Gd and kiko relationship help

G-Dragon & Mizuhara Kiko's unconfirmed relationship is now confirmed to be over | SBS PopAsia

gd and kiko relationship help

Despite the fact that BIGBANG's G-Dragon's relationship with Mizuhara Kiko has never been confirmed, a "close friend" of G-Dragon has now. However, neither party has yet to confirm or deny the relationship. kiko mizuhara gdragon scandal. On this episode, the entertainment. A complete list of G-dragon's dating rumours over the years! GD's oldest dating rumours – with longtime VIPs swearing that their relationship was G-dragon and model Kiko Mizuhara were spotted hanging out on many, many so we do hope there will be an interpreter onsite to help the poor guy out.

YG Entertainment also stood behind Park Bom during recent allegations that the 2NE1 was involved in a prescription drug smuggling case.

gd and kiko relationship help

Many audiences have began to applaud the method in which YG Entertainment addresses what would become widespread scandals in other agencies. Many K-Pop fans dread hearing news that may confirm relationships involving their favorite idols. In the current, social media driven world, fans are accustomed to seeing regular status updates of their own relationships and those involving friends.

For many people in the digital age, a dating relationship is not confirmed until their Facebook or SNS status is changed to in a relationship, engaged, or married. For Korean entertainment fans, Dispatch has been like the friend almost everyone has who posts photos of two people who are dating, then tags those photos, even before the couple made a formal announcement.

Just in case you thought G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko weren't dating | SBS PopAsia

ThroughoutDispatch has dropped numerous bombshells that shook the worlds of K-Pop and K-Drama. What does the release of information by Dispatch and the way that is handled have to do with the differences in policies shown by YG Entertainment verses SM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment has been at the forefront of announcing idol relationships, particularly in With every relationship SM confirms, the reaction from fans tends to become a bit harsher.

In the case of YG Entertainment, there has been a widely known dating ban imposed on 2NE1 and the members of Big Bang have not publicly acknowledged relationships.

This old-school separation of public and private life appears to be working well for YG Entertainment, while acknowledging relationships may be negatively impacting SM Entertainment. K-Pop agencies routinely take hits for claims that they are responsible for the unfair treatment of their idols, in addition to allegations about unsafe or psychologically damaging work conditions.

The lax reaction for YG Entertainment regarding G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara may seem wishy-washy but it is a brilliant move to retaliate the schoolyard bully tactics of Dispatch. Posted by allkpop on Nov26 G-Dragon opened up on the rampant discussions regarding his relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara as photos from their date in Itaewon, South Korea emerged last month.

(RUMOUR) #JiKo: It’s Over For BIGBANG Leader G-Dragon & Kiko Mizuhara

During the interview, the press mentioned the recent news about him dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. No other statements were followed up. Posted by koreaboo on Nov26 At the time, they again denied being involved in a relationship and identified each other as merely close friends. However, since that event, the pair have been spotted on a date in Paris, another alleged date in Japan, and most recently, a very public date in Seoul.

gd and kiko relationship help

Posted by koreaboo on Oct12 On October 7th, Dispatch released exclusive photos of G-Dragon and Kiko who seemed to be allegedly on a date.

Now a Chinese media has made a video compilation of the pictures. G-Dragon and Kiko have countlessly denied any and all dating rumors since and have repeatedly stated that they are just friends.

Now it seems that the two are closer than they claim to be. On October 7th, Dispatch revealed photos of the two laughing, taking pictures and displaying skinship more than friends would do. Check out the video below: G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on alleged date in Seoul: Posted by koreaboo on Oct That guy with them at the balcony is really cute tho.

Just moments after Dispatch released photos of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on an alleged photo-shoot date together, YG Entertainment has released a statement on the matter. G-Dragon and Kiko were spotted with some intense skinship, according to Dispatch, in Seoul on September 16th. They were at a lounge bar in Seoul, and then moved to Itaewon with an YG Entertainment company van, enjoying their date.

Just in case you thought G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko weren't dating...

YG Entertainment quickly responded to the photos in a statement, with not much to say on the matter. Why does this feel like a statement calling out to SM's mistakes to me?

Hahaha I love YG. Although, admittedly, this hurts so bad right now, we all need to support GD in whatever happens in his life especially if it makes him happy. G dragon FB page Unofficial page This was not his first time in the 'Chanel' scene. The two reunited for this year's show, snapping a couple of sweet pictures.

[JPN SUB] Section TV, Weekly Keyword - G Dragon & Kiko #03, 주간 키워드 사전 - 지드래곤 & 키코 20141012

In addition to his attendance, it was reported that Mizuhara Kiko, who is rumored to be dating G-Dragon, attended the event, as well. The two were spotted sitting just a few seats away from each other.