Genuine and stable relationship nz

genuine and stable relationship nz

You must be coming to New Zealand to join or accompany your partner; You must prove that you are living in a genuine and stable relationship. Information about life in New Zealand and Australia, immigration for a minimum of 12 months in a 'genuine and stable relationship akin to a. You must be able to show us that you're living together in a Glossary for genuine and stable relationship before we can grant you a visa based.

Before you consider applying for the partnership visa you need to ensure that the sponsoring partner is eligible and the relationship is exclusive. The sponsoring partner needs to either be a New Zealand citizen, resident, holder of a certain type of work visa or be studying a high-level qualification on a student visa.

genuine and stable relationship nz

The sponsoring partner must not have any domestic violence related offences within the past 7 years and must not have previously sponsored more than one partner for residence within the last 5 years. Proof of living together. If you are applying for residency through the partnership category then you need to prove that you have lived with your partner for at least 12 months.

There is no set time to be living together if you are applying for a temporary visa such as a work visa through the partnership category as long as you can explain how your relationship is genuine and stable. Recommended types of evidence include: Joint ownership of the property that you currently reside at or have been residing at; 2. Joint mortgage of the property that you currently reside at or have been residing at; 3. Joint tenancy agreement srent books s or rental receipts; 4.

Partnership-based visas for New Zealand - Do you qualify?

Correspondence such as utility bills addressed to both you and your partner at the same address; 5. Do not stress if you have been living separately for a period of time during your relationship.

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You will need to explain why and provide evidence of how the relationship was maintained during this time. Types of proof include: Letters during the period of separation; 2.

Emails during the period of separation; 3. SMS or text message logs during the period of separation; 4.

genuine and stable relationship nz

Itemised telephone logs showing call duration and call frequency. Proving that your relationship is genuine and stable can be frustrating.

How I Completed New Zealand Partnership Work Visa Application

Clients who have been married for a number of years and who have children from their relationship often ask why a marriage certificate is not enough to show that their relationship is genuine and stable. We had, by now, lived together for over a year in Aus and then here in New Zealand. There is a Partnership Visa NZ Checklist on the NZ Immigration website that you can look at to make sure you are eligible and have all the information.

If you have lived apart and can show your online conversations and reasons why you lived apart at any point you will likely still be eligible. If you are anything like me, you will find it a bit weird turning your whole relationship into paperwork but that is unfortunately the nature of this whole thing.

Partnership-based visas

Final note… I am a British Citizen and things may or may not be quite different if you are from a different country to me so make sure you check all this with NZ Immigration. I also applied while already in the country but it is possible to apply before you arrive so check these details too. Planned well ahead and always kept the visa process in mind: There will be evidence that you need to gather, and sometimes there are things that you might ordinarily throw away that will be useful to your application.

genuine and stable relationship nz

My boyfriend and I used to write to each other while he was in Australia and I was in the UK and his mum accidentally threw out a lot of those letters. Had we been more prepared, we would have made sure to keep things which solidly prove our relationship like these, with official date stamps. If you give yourself plenty of time, you alleviate yourself from the stress of your current visa running out if you are already in New Zealand or of your flight coming up if you are travelling from outside.

I would recommend to start planning 2 to 3 months ahead if you can. Put aside a bit of money. The police check from your home country also costs as do passport photos and any other bits of admin you will need to do.

genuine and stable relationship nz

Got passport pictures taken with a digital copy. You will need the digital copy for any police checks that are done online and you will also need the prints for your NZ Partner Visa Application 3.

Applied for my UK or other country you have lived in for longer that 12 months police check if you are going to need one. This one is quite a significant step as there is usually a processing time sometimes this processing time can be up to 6 weeks mine from the UK was 10 days. You will need the official document posted back to you to include in your application as well. Booked to have a medical taken. This is the most annoying and expensive preparation. If you are a partner of a New Zealander you will need to get the Limited Medical and a chest Xray and if you are a partner of a non-New Zealander you will need a General Medical and a chest Xray.

The General medical costs slightly more. I have been told by friends that its cheaper to get this done in Auckland than anywhere else, but as I live in Wellington Im just getting it done here. However, if you are going to be in Auckland. Your medical will be sent directly to immigration from whichever medical practice does it.

Your partner will likely want to hand this in with your visa rather than their actual document. Got any statements from family about our relationship signed and sent to me.

genuine and stable relationship nz

Had family send any useful bits of evidence and support over to us, ahead of time. Have letters, invites and photos still at home? Get them scanned and sent over ahead of time so you have everything ready. Luckily most contact is done online now so you will easily be able to access your online relationship!