Hooper and kingshaw relationship problems

The portrayal of parent / child relationships in the two novels Essay Example for Free

hooper and kingshaw relationship problems

The two texts deal with the issues that arise from family relationships. In I'm the King of the Castle Edmund Hooper, the son of Joseph Hooper who is the. For example, in I'm the king of the castle, neither parent / child relationship, She strongly contradicts herself by asking Kingshaw if he has any problems and that I think he is blind to the fact that Hooper is causing Kingshaw so much misery. Q. Throughout the novel, what is the relationship between Hooper and Kingshaw ? In this novel there is one main theme, it is based around the hatred and.

This means that she is not prepared to be in anyway nasty or accusing towards Mr Hoopers son and thinks it is safer to just disbelieve her own son and pretend that it is not happening.

  • What does the visit to Hang Wood show the reader about Hooper and Kingshaw?
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  • How do the experiences, feelings and thoughts of Helena Kingshaw contribute to events in the novel?

Silas Marner, on the other hand, also faces difficulties disiplining Eppie but for different reasons. One being that he cannot bear to see Eppie in any pain, discomfort or slight upset in anyway.

Even when Eppie does something wrong, like wondering out of the house by herself, Silas cannot punish her as he loves her too much to hurt her.

As it happens Eppie grows up to be a nice, polite and unspoilt young woman, but sometimes children may begin to take advantage of the fact that they never get told off. Silas is always very concerned when Eppie is in any discomfort and tries his hardest to make her feel happy again.

hooper and kingshaw relationship problems

He does not stop to think about himself at all when he is looking after Eppie, unlike Mr Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw who continuously just think of themselves and their new relationship with each other. Another vital aspect of good parenting is having respect for each other. Mrs Kingshaw shows a great lack of respect for her son as she never seems to take his pleas for help seriously. I feel that she sometimes mocks Kingshaw, unknowingly.

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It is probably such a tiny thing bothering you, we could clear it up at once, and everything would be quite alright again. I think her use of language puts him off telling her anything completely as he fears that yet again, she will not take him seriously. Mr Hooper and Hooper also seem to have no respect for each other. I think that Mr Hooper only really cares about the accademic side to Hooper and how well he does at school.

I think that as long as Mr Hooper fails to recognise the evilness of his own son then he cannot possibly have any respect for him.

Silas and Eppie have mountainous amounts of respect for each other. This is evident in scenes such as when Godfrey and Nancy come to their cottage and try to claim Eppie.

The portrayal of parent / child relationships in the two novels Essay

I wont stand in your way. Silas obviously wants Eppie to stay with him, but he respects her so much and trusts her so much that he knows she will do what she thinks is right for herself. Their relationship is one to admire because they both understand each other totally and never fail to keep each other happy. Some people may say, that looking at Mrs Kingshaw and Mr Hoopers behaviour that they are bad parents and therefore do not love their children. The simple fact is that Mrs Kingshaw and Mr Hooper do not know how to be good parents.

If they were showed how then I am sure that they would be much more considerate towards their own children. Silas and Eppie, although not biologically related, are much more aware of their mutual love for each other and therefore all the other aspects of a good relationship fall into place ie.

I think that the reason Mr Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw have such bad relationships with their children and Silas Marner has such a good one has nothing to do with the circumstances that each of the families are in.

In fact it seems to contradict what would usually be presumed. There are very different settings in which each of these books take place.

hooper and kingshaw relationship problems

This shows the reader how poor the relationship is between Kingshaw and his mother and how Kingshaw learns to be independent, dealing with things on his own.

However, at the beginning of the book she is anxious for Kingshaw to feel welcome and become friends with Hooper, but by the end of the book her priority is herself, and the impressions she makes towards Joseph Hooper. In Chapter 14, Kingshaw makes a ew friend called Fielding.

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He learns about life on the farm and views a calf being born. The two boys appear to get on very well together and Fielding asks Kingshaw if he would like to stay for dinner. He is afraid of Hooper controlling and taking over his life forever, so he seeks advice from Fielding. Fielding tries to teach Kingshaw to stick up for himself when Hooper comes home from the hospital. When Fielding is invited around for tea he immediately agrees because he wanted to catch a bird and hold it in his hands.

He can see no escape from the torture living at Warings. He feels betrayed by the pair of them and becomes aggressive. Mr Hooper does not have any real contact or association with Kingshaw throughout the novel, so I do no think that he is responsible for the tragedy at the end of the novel.

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He did not know how to control his own son, yet alone Kingshaw. He does however try to make Kingshaw feel welcome and apologises at the beginning of the book about Hoopers rude manner. Charles was a scared, insecure child and kept his feelings to himself.

hooper and kingshaw relationship problems

He does not want to let his mother down, so refuses to let his emotions get the better of him. He resents the fact that she brought him to Warings and becomes increasingly ashamed of the way she talks and acts with no pride in herself. Kingshaw does not trust his mother and has no honest conversations or connections with her.