Gd and cl relationship

CL shares a photo of her with G-Dragon before his enlistment | allkpop

gd and cl relationship

I ship CL and GDragon | See more ideas about G dragon, Singers and Gd and cl. See more. Gd And Cl, Dragons, Bigbang G Dragon, Feelings, Cl 2ne1, Rapper Skydragon Gd And Cl, Relationships, Museum, Cl 2ne1, Queen, Kpop. 'The Leaders' GD & CL confirm their appearance on Skrillex's Dirty Vibe MV! G- DRAGON and CL will appear in the music video of Skrillex's “DIRTY VIBE” that. Another day, another dating rumour. No stranger to 'dating scandals' that follow his every interaction with the opposite sex, G-dragon's love life.

What do you do for fun?

CL spills the beans on GD! - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

I might sound like a nerd but I really love recording, making music, and videos and photoshoots. I only know how to work. I really stay in the studio or my house.

gd and cl relationship

Are you in the studio at the moment? How did you become a K-pop star? Actually I had the shortest time in training of anyone in 2NE1, only two years in a company, I was preparing for my solo album back then.

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One day the four of us - Minzy, Dara, Bom and me - got together and recorded a song called Pretty Boy and it sounded good, it sounded right, and from then we started recording lots and lots. How did you start the training?

gd and cl relationship

What was training like? You live with music all the time. I had vocal lessons, dance lessons — all kinds of dance lessons — and language lessons too, like Japanese and Chinese because we go all around the world. Do you still live with your band? People are stricter about dating.

What do you have to do as an idol? You know how Japanese singers have idol groups? You have to be perfect. The fans are strict. They have that standard image, especially with girls because boys could date somebody… ID: So the boy bands are freer? Yeah, they are, but the fans are crazier about them because… you know what I mean!

I think over here people kind of want their stars to fuck up in a way. So five years without a boyfriend, how long do you have left?

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Gives His Two Cents On Rumors About His Relationships

So what happens then? I have no idea! Everyone wants to be a pop star or a footballer.

gd and cl relationship

And not everyone can be? No, I believe everyone could be, they just have to pay what it takes. GD and CL have the same principles that themselves on stage, and they currently do not entertain the audience is a different figure.

In other words GD drinking water from a bottle belongs to CL GD willing to withdraw for the sake of just a stool to sit next to CL.

gd and cl relationship

GD and CL have and wear the same bracelet, chrome hearts that they were first. GD and CL wear on different sides of the hands and never rarely seen regardless of their hands.

CL shares a photo of her with G-Dragon before his enlistment

CL introduce her doll spongebob and just say: In one radio interview GD one male idol who chose CL as an artist he admired. GD and CL both want to marry young The blue color of the shoes. GD sang part song Oh Yeah "You. Come be my lady" and pointed toward the CL. This fans caught on camera.

CL was seen wearing a pin apple GD Coming Of Age In each, usually women will get a kiss from her boyfriend, but Dara said that she does not allow kissing CL for the moment. Dami been posted on twitter Rilakkuma dolls are similar to those of CL. GD fans caught on camera wearing a sleeping pads Korilakkumawhich Rilakkuma partner. When interviewed in the Japanese magazine about what pointnya charm CL replied, eye, eyesmile remember when GD once said about CL "Just look at her eyes"