Jerry yan and barbie hsu relationship in real life

Starnews: Barbie: Jerry Yan is not Gay!

jerry yan and barbie hsu relationship in real life

Did you know that Barbie Hsu had a real-life romance with a member of F4? Its lead stars Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Vaness Hua Ze Lei, the third wheel to Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai's relationship. Presenting the real-life loves of Meteor Garden stars How (L-R) Ken Chu, Jerry Yan, Barbie Hsu, Vic Zhou, and Vaness Wu look 15 years. No need to report her whereabouts to a boyfriend, free from the shackles of relationships, Da S: I'm like a wild animal! Q. After your break up with Vic Zhou, you said you dont want to get into another As for Jerry Yan, he does not pay much attention on his looks, Daniel Wu: I am a citizen of the World!.

Based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, the show was first aired in and introduced the Asianovela craze in the Philippines.

jerry yan and barbie hsu relationship in real life

Who would forget the rich-boy-meets-poor-girl love story of Shan Cai Barbie and Dao Ming Si Jerry who started off as enemies and eventually became lovers?

Before local viewers see this dubbed version, PEP. Meteor Garden was the first so-called "Chinovela" in the Philippines?

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At that time, in Maythe term "Asianovela" was not coined yet in the Philippines. The Barbie Hsu-F4 starrer was originally aired in a 3: However, due to insistent public demand, Meteor Garden was transferred to a 5: Barbie Hsu had a real-life romance with a member of F4?

jerry yan and barbie hsu relationship in real life

However, their real-life romance happened years after Meteor Garden's airing. In SeptemberVic and Barbie reunited in the drama series Mars. Months later, in Julythe two officially started dating.

Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu -Part 2

In Januarythe two decided to call it quits, without revealing any reason about their break-up. In a report by Yahoo! However, according to the producer, the series was only inspired by the Manga series and was not based on it. Barbie Xu for me really made the strongest performance for Shantsai, I mean Mao Inoue was okay but the Korean version was so bad. I thought of Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu having the chemistry that we really want to have. Later on, Jerry Yan had other leading ladies but none of them had the charm of Barbie Xu.

Barbie Xu had other leading men but none of them had the charm of Jerry Yan.

Jerry Yan x Barbie Xu: Best Last Decade On-Screen Ever!

Maybe it's because Jerry Yan really has the debonair charm in acting and Barbie Xu really knows how to act. Put together, they would make a good weepy couple on-screen especially for Qiong Yao's classic novels. Only if they make a comeback playing as the parents of the leading guy So a couple of years later, I was watching some old school Chinese drama from the 80s namely the version of Romance in the Rain.

While I prefer the version better due to the version being too depressing but there were minor changes from the gritty novelI felt like Qin Han and Liu Xuehua had better chemistry than Leo Ku and Vicki Zhao.

Barbie Xu's acting reminded them of Liu Xuehua back in their day. For me, I have a harder time relating to their era because I've only seen Liu Xuehua in her later, middle aged years playing as a mother to either the leading lady or leading guy or at times, the mean antagonist she should have played Daoming Feng in Meteor Garden. I couldn't relate that much back then considering I didn't have much of an interest with Chinese entertainment even if I was born two-three generations later from Chinese migrants.