Haiti and trinidad 2015 business relationship

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haiti and trinidad 2015 business relationship

Australia established diplomatic relations with Haiti in The Australian High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago has non-resident . to 2, by 15 October , while maintaining the current police strength of up to 2, officers . While trade relations with Haiti have traditionally been modest, political of France, made an official visit to Port-au-Prince on 12 May The U.S. HELP and HOPE trade initiatives provide Haiti with an opportunity to . Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago (when available). 0. 10 Municipalities should contribute to payments in relation with consumption and.

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Trinidad was sighted by Christopher Columbus inwhereafter Spain claimed an exclusive monopoly over the island based on papal authority. A period of light Spanish settlement was followed by a period of growing French influence. The British took control in Tobago was claimed by the Spanish but not colonised. During the seventeenth century, Tobago changed hands numerous times as the English, French and Dutch wrestled for control.

Init was declared a neutral territory, effectively leaving room for pirates to use the island as a base for raiding ships in the eastern Caribbean.

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The British returned to establish a colonial administration on Tobago in Inthe British made Tobago, which previously had its own independent legislature, a ward of neighbouring Trinidad. The population of Trinidad and Tobago is approximately 1. Its composition reflects its rich history of migration including periods of African slavery and indentured labour from India.

The two major ethnic groups are descendants of East Indians Over half of the population identify as Christian: English is the official language, while Caribbean Hindustani, Chinese, French and Spanish are also spoken.

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Political overview Trinidad and Tobago achieved full independence from the United Kingdom inand subsequently joined the Commonwealth and the United Nations. Ina republican constitution was adopted, replacing the Queen as Head of State with a president elected by the parliament.

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System of government Trinidad and Tobago is a republic with a bicameral national parliament modelled on the British system. The President is the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and is elected by the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister is determined by a general election, which takes place every five years.

The Senate consists of 31 members, 22 appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, and nine independent senators appointed by the President. The House of Representatives consists of 41 members representing single-member constituencies 39 for Trinidad and two for Tobago. The Speaker can be elected from within or outside the House of Representatives, provided the candidate is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, and not disqualified for election as a Member of the House of Representatives.

haiti and trinidad 2015 business relationship

The judiciary is an independent arm of government, mandated by the Constitution to perform oversight over the Executive and to act as a forum for the resolution of legal disputes. The CCJ hears appeals as the court of last resort in both civil and criminal matters from those member states that have ceased to allow appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

haiti and trinidad 2015 business relationship

Trinidad and Tobago is in the process of transitioning to the CCJ. At the regional level, Tobago has a unicameral House of Assembly comprising twelve elected members, an additional three councillors appointed by the majority party, one councillor appointed by the minority party, as well as a Presiding Officer, who may or may not be an assemblyman or a councillor.

Established inthe Tobago House of Assembly has limited regional autonomy, including some powers over the island's finances and other delegated policy responsibilities but lacks the ability to collect taxes or impose local laws or zoning regulations.

haiti and trinidad 2015 business relationship

A presidential election is next due to be held in Februaryand general parliamentary election in Foreign and trade policy Since its independence, Trinidad and Tobago has played an increasingly important role as a political and economic leader in the Caribbean. Kearsarge completed her humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission in Haiti Sept.

Food assistance programs that include a school lunch program that feeds aroundchildren daily Agricultural development programs that have endeavored to revitalize Haiti's coffee sector and to help thousands of Haitian farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices and protect the environment Teacher training programs that have included 6, educators at the primary and secondary level Population programs that have expanded modern family planning practices in many rural areas Health care programs that have supported child immunization and have helped provide primary care to nearly half of the Haitian population Soldiers distribute aid in Haiti: Member of 82nd Airborne Division's 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment marks the fingernail of a small girl to indicate she has gone through the distribution line in Port-au-Prince, Jan.

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Human Resources[ edit ] In addition to financial support, the U. There is currently no Peace Corps program in Haiti, and Peace Corps volunteers living in the neighboring Dominican Republic are prohibited from crossing the border. Economic development[ edit ] Haiti has been plagued for decades by extremely high unemployment and underemployment. The precipitous decline in urban assembly sector jobs, from a high of 80, in to fewer than 17, inexacerbated the scarcity of jobs.

To revitalize the economy, U. A post- intervention transitional program of short-term job creation, principally in small towns and rural areas, provided employment to as many as 50, workers per day throughout the country.

More recently, programs that help to increase commercial bank lending to small- and medium-scale entrepreneurs, especially in the agricultural sector, have helped to create jobs and foster economic growth. These efforts provide greater market opportunities for American and Haitian businesses.