Gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Gandhi and Jinnah on life after Partition - India Today Archives News - Issue Date: Aug 20,

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Why Jayalalithaa Was Only Following In Gandhi, Jinnah & Modi's but the original relationship is between the legislators and their leader. There are scores of books on Mahatma Gandhi that could fill several shelves, but Mohammad Ali Jinnah had apparently few admirers. Gandhi and Jinnah - a study in contrasts An extract from the book that riled India's Bharatiya Janata Party and led to the expulsion of its author Jaswant Singh.

And what about your colleagues? We lived in different worlds, they and I MKG She was a troubled soul. Silence MAJ And then MKG Did you know of the cancer when we last met?

You did not mention it. MAJ You were not a doctor. Silence MAJ So much that consumed our time, our energy, our life, seems so utterly pointless now. What did we fight for and fight each other for? To see prime ministers The rise of religious bigotry in both countries I sometimes wonder if we are returning to the Middle Ages The levels of violence in our region are unbelievable We have to do something about all this. We are just phantoms MKG We cannot watch idly! MAJ Your methods of civil disobedience have become commonplace in India MKG Has your call of 'Islam in danger' not returned in unexpected ways?

But no recriminations, please We have to ensure that innocents do not die again on our land whether as a result of riots or terror or war. We must get India and Pakistan and Bangladesh to outlaw war.

Why Jayalalithaa Was Only Following In Gandhi, Jinnah & Modi’s Footsteps

MAJ What about Kashmir? MKG Let us meet in Srinagar. Let there be a summit at Dara Shukoh's Pari Mahal, to inaugurate a new chapter Let Kashmir become the world's capital for conserving nature I did not know that word everyone uses now The way things are going, mining, cutting trees, drawing water from deep inside the land, digging, digging, deeper and deeper Kashmir can show a way out to the world And say with Jahangir from there If ever there can be a Heaven on Earth MAJ No mushiness, please.

MKG And let us have a festival of music there Ishvar Allah Tere Naam Let India and Pakistan announce from a Srinagar summit a subcontinental plan for ecological wisdom Let India hear the truth about the Bombay attack These legislators then become the priests of the personality cult, encouraging supporters from their constituencies to produce ever greater acts of fealty to the supreme leader as a way of demonstrating their own devotion.

So you see the acts of devotion to political leaders that so shock us: Take the long-serving chief ministers in India today. Naveen Patnaik has inherited the personality cult that centred on his father, Biju. But it was the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa, who typified the personality-cult leader in the Indian imagination. But she was also the perfect example of how personality overtakes ideology in Indian politics.

It seems bizarre that a Brahmin like Jayalalithaa could so successfully dominate an anti-Brahmin political movement, but there you have it. The Bharatiya Janata Party, his party, is one of the few ideological outfits in the Indian political sphere.

But even their strident message was dampened for the general election. The once-proud Hindu nationalist became instead a Hindu and a nationalist, an altogether cuddlier proposition. And he convinced the great majority of the population, through the force of his appeal, that he could lead India to economic deliverance, though he did not offer as much as a roadmap.

Modi believed he could pull it off because he has been elevated by subservient partymen and a compliant media in the way all our personality-cult-leaders are. We think of personality-cults as a relatively new phenomenon in Indian politics. Indira Gandhi is often imagined as the first of such leaders.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Of hostile witnesses, pride of place must go to Lord Mountbatten. The range of critical remarks he made about Jinnah is quite striking. He was a solitary figure at several points in his career, but this characteristic seems to have attached to him regardless of his situation. Politics for most politicians is a serious business, and for Jinnah more than most.

3 Times When Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Absolutely Slayed It

He never mastered the deftness of touch that Gandhi could employ. But there was once a lighter spirit discernible in him, captured for us by Sarojini Naidu. Her extended description of him contains most of the well-known phrases applied to his early career and it deserves to be quoted at length on the subject of his character, if only to counterbalance much of what is found elsewhere.

In she contributed an introduction to a collection of his speeches, in which she describes him as: This reflects the extraordinary reverence in which his contemporaries held him and the way that he seems not to have abused the space and authority this granted him. He was essentially the same in public and private. He never stood on ceremony, or hectored his opponents, no matter how far apart he stood from them on the issues at hand, whether he was addressing the king or a minor Raj official.

His ability to reach out informally across political and social divides was extraordinary; during his trip to England inhe managed to befriend the very mill workers that his hand-spinning was intended to condemn to unemployment.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Gandhi also enjoyed a much wider and warmer kind of political support than that which Jinnah constructed so painstakingly. His political aims were easily understood and generally shared. Just as importantly, his methods were thought to be correct; Indian freedom under Gandhi was to be won in an Indian way.

To oppose him coming from within either orthodox Hinduism or broad Congress philosophy would have seemed either irreverent or un-Indian.