Jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

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jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

Yes, we are talking about Ankit Bathla (Dhruv) and Jigyasa Singh The lovable couple has always been much adored by the audience and . Dipika talks about her past to Surbhi, Rohit taunts Somi, Romil takes advice from. found that bihaan on his mother's advice went and married thapki so Simple bt ya hy ky jigyasa and ankit were in relationship no doubt. Learn more about "Ankit" on vifleem.info The series focuses on the relationships of real life-couples.[2][3] Series His work mostly involves OS and networking based tips and tricks, proxy websites and lifestyle. Ashish Chaudhary,Amit Dolawat, Jigyasa Singh and Puja bose play the lead roles in this season.

jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

August 7, age 29 Manish Goplani Born: November 19, age 23 Sheena Bajaj Born: June 16, age 24 Jayaa Bhattacharrya Born: July 1, age 37 Ankit Bhardwaj Born: June 9, age 22 Prateeksha Lonkar Born: June 12, age 48 Shakti Singh Born: Apple iMovie, available for commercial and personal use http: She is a very passionate actress and hence made her dream come true. She has made her debut with the daily series Thapki Pyaar Ki.

Her cute and innocent face is grabbing the viewers hearts. On the other hand, as Vasundhra asks Thapki about Bihan being upset with her, Badki suggest about doing something to get them together. Later, after the family leaves, Badki calls Bihan up and asks him to come back home as Thapki is sick. Stay tuned to know what happens next. This is the story of a girl name Thapki who is just like the moon. Beautiful, bright and intelligent. But she has a flaw too, she stammers while speaking and hence nobody wants to marry her.

Join Thapki in her search to fulfill her dreams even when the society mocks her for her shortcomings.

Manish Goplani: “Everyone Knows Ankit Bathla & Jigyasa Singh Are Dating”

To subscribe this channel go to: Elsewhere, Aditi gets a band on seeing the banners of Diwakar and later taunts at him. Later, Bihaan is trying to muster up the courage to give Thapki a hug after being taunted by Sanjay.

Will Bihaan hug Thapki.

jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

To find out, watch this episode. To go to the show playlist go to: Seeing Thapki in trouble due to the bomb blast, Bihan helps her out. On the other hand, Dhruv tries to Bihan something but is then apologised to for the mistake. Elsewhere, Ghanshyam gets angry about his plan failing and his son tells him that he will take his father's revenge.

Later, Vasundhra questions her mother-in-law as to why did Dhruv jump into save Bihan and Thapki.

jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

Stay tuned to know what happens next. In a while, the doctor tells everyone that Bihaan is now out of danger and after a while Bihaan regains his consciousness.

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Everyone goes in the room to meet him, but Bihaan's eyes are searching for Dhruv. Dhruv remembers that how Bihaan got injured as a kid while trying to catch a kite for him.

jigyasa and ankit relationship advice

Later, Dhruv falls down on Bihaan's feet and apologizes for what he did. Stay tuned to find out what happens next. Elsewhere, Aditi hits out at Divakar for taunting about her family and Krishnakanth asks her to be not talk with him. In the meantime, Thapki decides to leave Dhruv's house as Balvinder and rest of the family try to stop her.

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On her way out, Thapki hits out at Bihan for cheating her. Meanwhile, Koshi burns Sanskar's hand while she is helping Thapki in cooking food. When Thapki questions Sanskar about the burned hand, she makes an excuse that she burnt her hand while frying something. So, Thapki asks Sanskar to go and put some ointment on it. On the other hand, Koshi adds some potion in the food Thapki is preparing.

Jigyasa Singh: Jigyasa Singh: I’m not dating material - Times of India

Later, Koshi adds something in Bihaan's drink as well and when Thapki serves the food, a lady cannot speak after consuming it. Koshi then says out loud that Thapki must have added baking powder in the food and everyone gets shocked.

Then Shraddha tells that she had gone to keep things for competition and Vasundhra tells that it might have been a mistake of a servant.

On the other hand, Bihan asks Thapki to give her phone and she keeps questioning as to why he wants it. The next day, Balvinder asks Thapki as to why she lost on purpose in the competition.

Aradhya questions Aryan that why did he save her. Meanwhile, Purva spies on them getting closer to each other and then chides the tantric for Aryan's and Aradhya's growing affection. The tantric then hypnotises Aradhya, forcing her to tell Aryan to get away from him. Later, the Rao family try to perform a 'puja' to cleanse their house and help Aradhya.

However, possessed by Aaji's spirit, Aradhaya prevents the 'puja' from taking place. If you enjoy the cover then please comment, subscribe, and join my Official Facebook Page at http: Aakash Gandhi Piano Arrangements: Jonita Gandhi Vocal Arrangements: Jonita Gandhi Video Editing: Vishal Bagul Vodep Script: