding her eyes behind her bangs.

keima and elsie relationship tips

Keima went near to Tenri upon pulling her as a sign of introduction. Her name is Tenri Ayukawa, my classmate. Another moment of silence occurred. You can only hear the wind blowing with a little noise due to the chaos until Keima cleared his throat to break the silence.

We shouldn't waste our time. Vintage will attack us sooner or later. Yui smiles, and then asks spiritedly if they should go to karaoke. It's closely followed by a panel of a smiling Kanon, probably during one of her concerts.

Go have some tea? Chihiro timidly approaches Keima, much to Keima's surprise. In an almost child-like fashion, she finally asks him whether or not he'd like to go get some tea with her. The last scence between them features both of them standing a short distance away from each other.

The last conquered girl to show up is Tenri. She's especially sad that Keima did not love her, but in reality, she knew all along. In the letter Keima wrote for her, he confirmed that there wouldn't be an ending between her and Keima.

keima and elsie relationship tips

Diana comforts her, and promises her that she'll never leave her side until she finds happiness. Diana asks her teary-eyed friend to hold her chin up and look at the sky. Tenri's possibilities, all the girls' possibilities, are truly endless. They shouldn't follow a predetermined destiny.

keima and elsie relationship tips

They all have a future ahead of them now. The final page shows Elsie looking at the same beautiful sky. Trivia The chapter's title references the song Door to the Future by Eyelis, the ending theme to the second episode of the two-episode OVA that covers Tenri's arc.

Differences between the magazine release and the volume release: Some lines between Ayumi and Yui are changed.

keima and elsie relationship tips

He takes her to a party she didn't want to go to and dances with her. He eventually confronts Mio about her father, and tells her that it is time for her to live her own life. Mio decides to let go of the past and they kiss, expelling the spirit from her body. Although she has forgotten Keima, she still blushes around him. Later, while being in Yui's body, Keima sees Mio in a bakery. After confirming there is no goddess inside her he wishes her good luck, showing that he does care for her.

Kanon Nakagawa Kiss Initially uninterested in her because of she is a real-life idol, Keima becomes Kanon's source of support and advice - even when she gets violent. When Kanon runs away from her concert and asks him to always support her, Keima says that she should not depend on other people because she is already shining by herself.

The conquest ends with a kiss, and Kanon performs flawlessly. Without Keima's notice, Kanon contained the goddess of music, Apollo. Apollo's appearance brings danger to Kanon when a Vintage member finds her. Remembering her past with Keima, she goes to Keima directly for protection, even going as far to confessing that she loves him, back then and even now. After Apollo runs away in Kanon's body, not wishing to involve the "unrelated" Keima, she is stabbed with a magically enforced knife by the mysterious female member of Vintage - Fiore Loderia Lavigneri.

Upon seeing that Kanon was in a dire situation, Keima resolves to find all the other Goddesses in order to save her. The incident involving Kanon becomes a turning point in Keima's life as he makes the promise to search for the goddesses for Kanon's sake, showing that he feels responsible.

Kanon tells him that she believes in him and that she will be praying with Apollo while he is busy. Shiori Shiomiya Keima considered Shiori a candidate for a goddess host, due to her reaction of avoiding him after Kanon confessed to him. She is now confirmed as the host of the goddess MinervaGoddess of Knowledge, revealed after Keima conquers her for a second time through the assistance of her novel.

She was once a reticent librarian who could not tolerate Keima's "rudeness". Ever since her conquest ended, she Keima and Shiori has learned to speak more often. She returns to the storyline many chapters later, somewhat angry due to Kanon's love confession. Her memories and feelings for Keima partially return to her due to the shock of the confession.

Keima Katsuragi/Relationships

She tries with difficulty to avoid Keima, but he nevertheless approaches her. Keima realizes that she has been writing a novel based on the events of the library rebellion - her conquest - but has had difficulty advancing her story since she only has vague memories of the whole experience.

Can I see you every day? With Keima's intervention, she is able to move on with her story, and in the end, creates a monologue. At the end of her written monologue, she wrote that she is in love with Keima, revealing her true feelings.

Keima congratulates her with a kiss on the cheek. After, he asks if he can come to the library everyday and admits to wanting to see her. Shiori is unable to speak, but she blushes. When Kusunoki saves him, he thanks her but is rather angry that Kusunoki calls him weak. When Elsie says that Kusunoki has an escaped spirit, Keima becomes reluctant as he does not want to involve himself with such a powerful person. Nevertheless, he makes contact with her because he figured that he will have to do so eventually.

Kusunoki and Keima sharing a soft serve. During her conquest, Keima manages to find out that Kusunoki still has some of her femininity intact, and uses this "weakness" to bring about her other self. In the end, Keima convinces Kusunoki that she can be strong and cute, which causes the runaway spirit inside her to reveal itself. After her conquest, Keima seems to have forgotten about Kusunoki. She makes another appearance, however, in the Hinoki Arc, and takes on a support role.

Keima learns about another reason why Kusunoki had a gap in her heart and also learns the history behind Kusunoki's relationship with her sister. In an Omake, Kusunoki under Hinoki's forcefulness approaches Keima with flowers and tries to confess to him.

It is unknown what Keima's response is. Chihiro Kosaka Before her conquest, Chihiro always treated Keima worse than other students did. She would always call him by his nickname, "Otamega", and would generally make fun of him.

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When it is discovered that Chihiro is the next capture target, Keima becomes horrified and wanted nothing to do with her, because she is his definition of a 'real' girl and has no personality. Even so, when Keima does decide to assist her, he learns that not only is she one of the most difficult conquests he has ever encountered, she is also the girl with the most personality so far. During her conquest, Chihiro verbally retaliates against Keima's insults and calls him a cockroach.

Her words pierce Keima to the point where Keima completely ignores reality and immerses himself in his games. Keima manages to get over it thanks to Ayumi and decides to help Chihiro fall in love with another guy to release her escaped spirit. In the end, Keima gets enraged when he learns that Chihiro does not really like the boy they have been targeting.

Chihiro then runs off as Keima finally realizes that he is the only one that can fill Chihiro's heart. He rushes to Chihiro's side, talks to her and eventually kisses her. He tells Chihiro that she can do anything and also promises her that he will always be there to help her when she needs it, which causes the runaway spirit inside Chihiro to be released.

The World God Only Knows: “I have seen the ending” (FLAG 268 [FINAL]: Door to Tomorrow)

Keima shedding tears for his actions against Chihiro Sometime after Chihiro's conquest, Keima reluctantly tutors the 2-B Pencils sans Miyako in English the only reason he decides to help them is because of his promise to Chihiro. By the time of the Mai-High Festival Arc, Keima's opinion of Chihiro does not seem to change much and when he eventually learns that Chihiro has been attracted since before her conquest, Keima, out of the interest to protect Chihiro from Vintage, is forced to coldly reject her.

This makes a significant impact on him because he is confused as to why a girl like Chihiro likes him. His regret shows when he sheds a tear by the end of the Goddess Saga, apologizing to Chihiro for what he said "that time".