Gore and clinton relationship

Lewinsky allegedly freaked out at Clinton’s affair with Mondale’s daughter

gore and clinton relationship

10, , after seven months of public denials, that President Clinton told Al Gore the truth about his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky. The book gives fresh insight into the dark tensions at the heart of the relationship between Gore and Clinton, pictured at a re-election campaign. Only Clinton and Gore were present for the showdown session, the two men: Their relationship suffered irreparable harm in the wake of the.

Clinton's choice was perceived as unconventional as rather than pick a running mate who would diversify the ticket, Clinton chose a fellow Southerner who was close in age and was criticized by some. Besides the record-high surpluses and the record-low poverty rates, the economy could boast the longest economic expansion in history; the lowest unemployment since the early s; and the lowest poverty rates for single mothers, black Americans, and the aged.

Gore stated that the National Performance Review later helped guide President Clinton when he down-sized the federal government. Also earmarked [were] a raft of basic technologies like digital imaging and data storage. Gary Stix commented on these initiatives a few months prior in his May article for Scientific American"Gigabit Gestalt: Clinton and Gore embrace an activist technology policy.

A History of the Information Machine: In the early s the Internet was big news. In the fall of there were justcomputers on the Internet; bythere were close to 10 million. The networking idea became politicized during the Clinton-Gore election campaign, where the rhetoric of the Information Superhighway information highway captured the public imagination. On taking office inthe new administration set in place a range of government initiatives for a National Information Infrastructure aimed at ensuring that all American citizens ultimately gain access to the new networks.

Howard Rheingold argued in The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier, that these initiatives played a critical role in the development of digital technology, stating that, "Two powerful forces drove the rapid emergence of the superhighway notion in In the foreword he stated the following: Since I first became interested in high-speed networking almost seventeen years ago, there have been many major advances both in the technology and in public awareness.

Articles on high-speed networks are commonplace in major newspapers and in news magazines. In contrast, when as a House member in the early s, I called for creation of a national network of "information superhighways," the only people interested were the manufacturers of optical fiber.

gore and clinton relationship

Back then, of course, high-speed meant 56, bits per second. Today we are building a national information infrastructure that will carry billions of bits of data per second, serve thousands of users simultaneously, and transmit not only electronic mail and data files but voice and video as well.

On July 17, President Clinton issued Executive Order - Federal Information Technology, ordering the heads of all federal agencies to fully utilize information technology to make the information of the agency easily accessible to the public. InVice President Gore issued a memo on the topic of encryption which stated that under a new policy the White House would "provide better encryption to individuals and businesses while ensuring that the needs of law enforcement and national security are met.

Encryption is a law and order issue since it can be used by criminals to thwart wiretaps and avoid detection and prosecution. Starr, the Whitewater independent counsel, released his incendiary report on the Lewinsky episode, Mr. Gore, first at a White House prayer breakfast and then at an evening event honoring Irish-Americans, praised Mr. Clinton's character and courage. But within days he again fell silent, letting others defend the president and attack Mr. That December, when the impeachment debate became a matter of partisan combat, Mr.

Gore again spoke out forcefully on the president's behalf, most memorably on the day of the House impeachment vote. During his campaign for the presidency, Mr. Gore has tried to avoid the subject, issuing rote answers about the Clinton "mistake" and asserting repeatedly that the public cares about the future, not the past. He and his wife, Tipper, have put substantial physical and symbolic distance between themselves and the White House, appearing there infrequently and shunning campaign appearances by Mr.

Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The tactical separation has been only partly successful. Half the public believes that Mr. Gore has been tainted by his association with Mr. Responding to the statement "Al Gore is too close to Bill Clinton to provide the fresh start the country needs," 49 percent of respondents agreed and 49 percent disagreed. The numbers are unchanged since September.

The Clinton-Gore relationship has always been complicated and is already drawing scrutiny in this year's campaign. At its core is a mystery: Gore reconciled his essentially conservative, family-centered personal values with the looser morality of his mentor and partner? Gore will not say.

Clinton's Affair Took a Toll on Relationship With Gore

He declined requests for an interview for this article, and in responding to written questions a spokeswoman said the Lewinsky matter had been studied exhaustively for two years by an independent counsel, Congress and the press. She added that the vice president did not discuss his private conversations with the president. Gore frequently refers to Mr. Clinton's "mistake," without ever specifying what he means. Was the mistake getting involved with Ms.

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Lying about it under oath? Deceiving the public, his family, his staff and his vice president? Gore's chief campaign spokesman, Chris Lehane, using a legal term from Latin that means "the thing speaks for itself.

Gore Seeks Happy Ending In Strained Clinton Relationship

Clinton ever apologize directly to Mr. Gore for the affair or the deception? If so, neither man is saying, and Mr. Gore would be one of the few to have received an apology. Gore say any such conversations were private and will remain so. But two White House advisers say they suspect that Mr. Clinton offered some sort of apology to Mr. Gore that August night in the limousine. When pressed in interviews to say how he views the president's conduct, Mr.

Gore has always tried to escape the subject as quickly as possible. His most extensive comments were made to Diane Sawyer of ABC News as he was beginning his presidential campaign last spring.

gore and clinton relationship

He evaded one question that dealt with his learning the truth of the Lewinsky affair, saying, "You can imagine how I felt. Sawyer asked directly if the president had lied to him, he replied, "Certainly the impression that he gave me and the others that he worked with was not the truth.

Gore has ducked the issue entirely. When Jay Leno asked him on "The Tonight Show" how he could remain a friend of the president while distancing himself from the Lewinsky affair, the vice president's body tensed, and his face became a rigid mask. Gore has struggled with his feelings about Mr. Clinton and the Lewinsky scandal.

gore and clinton relationship

Roy Neel, a longtime aide to Mr. Gore and one of his best friends, said that the matter had left the vice president alienated from Mr. Clinton but that the two remained "mutually supportive," at least on a political level.

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And on a personal level? Neel said of the vice president. Gore, two moderate Southern baby boomers, seemed a perfect fit when they first came together incampaigning by bus across the country to cheering crowds and the sound of Fleetwood Mac. But their public camaraderie masked an intense rivalry and mutual wariness.

Clinton, who had assiduously avoided the draft as a young man and was now already suspected of extramarital dalliances, was disappointed that Mr. Gore did not defend him more forcefully that fall in a debate with Vice President Dan Quayle, who said Mr. Clinton lacked the character and integrity to be president. Despite their apparent close relationship during the campaign, it soon became clear that contrary to Mr. Clinton's early assertions that they would have an unusually close governing partnership, he would not be operating any kind of co-presidency, at least not with Mr.

The Lewinsky scandal only added to an unbridgeable distance between them. Yet throughout the investigation and the impeachment battle, Mr.