Father and daughter relationship in the tempest

Father/Daughter Relationships | Shakespeare II

father and daughter relationship in the tempest

In the Shakespeare's play The Tempest the relationship isn't shown as one of much love from the father Prospero. After being trapped on an. In Renaissance England, the relationship between parents and their children was Tempest, are an example of a relationship between a father and daughter in. One of the more noticeable themes in The Tempest is Prospero's relationship with his daughter, Miranda, and the near Godlike figure he is to.

father and daughter relationship in the tempest

The play is about Prospero who has been overthrown from his dukedom in a very unfair and ruthless faction by his brother Antonio. Prospero has magical powers. Prospero is a controlling person, he controls and dominates his daughter Miranda.

"The Tempest" - Shakespeare: Father? Daughter? Relationship?

He has control on Ariel as well, Prospero uses him to do anything he wants, when Ariel asks Prospero about his freedom Prospero becomes angry and threatens Ariel by saying he will open an oak tree and put him inside. Prospero wants to even control Ferdinand when he reminds him he cannot have sex with his daughter before marriage due to the fact that then Shakespeare time people were very much religious oriented and sex before marriage was forbidden. Prospero has two servants who are Arial and Caliban.

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How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Although we can say that Prospero is saying that because he owns Arial rather than being a fatherly figure. What shall I do? When Prospero came to the island he found Caliban a deformed savage and tried to teach him language.

Caliban showed Prospero all of the qualities of the island like the desert, the fresh springs, the fertile and salt water pits as a tour guide. I believe that Arial is trying to be free from Prospero in a positive way, but Caliban want to be free in a negative way, because I think he is going to kill Prospero.

Prospero has a strange personality, it seems he did not trust his daughter because it took him many years to finally explain to Miranda what actually had happened in the past. Miranda is very kind. She likes them and she wants to try to help them.

She might also be so kind and caring to her father, because it might be in her personality.

Father/Daughter Relationships

This is a different relationship as opposed to The Tempest. The poem highlights the differences between mother and child and the common problems parents have with their children and include two stanza s. A Girl during this era was always dependent on a male figure; it was most likely her father until she was married then it became her husband. Everything was based on the male line and girls were treated as inferior beings within the household because they were essentially being raised to be good future wives.

In this male-centered society, women were held at a lesser status, and always had to answer to her father. A man had complete control over his family; they were considered his property to do with as he pleased. Boys were educated to take over for their fathers, girls were taught skills to help then run their own households and please their husbands.

Marriage in Renaissance England was based on political power and social climbing. Fathers tried to marry their daughters off to acquire more land, titles and increase social status, but they also had to provide a dowry for their daughter. A dowry could include anything from money to land, and the larger the dowry the more desirable the girl was to her future husband and his family. Girls had little to no say in the matter and most likely did not meet her husband until their wedding day.

father and daughter relationship in the tempest

Prospero and Miranda, however, have a slightly different kind of relationship for their time. Prospero has to be everything for Miranda because she has no known mother and since they are on an unihinhabited island, she could not have been sent to a household of a relative, which was common place during this time.

This relationship of Prospero caring for Miranda as both mother and father with out even female servants to help and doing everything with genuine concern for her well being was rare, for this time especially in the upper classes of society. Even though Prospero genuinely cares for his daughter, and takes care of her as both mother and father, this is still a traditional renaissance relationship between a father and a daughter.

father and daughter relationship in the tempest

Prospero is in complete control of Miranda; he has raised her in his image and like most fathers of his day demands respect. Also like the fathers of this time, Prospero decides and chooses who Miranda is going to marry.

Prospero has decided that Miranda will marry Ferdinand and because he is the only other man besides her father and Caliban, Ferdinand immediately enthralls Miranda.