Egypt and france relationship

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egypt and france relationship

Dr. Shaul Shay discusses the relationship between the two countries, French President Francois Hollande arrived to Egypt on April 17, CAIRO – 30 October Upon the invitation of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Egypt in early. CAIRO – 23 October President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is visiting France for the first time after the election of French President Emanuel.

Historical Relations The French campaign in Egypt, which lasted for three years between andcontributed significantly to the cultural sphere, such as Jean-Francois Champollion inscribing the Rosetta Stone inopening the door for studying and exploring ancient Egyptian civilization. The book, written by civilian scholars and scientists, first appeared inand its final and 20th volume was issued in The original copies of some of its volumes were robbed when the complex was vandalized in The Egyptian state had been granting students scholarships to study abroad since the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha — until the end of the royal era in D — Political and Military Relations There has been remarkable dialogue, coordination and proximity in views on the issues influencing the security and stability of the MENA region and Europe.

In addition, joint military exercises have been taking place, such as the Cleopatra naval and urban exercises launched inthe Nefertari air exercise, the Ramses military exercise, and the Bright Star exercises comprised of multiple nationalities.

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Meanwhile, top French exports to Egypt are electronic and electric devices, information technology IT services, prosthesis, measuring devices, turbines, motors, visual media, cylinders, poultry, sugar, dairy products and transportation equipment.

The EU-Egypt Association Agreement activated in enabled the penetration of Egyptian goods to European markets in general and French markets in specific. Inthe Egyptian-French Business Council was founded to further boost partnerships.

They are fond of each other despite the absence of a common language, and their working relationship is smooth.

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This strong personal relationship has played a major role in overcoming many bureaucratic hurdles. Egypt wanted 24 Rafale fighter aircraft from France urgently, for example, and the first of them were delivered quickly despite queries about the schedule.

However, these personal relations are not the sole explanation for the strategic partnership between France and Egypt. It seems equally clear that an Islamist comeback in Egypt, or a deterioration that could lead to a failed state in the country, would trigger such a massive migration.

egypt and france relationship

Europe cannot afford to see millions of Egyptians fleeing their country, so it has a vested interest in turning Egypt into a success story. Of course, the two countries are well aware of the terrorist threats and the dangers of radicalisation in the region, and though they share a common interest in stabilising Libya both are wary of an intervention on the ground. They fear overstretching their forces should they do so, and any such intervention would entail an obligation towards state-building, which is never an easy task.

egypt and france relationship

Nevertheless, the possibility of a Daesh, or Islamic State IS group, emirate in Libya could lead them to change their minds. French officials also support Egypt because they believe it rests on solid foundations, being an old and established nation state with powerful institutions, an ancient culture, influential middle classes and soft power potential.

egypt and france relationship