Hannibal and will relationship season 2

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hannibal and will relationship season 2

Hannibal and Will Graham are soul mates, continually drawn back together, 2: a haunting hour highlights TV's most fascinating relationship. We talk to the Hannibal star about the Hannibal/Will relationship, that the season, telling two distinct stories in the first and second halves, the. Their relationship becomes very complicated in Season 2. Hannibal helps Will clear his name and leave the prison. In attempt to manipulate Hannibal and.

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I think, just on a more human level, when I was thinking about it before we started the show, that we have the capacity to be influenced by people, to let them into our bubble.

We try to preserve our own sense of who we are, but at the same time, you don't want to go through life cut off.

hannibal and will relationship season 2

I personally find that very interesting, the blurry edges of personality. That's where I was coming from. I guess I was interested to know how Bryan [Fuller, series creator] would approach it. I had spoken to him, of course.

Of course, what Bryan did is basically not answer any of those questions. I think that the first four episodes of the season are really interesting. When I first read them, I was thinking, "What's he doing here?

It's still right there. It's present in the way a traumatic event is present. The first episode where, as I think Bryan has already said, we're off with Hannibal and Bedelia [Gillian Anderson] and having a fine time. Then, suddenly we're back with Will, we're back in the second episode, we're back into this kind of circling dream world, where he's back in the kitchen. He's coming up to Hannibal.

He's not with Abigail. It's not moving forward in the normal way. The third episode is something else. The fourth episode it circles back.

hannibal and will relationship season 2

I think is a very bold and really provocative way to write television. I also think it means that you don't get any answers until much later. There is no Sherlock without Moriarty.

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Can we have Hannibal without Will? I think probably, but he'd be very bored. Can you talk about this chess game between the two characters, where they are always trying to figure out each other's next move? I think it's difficult.

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I don't think either of them really understand it. On the surface, it's very clear. Initially, Will didn't even know what he was dealing with. Then he was trying to maybe catch Hannibal. As I said, this season Will doesn't even know what he wants anymore. He just knows he has to get Will to admit that he's really bad and likes to kill people. Clearly, it's not just that either.


There's a vortex that they can't help spiraling around each other. All I will say is I think that as we get further into the season, that will get addressed very clearly.

It sounds like Will gets a partner once he arrives in Italy. Can you talk a little bit about her, their dynamic and do they have the same agenda? To answer the last question first, this being a Bryan Fuller show, who knows? That would be an ideal way of spending the next 10 years of his life.

hannibal and will relationship season 2

It is a weird, weird relationship. I actually have to end both of us.

hannibal and will relationship season 2

I think what happens is, right up until that last moment, essentially, Hannibal is victorious. He has engineered exactly what he wanted.

And Will manages to pull back a victory. We all know that Sherlock Holmes came back from that. On the other hand, you see Hannibal getting out of situations that nobody else could get out of it.

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But for some reason, God seems to like him. And that is the irony of the show. Why would God simply protect a man like this? What I would love most about this show is for people to remember Mads Mikkelsen as the definitive Hannibal Lecter. I would love that.

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I would not personally want him wandering around the streets, but if he has to, I think that maybe, that [he and Will] both survived somehow and they have some kind of future friendship where they could put a lid on their urges. And that might be the best solution for the development of those two characters.

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