Draupadi and krishna relationship poems

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draupadi and krishna relationship poems

A long poem in rhymed sonnets, Yudhishtar and Draupadi is and imaginative Unknown to him, also at stake is his relationship with Draupadi, who is still Class, The Book of Krishna, Being Indian: Why the 21st Century Will Be India's and. Arjun and Draupadi Story - Though it seems that the epic Mahabharata is all The Pandava brothers agreed upon a number of protocols governing their relations with Draupadi. Krishna who was omniscient, knew immediately that Arjuna had entered his city. . 50 inspirational quotes to light up your life!. Best draupadi Quotes, Shayari, Poetry & Thoughts on India's fastest growing Krishna:A friend is the one who lightens burden in your heart by sharing . When they say ek ladka aur ladki dost nahi ho sakte,show them the relation of kr.

There are men and women who have maintained great friendship without any romantic bonds. Draupadi and Krishna were best friends and loved each other as friends. All stories about him being a like a brother comes from analyses and interpretations from historians who cannot accept a woman and man just being friends. They were not in love, nor did they have feelings of siblings for each other, they were very good friends.

Bond between Krishna and Draupadi

They were always there for each other. She was called Krishnaa not after Krishna but because she was of dark complexion. So, the love they had was nothing more than the love for friends.

And if we suspect their relationship because Krishna robed Draupadi when she was being disgraced by Dusshasana; I think it just shows how shallow our thinking can be. Historical accounts are subject to frequent disagreement and most of the disagreement are due to the fact that accurate history is difficult to obtain, for a variety of reasons.

Mahabharata: Draupadi, Body Language, Eyes, and Vyasa’s Poetry by Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

Much information regarding the past has been lost. Many cultures have a rich oral history, but lack written documentations. A man cannot marry or love every woman whom he protects to save her from humiliation. We make friendship cheaper by comparing it to other relationships. The principles of good relationships are universal.

They apply not only to romantic relationships, but also to platonic friendship and business relationships. You can love a friend as a friend just as much as you would love your life partner as a life partner. Krishna and Draupadi shared a great rapport; both of them were beautiful, talented, ambitious and capable humans. Since Body Language operates in Silence, to understand the significance and importance of Body Language in Mahabharata, we should henceforth modify our approach to Mahabharata.

Marx too had to grow saint-like beard for Body-Presence - Hitherto men have been reading Mahabharata through words, let us now learn to take account of Silence too, that is, while concentrating on words and trying to understand their meaning - in any case Only Words are futile, because three-fourth of language — Vak — is already hidden according to RgVeda, Shatapatha Brahmana, and Dharmashastras — also pointing to the importance of Silence — let us have a simultaneous awareness of the Silence — that is, the pause between the words, if any, the Silence of the audience to the speaker and trying to imagine their action at that timeand Silence of Vyasa regarding this thing or that thing.

With this approach, I find that in Mahabharata, Woman speaks not only through verbal language, but also through Silence in at least two ways: As I said, this happens mostly about Draupadi. And the princess of Pancala also looked at them all.

And casting their glances on the illustrious Krishna, those princes looked at one another. And taking their seats, they began to think of Draupadi alone. Indeed, after those princes of immeasurable energy had looked at Draupadi, the God of Desire invaded their hearts and continued to crush all their senses. Yudhishthira himself being adept in understanding Body Language elsewhere too we find him as 'understander of Signs' and 'Bhava' understands the unity of Bhava among them, and immediately declares that all of them would marry Draupadi.

What does Draupadi do? She questions the elders of the court and all present — Words now — gives a Speech arguing and pointing out the fallacy of Duryodhana's considering her 'won' — Words now — and the effect? Absolute Silence in Kuru Sabha… and we try to imagine what those gigantic males are doing at that time — what their Body-Presence might be expressing what Body Language! Now the interesting thing. Draupadi uses her Speech to Silence others, then with her Speech again she blames their Silence, and herself uses Silence as Power to inflame her husbands.

Else, why do these foremost of the Kuru elders look silently on this great crime? And here is how she transforms her pause into a Silence pregnant with powerful Body Language: And casting a glance upon her enraged lords--the Pandavas--who were filled with terrible wrath, she inflamed them further with that glance of hers.

What Power is in that Glance? What Power in her tearful eyes! We know what happens next. Now let us read, how Vyasa describes Draupadi's leaving Hastinapura with her husbands. There is more in Draupadi's Body-Presence than meets the Eye. Interestingly, this Speech is often attributed to Draupadi that is, Draupadi promises to widow the Kuru womenbut here we find she actually makes no such verbal promise of widowing the Kuru women.

Draupadi's Body-Presence is like poetry!

draupadi and krishna relationship poems

Can it be possible that even a single son of mine will live? The wives of the Bharatas, uniting with Gandhari upon beholding virtuous Krishna, the wedded wife of the Pandavas, endued with beauty and youth, dragged into the court, set up frightful wail. Even now, along with all my subjects, they weep every day. Enraged at the ill treatment of Draupadi, the Brahmanas in a body did not perform that evening their Agnihotra ceremony.

The winds blew mightily as they did at the time of the universal dissolution. There was a terrible thunder-storm also. Meteors fell from the sky, and Rahu by swallowing the Sun unseasonably alarmed the people terribly. Our war-chariots were suddenly ablaze, and all their flagstaffs fell down foreboding evil unto the Bharatas. Jackals began to cry frightfully from within the sacred fire-chamber of Duryodhana, and asses from all directions began to bray in response.

Draupadi's Glance can penetrate the dumb sheath of Dhritarashtra's blind eyes to flash in his Inner Eyes. Another significant thing here is: Draupadi's Glance is not only Poetry, but also 'Politics. In sulky anger and sorrow she "hid her face with her soft hands like the buds of lotus, and began to weep" and then complains to Krishna - "Husbands, or sons, or friends, or brothers, or father, have I none! Nor have I thee, O thou slayer of Madhu, for ye all, beholding me treated so cruelly by inferior foes, sit still unmoved!

My grief at Karna's ridicule is incapable of being assuaged! On these grounds I deserve to be ever protected by thee, O Kesava, viz. Is it another description of Draupadi's Body Language? Is it so simple?

draupadi and krishna relationship poems

Is Vyasa communicating Draupadi's suffering or her Beauty? Her tear seems to be the excuse of the description of her breasts. Which Vyasa finds beauty of Shrngara in an otherwise Karuna evoking scene? Is he Kavi-Vyasa or Rshi Vyasa? If he is Kavi-Vyasa, then Rshi-Vyasa too is present revealing the inappropriateness of the Kavi fixing gaze on Draupadi's tear, palms, and breasts in such a tragic scene.

The creator becomes subservient to the Power of the created. The next moment such ponderings and our complacent aesthetics receive a dramatic jolt, when Krishna makes a violent promise to wipe out the kauravas - nihatan jiivitam tyaktva shayanan vasudhatale - and make their wives widows- rodishyanti striyo hy evam yesham kruddhasi bhamini 3. Weep not, lady, for I will exert to the utmost of my powers for the sons of Pandu! I promise thou shalt once more be the queen of kings!

The heavens might fall, or the Himavat might split, the earth might be rent, or the waters of the ocean might dry up, but my words shall never be futile!

draupadi and krishna relationship poems

For example, when Abhimanyu dies, Krishna consoles a lamenting Subhadra with conventional Kshatriya consolation. Where did that awe-inspiring dimension come from that can melt even Krishna into fire?

Krishna Saved Dropadi !!What did Krishna say to Draupadi ? After Cheerharan Disrobing !

In a way, Rshi Vyasa connects to Vedic tradition. In Yajur Veda 1. Well that may be, but Vyasa quickly follows with another description of Draupadi's Silent Body Language: What would you do now? Would you now promise to fulfill my vengeance or would you wait still?

O illustrious one, it shall be even as the slayer of Madhu hath said!