Fuu and mugen relationship counseling

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fuu and mugen relationship counseling

A couple of tough guys come over and threaten her for moving into their territory, but When Sara asks Fuu what Mugen looks like, Fuu is surprised, almost and nearly defeats him again (although Jin's advice about fish has helped him). Jin wanted to prove to Fuu that Mugen did care for her, and at the SAME time, . Makes me ship the Mu/Fuu couple even more than before!. I was wondering what everyone's favourite Mugen/Fuu moment is, or what solidified their relationship in your mind. For me it was definitely the last 2 episodes.

The Takeda clan was one of the Tokugawa clan's two main rivals prior to their securing the shogunate, but was exterminated in the power struggle. So Jin is literally a relic of a bygone family and era. Just like Mugen, Jin gains human connections during the series, so he finally has something he wants to protect.

Both Inuyama and Kariya praise his skill as a swordsman. Over time, Jin takes the Firefly Samurai's advice to heart and starts to use his surroundings to his advantage. Jin is perhaps almost as interested in women as Mugen is, he's just a little more quiet about it.

He learns about a technique that allows an opening for the opponent to strike, but the opponent is also vulnerable for a fatal blow. The move is supposed to be only used as a last resort, as it's effectively a suicidal movebut Jin manages to survives as he uses this technique to defeat Kariya. It's practically his default expression.

He never hesitates to call Mugen out on his foolishness. Gets a sword through his stomach and keeps going.

Able to fight at peak level after being tortured for a whole day. Also falls off bridges a lot. You start to wonder if he has gills. In Episode 3, to get into a brothel. In Episode 15, when faced with one of his fellow students from his old dojo who has come to kill him during a time right after Fuu broke the group up after a fight with MugenJin only half heartedly fights him for a little bit before turning around and jumping off the waterfall behind him.

Next time we see him though, he is perfectly fine; and when the other guy comes back, he even wonders if Jin was just trying to run away. Jin refuses to follow the modern way of the samurai and aristocracy on principle and is always ready to help people in distress, even if he can be rude about it.

Good Is Not Nice: Not as bad as usual cases since most of it's more just his serious personality. As a card-carrying samurai he saves a Damsel in Distress from a life of prostitution and it's heavily implied he'll marry her after her period of isolation endswill not serve the currently corrupt Government in return for wealth and respect, and refuses to use force if he doesn't have to.

However, he is not exactly friendly, starts off with a small superiority complex, doesn't mind sex with prostitutes even after he rescues a severely traumatized one, and in the first episode he saves a peasant from the the corrupt lord that was going to have the peasant beaten or killed for not giving the lord a sufficient bribe, but he takes the peasant's cash too. Of course, the peasant is probably happy to not be on the wrong end of the katana.

Then again, saving said peasant proved useful as he later gives Fuu the pipe needed to start the fireworks that would save Mugen and Jin from their executions. He lies as a ronin instead of a famous and wealthy samurai because he can't find a lord who meets his high standards of honor. Prior to the series. He wandered around Japan searching for a purpose until Fuu roped him as her bodyguard. Knight In Sour Armor: He knows damn well that it doesn't pay to be good or honorable in the world he was born into.

But he just can't help himself from doing the right thing. Jin is much less likely to instigate an episode's events than Mugen and Fuu are, and rarely involves them in his conflicts. He could be a famous and wealthy warrior, but first he'd have to find a daimyo he didn't loathe. Furthermore, Jin's old master told Jin about the shogunate's plan to turn their school into a corps of assassins for the government, and Jin vehemently protested on principle.

For this his master was ordered to kill him, but Jin was the winner of that fight. He could probably clear his name in a second and do serious damage to the government by telling the truth.

"To Love is to Lose"

He'd also dishonor the name of his master and his school, so he goes Walking the Earth instead. In "Gamblers and Gallantry", Jin mans a grilled eel stand alongside a woman he ran into earlier in the episode.

fuu and mugen relationship counseling

After the dinner rush, he agrees to cook her an eel. Your cooking is really quite amazing. I'm pretty sure this the worst thing I've ever eaten! But I suppose that's a talent in and of itself Seems to have this relationship with Fuu. Not to the extent of Mugen but the few times he gets severely beaten he just gets back up. Both Mugen and the "Firefly Assassin" from episode two assume on first impressions that he walks down the left side of the street. There are some suggestions that Jin's old school friend Yukimaru was more like an old flame.

On the other hand, he seems perfectly willing to sleep with women when the opportunity arises to Mugen's vocal relief and he genuinely falls for Shino. In the Edo Period, particularly for men of Jin's socioeconomic status, bisexuality was the default assumption. Samurai men were expected — even required — to show interest in women but it was perfectly acceptable to bed another warrior or a hot kabuki actor as well.

Very much so, especially when you factor in his Shirtless Scenes. With Mugen, both highly trained fighters who don't really enjoy themselves except in combat and put a lot of emphasis on martial prowess. Neither experienced love in their lives until they met up with each other and Fuu. Yes, that was intentionally hoyaytastic. Jin's swordfighting technique, "The Sword of No Abiding Mind", teaches precognitive or instinctual method of fighting, with the aim of being unreadable by your opponent.

Mugen just plain doesn't think and wings everything he does. These two essentially use the same fighting style, only approached from the different places. In either case, this was the bitter icing to top the cake of her miserable day. Calmly getting to her feet again, she paced into her room where Fuu lay asleep on the flat single mattress she had bought for herself rather cheaply from a community sale.

Throwing decorum out the window, Koza demanded sternly, "Why didn't you tell me? Striking the frame of the door sharply with her hand, Koza repeated, "Fuu, why didn't you tell me what happened? Can you explain to me why I've been sheltering fugitives in my home for the past three months? Worry tore through Fuu like a knife through butter. Sitting up, she gaped at Koza blankly, unsure of what she could possibly say next.

She had a knack for sorting liars from truth tellers just by looking for the right cues. With no lack of reluctance, she recounted all of the events that had taken place leading up to this very moment, insisting that although she and Mugen were trying to keep as low a profile as possible, neither of them were in fact guilty of anything.

It was all just a terrible accident, an unfortunate mess. Pity softening her eyes, Koza sat across from Fuu now. I'm sorry I got so upset with you. Lifting a corner of the flimsy mattress she slept on, she retrieved her satchel and reached inside. It was completely empty.

Samurai Champloo : Who do u think Fuu likes??

Again…" she said in defeat. Koza stood and peered outside through the tiny window of her room. The reservation was utterly still and unlit now, save for whatever luminosity trickled in from the fairly inactive highway. I know he can't have made it too far from the reservation by foot and the buses ended their shifts hours ago.

Samurai Champloo : Who do u think Fuu likes?? - Minitokyo

I would really prefer that you wait until morning, though. Just…promise you'll watch over him. He's not nearly as strong as he fools himself into being. During the day the sun was so hot your insides would sweat but at night, it was a whole other story.

It was cold as shit out here. Not that he was unfamiliar with the various weather patterns of certain areas of the west coast; he just never quite got used to it. Hunger and going weeks without bathing, sure. Burning by day and shivering by night, not exactly. Mugen lay wide awake, making himself as comfortable as humanly possible on an old wooden bench that felt like it would become part of him soon if he didn't find a better place to rest.

Coyotes fought and bayed somewhere off in the distance of the surrounding desert, their disembodied voices occasionally masked by a passing truck or car full of insane college students too drunk off their asses to tell one thing from the other.

The bench creaked and groaned beneath his weight as he tossed and turned with frustration for another few minutes before finally deciding that the cold, bare floor of the train station would feel like a bed of clouds in comparison. The thin cotton shirt he wore was beginning to itch a little, and he wasn't sure if it was all the sweating from the day or just one more entry to add to the growing list of annoying things tonight. He estimated that he may have wandered a mile, maybe almost two, from the reservation.

Since he couldn't seem to get to sleep it was probably a good time to plan whether taking the train in the morning would be in his best interests. A sudden crunch of gravel caused him to rise slightly, wondering if perhaps one of those dumbass mutts thought he might make a tasty midnight snack. He was met with only a dumbass instead, sans the mutt. Huffing as if she had jogged all the way from the reservation, Fuu dropped onto the bench. She looked like a packed mule what with all of the sacks and other bundles hanging from both shoulders.

You were just fine at that Indian place, why the hell did you have to show up here? Why can't you just leave me alone? What, you're not satisfied until you've completely ruined my goddamn life?

Well too late sister, that shipped sailed a long time ago! Not even waiting to catch her breath, Fuu tottered after him. I gave you a way out of this. Fuu hopped forward to his side, adjusting one of the bags she carried so that it wouldn't continue sliding off her shoulder. He looked down at her, only now realizing how small she really was. The girl was about as dumb and loyal as any dog, but something in her eyes tugged at him inside.

Koza seemed to display similar behavior, but he knew that it was her weakness that made her desperate. She needed far too many things he simply couldn't give.

fuu and mugen relationship counseling

Not to her, not to anyone. He didn't have anything to give. Maybe they couldn't see it, or maybe they just didn't want to. Broken girls seeking a broken man. For all the sins of stupidity she committed, for all her naivety and innocence, there was a bravery that guided her, the source of which he couldn't quite put his finger on. As a result, they welcome her into their group; she pays for their room and board in exchange for their protection. The four of them travel together for what appears to be at least a few weeks, very contentedly.

One day Jin comments on the charm Sara has on her Shamisen, and Sara reveals that she has a child, born out of wedlock and taken from her because of her blindness. That night Mugen tries to corner Sara in the hot spring of the inn, but she senses his presence and his plans are foiled. She says that being blind has not made her helpless or stupid, and that is why she hates pity.

Fuu is horrified to find them together, and Mugen leaves to forestall further screeching. When Sara asks Fuu what Mugen looks like, Fuu is surprised, almost shocked by her question.

Later that night, in bed, Fuu tells Sara about her quest to find her father, and Sara tells Fuu that her child is a boy, and that she cannot do anything to get him back. She asks if Fuu has ever considered giving up the quest the answer is apparently yesand which of the boys she would be willing to part with.

fuu and mugen relationship counseling