Ginji and ban relationship tips

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ginji and ban relationship tips

She giggled girlishly as she felt Ginji's fingers in her open hair. Ban turned his blue eyes on her dangerously, "Himiko and I don't have that sort of relationship and I am definitely not jealous, let's get that straight. . reasoning with her even with the tip of that dangerously sharp dagger pointed at her chest. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. If Ginji and Ban pairings aren't your thing, I appologize, but there will aware what it means, but for those that don't, its boy and boy relationships. Nodding, the girl slid her fingers down her leg to brush the tips in the water.

Mitoban sighed and walked over to the bed, carrying Ginji. Mitoban shook his head and walked out the door with his limp lover in his arms. Mitoban knocked the door with his legs. But it was right, room Interesting psychological event, ne? Mitoban grinned; he should have realized the flatness of his chest just now.

The doctor was feminine in a way. Sweet, not so tall, slim, long straight hair. And on moree thing he wore make up. Wakamaru gestured Mitoban to place Ginji on the bed. Once Ginji was on the bed, Dr. Wakamaru attached a few wires to his head and operated the machine.

The sudden electric flow jerked Ginji. He shook his head. Wakamaru merely nodded and smiled. Who wanted to kill him? Mitoban bit his lips. He had never known Ginji felt like that. He never knew Ginji held such strong feelings for him. Before the doctor could utter another question, the blonde straightened up suddenly and shouted. Ginji opened his eyes as Mitoban held Ginji close to his heart. What makes you think I am not? How could the boy snap out of his hypnotic state without him giving the signal?

Hevn smiled as both of them came out of the room. Suddenly there were screams of pain hovering around the lobby of the hospital.

Everyone turned to look.

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Why are there so many injured people? Mitoban and Ginji frowned. These were not normal injured people. These are people involved in a gang fight. Hevn winced as she saw someone who was holding his amputated left hand with his still-attached right hand.

There were nearly 30 people coming in. Suddenly someone who passed by waved his hand at Ginji. Then it occurred to him. That was one of the boys in the Ura Shinjuku Gang!

ginji and ban relationship tips

He went up to the next boy who was coming in. This one had his eyes full of blood. But the boy was already in the Emergency Room. Ginji ran back to Mitoban. We have to find out where is this place! Hevn shook her head and sighed as the two boys headed out to get info from the ambulance. The ambulance guy looked at Ginji. Mitoban came with his car.

The boy jumped in and told Mitoban where it was. When they arrived, there were more dead people than surviving ones. His mind going in a wave of images. Only the face of Mitoban could make him feel assured that his lover was still alive.

He could see Kazuki in the distance. His face was full of blood. His wires were everywhere.

About the Get Backers Anime Series, is Ban and Ginji gay?

The other group still had a few people. Mitoban came by and stood next to Ginji, avoiding himself from stepping on a random hand. A guy from the other side looked at Mitoban and smiled. The guy next to him nodded and disappeared. The people on the other side laughed. Give him back to me!! Electricity could be felt like fire around him, corresponding to his anger. There was as if a force field protecting him and the current went neutral.

Ginji frowned in anger. Kazuki shook his head. The bell rang and Natsumi looked up. Ginji rested him on the chair and got a basin of water and a towel. He wiped the blood on his torso and washed the blood in the basin of water. He repeated the process until Kazuki was clean before he applied medicine. After such, he leaned down to the steaming tea.

Hevn was sitting in front of him and Ginji. Ginji looked up at her. The guy in the red cape smiled. He had gotten a guinea pig to test his new toy. Lithely, he pressed a green button and the lights twinkled 3 times as to assure that it was working in perfect condition before vanishing. The guy in the red cape shook his head. The guy flapped his red cape and laughed. He frowned but went in. Then the bells of the door rang. Mitoban blinked as the girls hugged him.

Then suddenly he smiled. Ginji shook his head. H how could Ban-chan! Mitoban pouted at him. Pore and Natsumi watched in horror. Pore tied Mitoban up with a sturdy rope and stuffed his noisy mouth with a tablecloth. He closed the door behind those protesting girls and sighed in relieve. Ginji held his head. The image was back. He began to believe the dream. At one hundred percent power, his "Snake Bite" materializes into reality, transforming his right hand into a serpent's claw summoned by the spirit of Asclepius.

In the latest arc "Get Back the Lost Time", he was to use his serpent claw again against a rampaging Raitei. However, Ban's serpent claws come with great risk. Using this ultimate power damages Ban's body so much so that his life span is shortened with each use.

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Also, his Jagan can only be used 3 times within 24 hours in a non-consecutive manner. It cannot be used on the same people twice in that period. And just like the dire consequences of summoning the Dragon Claw, it is said that using the Jagan more than three times severely threatens Ban's life as well.

In the "Get Back the Lost Time" arc, his skills have grown by leaps and bounds due to his learning abilities. Against Natsuhiko, he managed to execute a new move, "Snake Kill", using his left hand It should be noted that his right hand is his main attacking hand. It was a destiny that he was told he could not escape - but then Ban is contrary. He went to Infinity Fortress when he was younger to fight Raitei, and possibly die. However he defeated Raitei and he was able to bring Ginji out of him.

During Ban and Raitei's second encounter, it was revealed that many of the events were manipulated by the Brain Trust in order to force the Get Backers to fight. This together would be one of the keys to opening Heaven's Doors. However, Ban turned destiny around and was able to get back the time he and Ginji had, thus turning him back into Ginji Amano.

Later on, when Ban stopped his father's killing blow on Paul with one hand - and without using Ascelpius - he changed destiny itself recorded in the archives at that instant. It was then revealed that With Ban's inner belief, he can overcome any destiny written in the archive; this is the reason he is feared by the brain trust and is maybe the most powerful character in the GB universe.

While Ginji does this unconsciously, only Ban does it consciously and saves people through it. In the fight with Der Kaiser, Ban did not want to hurt his father, so he held back during the entire fight.

In fact, it was revealed that a lot of what happened during and after the Queens Cup was to try to force Ban to use his full power; especially against Ginji. The curse that Ban bears is that he restrains himself a great deal. When Ban finally let go of the Ascelpius curse, he took Der Kaiser out. During the end of the 'Get Back the Lost Time' arc, as time was collapsing all around, it was then revealed that Ban Mido has a destiny.

He was born to complete the destiny that his grandmother, the Witch Queen had set out for him. His grandmother believed that the world Professor Amano was trying to create is a hollow world, devoid of soul, of choice. It is a world not suitable for human habitation. That is why she sealed the door to Babylon City, to protect the people in the world of Get Backers. Protect the world from the whims of those that live in Babylon She wanted to create a vacuum between the two worlds, so that no one from that world could lay their dirty hands on this one.

However, Ginji Amano was sent to the world, to reset the world according to the original design. Ginji was sent to the world as God of the world. Ban Mido was sent to this world as the Devil. They both had the willpower to alter the rules of reality and change all of existence. However Ban rejected his destiny and choose a third unexpected path. He used the Jagan a 4th time and tricked Ginji into 'winning' the 'battle' and thus enter Babylon City as the winner of the Ogre Battle.

Ban never told Ginji that it was the 4th Jagan, and he was willing to pay the ultimate price for defying destiny. The price for using the Jagan a 4th time is that Ban would disappear not just from the physical world, but from the hearts and minds of everyone. Neither he nor any of his deeds would be remembered. And Ban was happy that Himiko's and everyone else's sadness would not last long because they would not remember that he even existed.

If Ban had disappeared before Ginji made his choice, he would be lost to even the GB world because Ginji would not remember him. However a certain Jackal played a trick and delayed Ban's disappearance.

Abilities The Evil Eye: The Evil Eye cannot be used on the same person again for the next 24 hours. Furthermore, while the illusion only lasts for one minute, should Ban will it, the one affected by the Jagan can be placed inside a time-warp zone via the illusion created by the technique, meaning that to them, one minute in real life could last up to several hours in the Jagan's influence.

Also, the Evil Eye has been shown to be able to enter into the mind of his opponent, and see their entire past [3 ] [4 ] [5 ]. He has made someone believed that they were dead, up until the point where the belief became reality [6 ] [7 ] [8 ]. However, he disconnected the Jagan before the physical effects could manifest. He only kept them active so that the curse would disappear. Ban explained that if a person believes so much that they are burning, that burn marks will appear on their body [9 ].

He utilizied this method with his opponent. He has used the Jagan to place a crime mob boss in a vegetative state [10 ]. He has also used his eyes to see through or enter virtual space and dimensional space [11 ] [12 ]. Ban has expressed that his Evil Eye can make the immaterial materialize [13 ].

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In the final volume, it was stated from the words of the Witch Queen that the Jagan manipulates the fate of the target that is placed within it, making this a pretty powerful set of eyes [14 ]. In another another instance, during the Divine Design, Ban Mio was able to utilize his Evil Eye in order to turn a man into stone through materialization. However, it was revealed that it was Ban Mido's "will" being drawn out by the Divine Design card.

After the fourth use the user disappears both from the physical world and from the memories of all who know him. With that in mind, Ban requested one final duel with Akabane Kurodou. After an intense struggle, the two manage to strike each other, causing Ban to collapse and Akabane to disappear. However, Akabane had not died, as assumed, but, instead, implanted a surgery scalpel into Ban's chest as a "final favor", given to Ban for allowing Akabane to see his own limits.

Akabane later explained that because having Ban disappear would be a pity, he attempted to fool the Archive by faking Ban's death and delaying Ban's disappearance from using his fourth Jagan just long enough for Ginji to reach Babylon City and resolve everything, thus saving Ban from disappearing. Because he is a direct descendant of the Witch clan, and being born under the star of Asclepiushe possesses incredible superhuman strength, which gives him a gripping force of kgf 2 kN in each hand.

ginji and ban relationship tips

It is also shown that he is strong enough break open the doors of an armored steel truck and punch hard enough to create large craters in the ground or break walls; occasionally even collapsing multi-storied buildings.

At full power, his right hand becomes a snake's claw that can crush anything. Also, while powering up, the astral outline of a giant snake can be seen surrounding him. The general impression of people when taking their first look at him is of a skinny or ordinary person; however, a close look will reveal that he is of a fair height and has solid shoulders and large, muscular and solid arms.

His unruly ordinary appearance often deceive enemies and they don't expect his level of superhuman super strength.