Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship test

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship test

Together with Kuroyukihime and his other friends, Haruyuki fights as a Burst .. and it is implied that he had a romantic relationship with the Purple King, Purple Thorn. .. Test launch of an LGMC Titan II ICBM from an underground silo at. As of v14 (farthest English translation), Kuroyukihime trusts Haruyuki more than some of even the older Negabu members in terms of her IRL. Accel World is a Sci-Fi Japanese anime television series based on the light novel series Haruyuki soon gets the attention of Kuroyukihime, the Student Council Vice-President After they log out, Kuroyukihime explains to some curious students about her and Haruyuki's relationship, claiming she confessed to him.

I've been thinking about it for a while and I kind of reached a wall in my thinking. Why did Kawahara created these two novels in the same universe when it wasn't necessary?

Question about haruyuki and kYH relationship in the novel : accelworld

So here I came up with a conclusion to that. Kirito is the creator of Brain Bust. What we do knows: Those three points give off a "Kirito feel". While we do not know the reason why Kirito would have created BB, if he did created it then these point would pretty much support his character. Now let's think about it a little more. In AW's setting, "accelerating" is definitively nothing normal, to the point where Hariyuku was shocked to the thought of it even being possible.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship test

Still roughly 20 years earlier, RATH already completed the acceleration system which they used in their Alicization project. This suggest that the Alicization project didn't turned out well, that this technology wasn't approved of and that the project got scrapped. Now would it be really streched up to say that Kirito One of the few people to ever have tested the technology with his own body could have gotten hand of it after the Alicization project has been finished? I don't think so.

Also the safety limitation was known only to an handfull of people, including Asuna and very likely Kirito once the project is over, limitation which is respected with BB. Kirito also show interest in the VR developement and it also seem like it'll be what he's planning to do with his life. We also know that part of his reason for doing that is for his 'daughter' Yui. There's actually two ways I could see it: The second case is not interesting enough to explore it here so I'll go with the first case.

My basis for suspecting this is the following: There is no reason to hide Kuroyuki's name except to hide her being related to a character the viewer knows. In the usual case we would have been exposed Kuroyuki's real name and if we wanted to hide her relation to a X character we would hide that X character's name The Duel Avatars of the players in the Accelerated World.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: You can have a basic idea of what strengths your opponent has by the color included in their user name. The closer to a "pure" color, the more focus is given on a particular fighting style.


The "kings" of the game are pure blueredyellowgreenpurplewhiteand black. Haru's avatar is silver, and his fighting style is centered on his unique ability to fly. The manga compresses most of the events from Volumes 3 and 4 of the light novel to a single chapter, so it can get to the Bridge Floating in Starlight arc more quickly. Episode 22 shows a Nerve Gear helmetwhich is explicitly stated to have been the precursor to Neuro-Linkers.

Yuniko AKA Scarlet Rain puts up an act with a high pitched voice to seem cute so she can get closer to Haruyuki, but when she drops that facade her normal speaking tone is much more deep, gruff, and angry to emphasize her Little Miss Badass and Cute and Psycho character traits. Haruyuki's first fight pits him against a Ghost Rider wannabe, Ash Roller, who puts all of his level-up bonuses into upgrading his motorcycle for combat purposes.

Taku got it from using Brain Burst too much for his academics and sports. Even more accurate examples are Chrome Disasters, until the 5th one.

The ISS kits, which give the users the ability to use the Incarnate system more easily, while corrupting the duel avatar.

The setting of Accel World is a futuristic society with many seemingly wonderful advances in technology, but the Neurolinkers essentially enable Parental Neglectand even an advanced network of security cameras doesn't keep the world entirely safe. Brain Burst is also like this, as it's a ruthless struggle for survival, where people desperately cling to their points and often do very unethical things to earn them.

Silver Crow vs Ash Roller round one. Haruyuki didn't know how to play yet, and was crushed because of it. Fortunately, starting players can afford to lose a few times before their situation gets dire.

Incarnation attacks count as well. They're so secret the players are not supposed to realize the technique even exists without external assistance. The reason for their status as this trope is because an incarnation technique gone wrong is what gave birth to the Chrome Disaster ; hence the Kings' unwritten rules banning first-use except in self-defense against another user.

Dark Is Not Evil: Kuroyukihime dresses in black and has a black duel avatar, but is one of the good guys. Silver Crow vs Cyan Pile, level 1 vs level 4. The Red King the best long range lv 9 vs Silver Crow lv 4. Early on there is also Silver Crow vs Ash Roller.

In the Light Novels it's mentioned many times that unless you invest your Level Up Bonus there is almost no difference between levels. Thus, a level 1 can match a level 3 as long as their combat skills are roughly the same, and there's almost no difference between level 4 and 5. However, those in the upper brass level 7 and above have far more combat experience and are specialized, making it a stretch to defeat them.

Thus we have for example Wolfram Cerebus Level 1. Kuroyukihime to Haruyuki before the Diving Save from a car. Every game that has been seen thus far, but specifically the Brain Burst Fighting Game.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship test

They even feel pain while fighting. With the promise of admitting their mistake, and trying to atone for them. The death of Saffron Blossom at the hands of those whom she was trying to help with the Destiny caused Chrome Falcon to go insane with rage and combine with Incarnate System the Starcaster and the Destiny into the Disaster. Haruyuki will not give up a net fight after he learned how.

He got his arm and leg blown off fighting someone three levels higher than him and he would not back down. When Kuroyukihime gets the Gang of Bullies expelled and arrestedAraya tries to murder her and Haruyuki after being released on bail.

Distracted by the Sexy: During a doubles match of virtual tennis with Kuroyukihime and Chiyu, Haru and Taku are unable to concentrate on the game by the constant possibility of a Panty Shot thanks to the girls' tennis skirts, although Kuroyukihime notes that Taku is also considering letting Chiyu win. Kuroyukihime uses up most of her points to save Haru even while time is slowed down in Brain Burst.

Does This Remind You of Anything? It is often said that wire connection only occurs with lovers or close friends. It's even possible to get a virus from someone untrustworthy. You can imagine what Noumi forcing Chiyu to connect with him means. Don't You Dare Pity Me! Haruyuki does not like the idea at all that his friends are pitying him.

The localization of the light novel omits honorifics, including " senpai ". As a result of that, when Wolfram Cerberus' third personality calls Silver Crow "Arita-senpai," which is what Nomi had called Haruit's a bit harder to recognize that's something only Nomi would say.

It's indicated that since one's duel avatar's abilities are born from one's personal trauma, and according to Kuroyukihimeparents are using the Neurolinkers as a substitute for spending time with their kids, it thus follows that most of them are not well-adjusted people. Chrome Falcon while becoming Chrome Disaster, is appalled that people who were tormented in real life would become bullies themselves in Brain Burst. Haruyuki is glad he does not have the app that records dreams after this.

The plot is driven by Kuroyukihime's desire to complete the game which means she's the one stirring up conflict in the Brain Burst community.

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However, given that Brain Burst is a fighting game by design, it's not exactly evil. Chiyuri fools everyone into thinking this during the Dusk Taker arc.

  • SAO + Accel World relationship theory (Full of spoilers, really I mean it)

Chiyuri in the Dusk Taker arc. Kuroyukihime seemed worried that Haruyuki might check out her legs during their first use of Brain Burst. After Haruyuki grabs Niko's ankles her heel in the anime to keep her from kicking him, she accuses him of "fooling around" with her feet.

This becomes a Running Gag later on. He later actually does develop a fetish for feet. A big deal in the Accel World.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship test

Haruyuki is the first to have a flying avatar. She's really reversing time, rather than healing them. On top of that, whenever she uses her ability, you hear the sound of bells, similar to those of a clock, and on at least one occasion clockwork gears are visible inside the cannon itself.

As Rust Jigsaw is entering the net cafe at the end of episode 21 he passes by a poster of a character dressed as Snow White. He insists, including mentioning some enemies that could be tamed with it flying horses.

Mana also suggests that she would soon have need of it. In the next to last episode, her Big Damn Heroes moment comes with her riding in on, you guessed it, a flying horse. In the first volume, Taku casually mentions Haru getting "the Chii special" for Lunch the lunch that Haru had refusedeven though he shouldn't have known about that. Chiyu later denies telling Taku about Haru being ridiculed.

Both of these foreshadow that Taku has a backdoor program and is spying on her. When discussing her "parent," Kuroyukihime mentions how she utterly hates that person, but due to the nature of their relationship, she can't fight against them.

When later talking about the three healer types- Chiyuri, someone who left the Accelerated world and the White King- Kuroyukihime doesn't want Haruyuki to get anywhere near them. As you can likely tell from Kuroyukihime's similar disdain for both individuals, they're actually one and the same, as White Cosmos, the White King, is Kuroyukihime's parent.

Chiyuri agreed to return Taku's romantic love in order to keep his friendship, and only when Haruyuki promised not to leave. Haruyuki is frequently ridiculed by Araya and his gang until Kuroyukihime gets them expelled with a Batman Gambit. The manga ends after the Bridge Floating in Starlight arc- Kuroyukihime and Fuuko are fully reconciled and Nega Nebulus vows to stand together to protect Haruyuki against the other legions, but none of the other plot threads are resolved.

Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Kuroyukihime tries to slap the Angst and self hatred out of Haruyuki. And again to Cyan Pile when she challenges him to a fight.


Give Geeks a Chance: The relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime is that of the School Idol and a pudgy nobody. It's an unusual example in that Kuroyukihime was the one smitten by Haru instead of the inverse, and the School Idol is arguably more of a geek.

Virtually all Burst Linkers are this to an extent, as to even qualify to play Brain Burst requires specific parameters to be met. But among the community, the seven Kings are regarded as the best of the best being the only level-nine players in the game. Good Wings, Evil Wings: Haru's wings look vaguely like an angel's. When Dusk Taker steals his flying ability and uses it, his wings look like a bat's.

Gotta Kill Them All: The only way to get to level 10 is to Player Kill all other level 9s. Thus permanently uninstalling Brain Burst from them. Specifically, according to the wikione has to kill 5 level 9 players, meaning five of the Seven Kings of Color must be beaten.