Hiei and kurama relationship quiz

Are you most like Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, or Kuwabara?

hiei and kurama relationship quiz

If you do not know who Kurama and Hiei are, they are main characters from the anime Yu It's a believable relationship and I think that Togashi did a great job. The continuation of "You're My Love Forever Hiei." Kurama finally tells Shiori about his past and relationship with Hiei. Would Shiori accept this? Not a lot of yaoi. Take this quiz to find out which of the four Hakusho men you are. Question 6: Are you currently in a relationship?.

It was clear to the two lovers that their friend's was hiding something from them without wanting to be known. The shading was just right in that time of day to conceal them from whatever they were going to discuss and both teenagers felt it was something bad. One had a picture of Hiei and Kurama, holding each other in a passionate kiss.

hiei and kurama relationship quiz

Below the picture was written "Just a friendly kiss? Someone was spying on us. Remember that day in the park?

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When you heard a twig snap? It could have been the spy. What are we going to do now? He tore the posters to tiny pieces and stomped them in the ground.

Are you most like Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, or Kuwabara?

Then he followed his friends into the college rooms. The teacher was ranting on about the human anatomy. Kurama wished they didn't gawk at him. The object in question landed on the floor to reveal itself as a pen. Kurama rubbed the spot on his head and looked back at the leering boys in the aisle next to him.

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He and Kurama spent nights studying for this quiz and he hoped he got it all right. In fact he knew he did. He double checked his answers after he turned the quiz in.

hiei and kurama relationship quiz

His quiz was placed in front of him and he turned it over to see a big, fat. How did I get an "F"? Is that your new teaching method?! The smaller man put his arm around his lover and held him close.

We got by what happened last year and will get by this.

hiei and kurama relationship quiz

I need to see mother. This short encounter may have seemed like nothing, but it led to the eventual acquaintanceship, and later friendship of the two.

Their friendship isn't something that Hiei would really admit, but it was one of the ones that I always really enjoyed on the show.

hiei and kurama relationship quiz

Kurama is one of the few people that can pick on or make fun of Hiei with his snarky comments and live. The banter between them is friendly and amusing, and both sides can get away with shots fired at the other. Hiei also openly respects Kurama to the point of admiration.

Even when he resided in a human body and showed affection towards humans, Hiei chose him to be his "partner in crime" and still knew that he had powers comparable to his own, even in human form. Hiei also openly showed his concern about Kurama as he was ready to release his most powerful attack DotDF to aid Kurama when he was getting beat down in the Dark Tournament. In other words, he was ready to risk his life.

Kurama is one of the true friends Hiei had, and he knows he will never get another like him. Some of the best moments with Kurama and Hiei are from the fact that Kurama was a demon who spent many years in the human world while Hiei didn't. Some great examples are when Kurama has to explain Janken Rock paper scissors and video games to Hiei. He also "translates" Hiei's real actions and words from the ones he actually does or says to Yusuke and Kuwabara, who remain oblivious to Hiei's roundabout, subtle hints of concern.

As his friend, Kurama knows Hiei's odd quirks and feelings under his cold, pretentious facade.