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Use the printable worksheet and interactive quiz to study important concepts from Explore the tension in the colonial relationship between England and India. Name of the Country/Capital: Republic of Albania/Tirana Population: Bilateral political relations between India and Albania are cordial and friendly. Foreign. India-Albania relations are the bilateral ties between the Republic of India ( Bhārat Gaṇarājya) and the Republic of Albania (Republika e Shqipërisë). Bilateral.

Political process Suffrage is universal from age Postindependence political parties are split largely along ethnic lines. Headed by the Kosovar Albanian nationalist writer Ibrahim Rugovathe LDK in declared the creation of the Republic of Kosovo, which remained internationally unrecognized.

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There are a number of smaller Albanian parties, as well as several parties that represent the Serb, Bosniak, Roma, Turkish, and other communities.

In the corps was replaced by the Kosovo Security Force, a multiethnic, civilian-controlled, lightly armed military organization. Law enforcement is the responsibility of the multiethnic Kosovo Police Service. A contingent of officials from the European Union monitored and temporarily assisted with policing in postindependence Kosovo.

Health and welfare A public system provides subsidized health care to citizens. However, many public clinics suffer from limited or poorly maintained equipment and insufficient staff. More costly private clinics have increased in number. Life expectancy for men is about 70 years, which is just under the European average. For women in Kosovo, life expectancy is slightly higher but remains well below the European average of nearly In the postindependence era many public services in addition to health care—e.

Water quality is poor in many urban areas, and most rural areas are not connected to any public water system. Housing Traditional homes in Kosovo were built to house large extended families. Albanians built houses of stone, known as kullas, that often featured an inner courtyard protected from outside view.

Following the massive destruction that occurred during the —99 conflict, more than 50, houses had to be rebuilt. Many of these newer buildings are taller than the traditional structures of the countryside, and they are still intended to house extended families. Education A small number of multiethnic schools were established after the —99 conflict, but ethnic tensions jeopardized their success. At the primary and secondary levels, most children attend separate Albanian or Serb schools.

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The language divide between these groups is reinforced by vastly different lessons on geography and history. Pasteur Institute in CoonoorTamil Nadu which opened on 6 April is one of the oldest vaccine manufacturing public sectors enterprises in India. Collaborative efforts to preserve heritage buildings [] and Vedic literature [] [] [] [] in former French establishments in India has received popular appreciation among Indian populace and served to promote French technical expertise in restoration of monuments and documents.

While the Indian Council for Cultural Relations ICCR sponsors visits of Indian artists to France as also exchange of students in the field of culture and art, there is a growing number of private impresarios who organise cultural events throughout France.

A significant number of Indian artists are therefore giving performances in France regularly on a commercial basis or at the initiative of the various local cultural associations outside the purview of the official exchanges.

It was successful in terms of putting India on the cultural radar of France. On the same day, a MOU was signed between the Ministry of Culture of India and the Louvre Museum with the aim of establishing an active partnership in the area of exchange of competencies and expertise, particularly in the field of museologytemporary exhibitions and other cultural events. The Cannes Film Festival was important for India. India is going to celebrate years of Indian cinema in Two decades later, Bonjour India came back with a bang inand by it grew into more and more collaborations.

Scaling up in its third edition, Bonjour India is a four-month-long mega voyage across India that will celebrate Indo-French partnership as well as shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries.

These dialects resulted from incompletely understood population movements of the 13th and 15th centuries.

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The Italian enclaves—nearly 50 scattered villages—probably were founded by emigrants from Turkish rule in Greece. A few isolated outlying dialects of south Tosk origin are spoken in Bulgaria and Turkish Thrace but are of unclear date.

A Tosk enclave near Melitopol in Ukraine appears to be of moderately recent settlement from Bulgaria. The Albanian dialects of Istriafor which a text exists, and of Syrmia Sremfor which there is none, have become extinct. History The official language, written in a standard roman-style orthography adopted inwas based on the south Gheg dialect of Elbasan from the beginning of the Albanian state until World War II and since has been modelled on Tosk.

Albanian speakers in Kosovo and in Macedonia speak eastern varieties of Gheg but since have widely adopted a common orthography with Albania.

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Before the little literature that was preserved was written in local makeshift Italianate or Hellenizing orthographies or even in Turko-Arabic characters. A few brief written records are preserved from the 15th century, the first being a baptismal formula from The scattering of books produced in the 16th and 17th centuries originated largely in the Gheg area often in Scutarene north Gheg and reflect Roman Catholic missionary activities. Much of the small stream of literature in the 19th century was produced by exiles.