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Subject Line: Heero/Relena (Gundam Wing) Title: When the Whole World's Gone We do know Odin offers one memorable piece of advice to his adopted son: . to her in episode 2 is evidence that he may feel a connection to Relena as well. I'm Relena Darlian Peacecraft here to tell you that me and Heero are a to see some analysis of the yaoi relationships ones we support and ones we don't. Heero leans towards Relena as if he intends to kiss her, but he moves "He is the leader of the Sanc Kingdom now, and he's helping the world.

She asked if she could sit down next to him. She also asked him to not leave without telling her first. When he thought he was going to die, he thought of Relena.

He saw Relena being shot by a beam cannon. Then he yelled her name He was thinking of Relena again. You can't really see it. Heero told Zechs he was an obstruction to the path he chose. He said Relena again. Heero said "Relena I'm gonna stop you. He doesn't know himself very well huh? She senses Heero and Looks up. They exchange that Heero, Relena thing again.

And he couldn't watch himself kill her. He was gonna let Relena do her thing from now on. Let's see what you can do. Sally said Heero changed.

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Anyone guess who changed him. Come on you're smart! Heero said Relena was the only one who could stop Libra's cannon.

Yes, he was talking about Relena. She said Heero's name for the thousandth time. Dorothy was saying something bad about Heero. Relena told her in a very P. She has confidence in his abilities. She saw Heero's face in front of that mobile doll.

She said she wanted to see Heero. Is she okay, when will I see her again. There goes that Heero, Relena name calling thing again. She also put her hand to her heart when she said Heero's name.

Heero called Relena Amazing!!!!!!! She called him amazingOh yeah, and Quatre said that's not the only reason he went over there. Heero went over there to get her. No one asked him to might I add. She was so happy to see him when he came for her.

Heero said that she was staying put. He also said that he was going to protect her NOT kill her! Wow what a switch! He told her to get down and cover her head because Peacemillion was going to crash into them.

Then he covered her to protect her from debris. Next time, they're changing in the same room, but his arm is bandaged. They exchanged that glance. HE pulled HER close, almost kissed her, he smiled at her, told her he was fighting for her, smiled at her again, told her goodbye, and she cried when he left. They're my second fav. She tried to go after Heero. Wow does she care. Know what he said? Life is cheap, especially my life. She doesn't want either to die, especially Heero.

Heero didn't kill Zechs because: Awww He said Sayonara Relena. Heero passes right past her. A Teddy Bear and a b-day card. What did the card say? Bet it was Happy Birthday. Then she tore it up in his face. Can we say flashback? Heheh, guess what I found out? When Duo and Heero went to go find Relena, they started a conversation. Just watch in the dub. Although they dub terribly, I'm sure something like that's gonna be there. Charcters who know Heero and Relena are in love: Relena asked Heero if he could come live with her.

The only reason he declined was because he thought it was too much to ask. After that flash back yes it was a flashbackhe said he had an empty feeling. After that conversation flashback. Probably because there was no more war, but that's not exactly true. It was a conversation with Relena.

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Probably feels empty without her. He said he sometimes found his humanity in temoil. Then he said "But after I found her She influenced him NOT Duo!!!

In issue 4, Heero said that he would like to protect Relena and her pacifist world. In the same issue, Duo and Quatre asked if Heero was going to immediately go see Relena. When he said he didn't need to, Duo and Quatre had really surprised looks on their faces. When Heero said that he would cause more problems for her, than solve them.

He said he'd just protect her from the shadows. He DOES have feelings for her! And even Duo admitted that! I won this round!!!!! Oh yeah here's the pic: Click Here Other Manga Proof: Relena cried when she saw Heero and said she missed him a LOT and hugged him.

Dorothy said and I quote: King Peacecraft was a great admirer of the colonial leader Heero Yuywho advocated total pacifism as a way to stop the wars between nations. However, this lead to the downfall of the kingdom when the United Earth Sphere Alliance invaded Sanc Kingdom, slaughtering the royal family.

Relena, only a baby at the time, was saved by a local politician loyal to the family who fled the invasion. That man, Vice-Minister Darlianadopted Relena and he and his wife raised her as their own. Episode Zero Relena was targeted by assassins and saved by OZ rookie Zechs Merquise who was in fact her elder brother Milliardo Peacecraft, who had survived the attack and joined OZ under an alias in order to get revenge for the Sanc Kingdom from within.

Realizing Relena was his younger sister and shamed to face her with bloodstained hands, he left without telling her who he was. Gundam Wing Relena meets Heero for the first time. In the days leading up to Relena's 15th birthday, she finds Heero Yuy washed up and injured on a beach, who after ditching his Gundam in the ocean following a fight with Zechs upon reentry had fallen unconscious.

He wakes up, and after failing to commit suicide with his spacesuit's suicide bomb due to it being rendered useless by sea water, he immediately flees, stealing an ambulance she had called for him. He reappears the next day as a new student at her school, and when she attempts to speak to him, inviting him to her birthday party, he refuses and tells her that he will kill her, as she knows his secret.

Intrigued by him, the next day she flees her own birthday party, catching Heero attempting to use missiles to destroy his Gundam before it fell into enemy hands, but failing when Duo Maxwell interferes. When Heero is captured by the Alliance following this incident and kept within a military hospital under the watch of Sally PoRelena comes to visit him.

However, before she and Sally can arrive, Duo has already busted Heero out of the facility. Relena learns her true identity from her dying adoptive father. Soon after, Relena goes with her father on another of his trips to space to negotiate with colony leaders- however under orders from Treize KhushrenadaLady Une assassinates Vice Foreign Minister Darlian with a bomb, which Relena almost prevented, thinking Colonel Une had forgotten the compact it was hidden within.

When Relena tries to run back to where her father was, she and her father are taken by colonist freedom fighters who turn out to be led by the strange Doctor Jwho tells Relena about Heero's mission. Her father, unfortunately, passes away despite the best efforts of the colonists- but not before revealing to Relena her true identity, as the lost princess of the Sanc Kingdom's Peacecraft family.

Warning her not to trust OZ, Doctor J sends Relena on a ship back to Earth where she meets her mother, now grappling with the truth of her past and feelings of revenge against OZ. Relena is saved by Heero's Gundam. Discovering that Heero is transferring out of her school, she confronts him about his mission and asks him to grant her request to accompany her to the school's dance before leaving.

However, during their dance, OZ attacks the school grounds in search of Relena. Heero uses his Gundam to fight back, believing that OZ is searching for him. Instead of fleeing, Relena chases after him, forcing him to protect her from OZ's attacking suits. However, he flees before she can speak to him. OZ then discontinued their attempted assassination on Treize Khushrenada 's orders, at Relena's brother's request. Attending a party where Une is present, Relena tries to shoot her in revenge for Vice-Minister Darlian, but misses, and escapes.

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However before she can be captured, Lucrezia Noin rescues her under orders from Treize, as a favor to Zechs. Noin brings Relena to the Sanc Kingdom, reinstating her as the monarch of the country which Zechs had liberated from Alliance rule. However, Relena continues to take a stand against OZ, boldly denouncing them in front of a crowd of Romefeller members. Continuing her search for Heero, she finds information that he and Zechs are about to battle at Antarctica and pleads for Noin to take her there, in order to prevent the fighting.

However, once there, Zechs' attitude disgusts her, and she tells Heero to defeat him- prompting Noin to reveal to her that Zechs is really her brother Milliardo. Relena at the restored Sanc Kingdom. It is then that Dorothy CataloniaDuke Dermail's granddaughter, comes to be a student at the Sanc Kingdom's school, where Relena is teaching pacifism to children of nobles. Dorothy acts as something of a devil's advocate to Relena, while spying for her grandfather.

Despite negotiations, it is clear that Romefeller has no intentions of leaving Sanc untouched, and when members of the Treize Faction took refuge against the borders of the Kingdom, OZ uses this as an excuse to invade. The pacifist nation is technically unable to defend itself, however Noin had in secret created a small army of white Taurus MS to protect the kingdom, and begged the Gundam pilots to help as well.

In the aftermath of the battle, Relena sanctioned Noin and the Gundam pilots' actions. Relena as queen of the Earth Sphere. When Relena goes to a meeting with Romefeller, they force her to denounce Milliardo's status as a representative of Sanc, citing his anti-pacifistic actions in space. When they attempt to assassinate her once she leaves, Quatre Winner and Noin rescue her, though Relena's butler Pagan is injured. When Romefeller's forces move in on Sanc Kingdom a second time, Relena eventually surrenders, rather than let Sanc be destroyed yet again.

Romefeller decides to make her the new figurehead queen of their ' Earth Sphere Unified Nation ', announcing her as the leader of all of Earth and the colonies. However, Relena refuses to bend to their will and instead uses her position to further her ideals of pacifism.

Amazingly, her persuasive views on disarmament to set an example for others managed to sway the majority of Romefeller's members, outing Dermail, who desired to maintain a dictatorship over the Earth Sphere. This was enough to convince Heero not to kill her, who at first believed that she would be only bringing about a false peace as Romefeller's puppet. Now free from the political constraints of the conflict, Relena goes to space in an attempt to stop Milliardo, now leading White Fang, but is unable to sway him.

Dorothy offers a gun to end it all, but Relena refused to believe that assassination would bring about true peace, nor would she kill her own brother. The latter presents Relena with a gun, offering her a chance to take vengeance for her adoptive father's death.

However, Relena refuses the tempting opportunity. In the epilogue, Relena is shown to have become the new Vice Foreign Minister of the ESUN, and Heero leaves her behind a teddy bear for her birthday along with a card, which she tears up as he walks away and tells him to hand it in person to her next time.

Endless Waltz In the aftermath of the Eve Wars, most of the world's mobile weapons are destroyed and Relena had became Vice Foreign Minister between Earth and the colonies. She then woke to find a girl in her room, who introduces herself as Mariemaia Khushrenadathe illegitimate daughter of Treize Khushrenada. Because Relena was in the hands of the Barton Foundation, they could take over a virtually defenseless Earth without incident. However, Zechs, once presumed dead, was able to destroy the first wave of mobile suit transports but relented when Mariemaia's grandfather Dekim Barton threatened to initiate the original Operation Meteor by crashing L3 X onto Earth.

She was forced to watch as the Preventers and Gundams attempt to whittle down the Serpent mobile suits without killing the pilots.

Relena quickly tried to tell the world that they must stand up for themselves, only for her broadcast to be cut off by Dekim.