Kazuma and ayano relationship test

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The Kannagi and their heir will be put to their greatest test yet as they Ayano is unaware of what awaits her as she flounders in confusion about her relationship with Kazuma. Kazuma unwillingly felt a jolt of happiness at his father's From the way, they took Ayano, I can say they're pretty high skilled. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Kazuma Y., Ayano K. . As the doctors rushed in they began tests and kicked Kazuma out of the room. "Um well you see it's not exactly the brother/sister kind of relationship. 1/4 blood relation each cousin had his/her own kid. We are talking about Kazuma and Ayano at this point. That makes them blood relatives from 1/4 and.

He wanted nothing more than to seal within one of his air barriers and keep her safe, but he knew the girl would hate him forever if he did so. But none of these feelings meant that he would forget Tsui Ling — the girl who had changed him when he had lost his way, far away from home in a strange land.

He realised he must have been staring the girl for a while, because a steady blush had crept onto her cheeks, and she stuttered, "Wh-what the hell are you staring at? Although you don't seem to have made much of an improvement yet, you still have all the time in the world to worry about my skills, don't you?

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Go to hell, I don't care! The little boy had grown, both physically and mentally since the time his banished elder brother had returned, and had decided that his brother was as much a role model as Ayano, Jugo and Genma. On seeing his angry sister walk away muttering about how useless Kazuma was, he immediately concluded that his brother had once again managed to annoy Ayano.

Sighing he bowed to his father, Jugo, and Kazuma, and said, "Can't you really give her a break brother? You both are supposed to be partners, yet you end up angering her the most. We have lives to protect here; do you understand the seriousness of the situation at all? Have you forgotten how I whipped you a few months back? In fact, I could give you a sample right now.

Not taking the threat lightly, Kazuma drew his powers as well, and the air crackled as their auras clashed against each other. Ren looked at Jugo, silently pleading him to put an end to their argument. Jugo cleared his throat and said, "While it is established that both of you are exceptional Jutsushis, I'd prefer that your abilities were used against our enemies. If we fight among ourselves, then we have already lost. Come, there are matters of grave importance to be discussed.

Your presence is required too. Well, most of them at least. The heir to the Clan was still missing, and so was the boy sent to call her. I held back my tears, hiding the pain in my voice with boredom, "She's in a coma.

kazuma and ayano relationship test

Nanase and Yukari would visit as often as they could, but it was only Kazuma who put his life on hold to stay by her side everyday. He only left for the bathroom and to go over to the food court. Each day squashed together and Kazuma would blame himself more and more, if only he hand't been teasing her so much and if only he had watched her more carefully. Hour by hour different people came to visit the girl even though she wasn't looking any better.

The young nurses all whispered about the handsome young man that never left the girls side and they hope he was her brother. It was only Kazuma who never seemed to leave her side. For once not pretending that money was his only focus and still sat by the girl's side. A few hours later when Nanase and Yukari made their daily after school drop by and say the boy they grew angry. Though the fight roared on the boy stayed and everyday the two friends would try and shoo him off.

I just wanted you to tell me why you could beat me when I was evil and not when I am good. I love the way you get angry at me and I couldn't see that I pushed you so far. I should've tracked you down, but you can't stay like this.

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Who am I going to tease? Or who am I going to be so rude to and they'll yell at me and call me out? Who's going to be my partner and who am I going to love so desperately? I think, she signed the contract in her split second of panic in captivity, like I did. She was a living legend now, and her life was also in more danger than ever.

Kazuma spoke up, "I also met up with the Spirit King of Wind. We definitely have a problem if two Spirit Kings decided to meet me. Kazuma continued, "She wanted to me to train Ayano to get into the role of a Contractor. She said you would be fine with it. You said you met up with the Spirit of Wind, yes? Is it anything important for us? Ren's gonna need to train too.

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Apparently, he and Ayano are special enough for two Spirit Kings to notice. He started in a panicked tone, "Me?! I'm just a regular normal fire mage! I'm not strong like Ayano! And it was you, Ayano and Kazuma, who stopped Zenon and Belial. You are much stronger than you think.

kazuma and ayano relationship test

Kazuma then said, "So, any news about Ayano's kidnappers? I cannot get any trace of them, except for that piece of cloth. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Almagest is in this foul play as well. I need to be with Ayano most of the time. The transition isn't easy, what with the huge of amount of power at your disposal.

It's even more dangerous in her case, considering she is the Contractor of Fire. I'm going to help Ayano and Ren, but I'm going to take them separately most of the times.

Truth be told, Ayano is beyond the reach of a fire mage now, even a Kannagi head family member. It's best if I take her alone, she'll be able to train more freely with me as her opponent. But, I'm going to let Ren watch her as well, he could pick up some pretty good ideas from her.

Ren noticed this as well, and asked, "What's wrong, Ayano? Ayano's mind was in a whirl. She was a Contractor now, she had all the strength and power she wished for.

But, now that she had reached the level of a Contractor, she didn't know what to do next. She still wanted to go on alone and train herself, but the meet with Spirit Kings had thrown all of that into disarray.

Aren't Ayano and Kazuma related by blood?

Jugo then smiled genially and said, "Now I think it is time for a meal. Blue sky, Ayano mused, much like a certain Contractor's eyes when he revealed his true power. I may have bored you all out with my short ramble at the start, so I thought I owe you guys another chapter as compensation Are you guys up for the next part of the story?

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