Doflamingo and law relationship test

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doflamingo and law relationship test

I'm re-reading Punk hazard now to get a clear picture of what Law's original plan was before meeting Luffy. Was there any contact between Law. Law joined the Doflamingo Pirates to destroy things. .. In ancient Grece, there's a city called Delphi were young men had to pass a test before the elder's assembly and the god temple to be Back-story to Marco and Law's relationship. When Law finally destroyed the SAD supply, captured Caesar, and used that to threaten Doflamingo into abdicating his position as a Shichibukai, Doflamingo.

But he still wore his smile, though it wasn't as big now, and held out his hand. Didn't move, didn't speak. And suddenly, all of Luffy's enthusiasm was gone. He felt himself on the verge of breaking out in a cold sweat. Was this what it was like meeting your boyfriend's guardians? He didn't think it would be so hard. Maybe this Doffy guy was just having a bad day maybe…? Maybe Doflamingo was mute and Law simply forgot to mention that. Yeah, that had to be it.

The man finally moved. He took a few steps toward Luffy, and the teen couldn't help but take a step back. He felt…uncomfortable around this man. The man stopped, seeing the teen back up, but then continued toward the chair at the kitchen table.

The aura Doflamingo gave off made Luffy want to fidget in his spot, which was such an odd feeling for the teen.

He was usually really good with people, but this man… It was different than how Ace usually got when his Brother Complex flared. Ah, that was it. While Ace was indeed overprotective, there was one thing he lacked that his man had. But Luffy presses on, his smile still there though it's about a quarter of its usual size. If Law managed to survive being in a room with Ace for an hour, Luffy could survive being in a room with Doflamingo for twenty minutes.

Doflamingo's voice was deep, deeper than he had expected it would be. Going over the answer in his head, Luffy couldn't help but laugh. Head of the Mafia? Though he had to admit that that role would indeed match Doflamingo's current style. Despite how seriously the man had answered, Luffy knew it was a lie.

Nobody who was actually in the Mafia openly said they were in the Mafia. It was common sense. Luffy's laugh turned into nervous chuckles that quickly faded off.

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Doflamingo's scowl was still there, and he was still staring directly at Luffy. The teen wanted to fidget again, he hated how those sunglasses masked the man's eyes. He had the sudden urge to slowly reach over and take the man's glasses off.

He even began to raise his hand to give into the urge when the thought of Doflamingo tearing his arm off popped into his mind. His brain gave a mental scream at the image. Great, he was becoming like Usopp. He shook his head to get rid of such ridiculous thoughts.

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No, he knew what was going on. Doflamingo was just testing Luffy, trying to scare him off if he wasn't fit to date Law. He could handle this test, he could handle dealing with Doflamingo.

Because for Law, Luffy would fight his way through the Nine Gates of Hell to be next to the surgeon's side and hold his hand. He'd tear down heaven itself just to be able to kiss and hold Law morning, noon, and night. He'd fight to his very last breath to see his lover smile and laugh. And like hell was this man going to come between Luffy and his love.

He took in a deep breath and slowly released it, putting his smile back up and going over to the kitchen table to sit with Doflamingo. He'd pass this test. Forty-two minutes later… Law opened the front door to his house, a paper bag of groceries occupying his one arm. Luffy squeezed his way past Law. But just as he passed Law, the teen bumped into someone else.

He looked up to see who it was. The man was tall, probably 6'10" or so, with blond shaggy hair. He wore a white shirt that was patterned with pink hearts, beige pants, a black feather coat that looked awfully similar of Doflamingo's pink one, and a red hoodie with hearts on the end of the tassels. Pitch black sunglasses hide his eyes from the onlooking teen and a cigaret is hanging from the man's lips.

The man was wearing make up. Luffy realized who this man is: Luffy couldn't take meeting another Donquixote at the moment. The teen practically screamed, pushing past Rocinante as he ran out of the driveway and down the street in the direction his house was. Law and Rocinante can't help but stare with open mouths and a raised brow at the teen's behavior. After a moment of watching the teen run out of sight, Rocinante turned to face Law.

Never before had his son looked so angry. Doflamingo merely chuckled, whether he was actually affected by Law's palpable bloodlust was unknown. Law wanted spit out bullshit because he had never seen Luffy act like that before.

He's quite interesting, fufufu! He'd have to talk to Luffy later and try to calm him down. There was no one in there. His eyes traced the room, at first noticing the crater in the wall behind Law's desk. He continued searching for the noise, catching sight of a surveillance den den mushi flickering on the floor. He walked over to it, noticing as he got closer, that it was pretty mashed up. He picked up the snail and tapped the side of it, attempting to clear the fuzzy picture.

What the fuck is. In a sudden flash, the image became easily recognisable, as did the sounds. Kid's eyes shot open, popping out of their sockets and his jaw felt like it had completely unhinged.

doflamingo and law relationship test

Without breaking his horrified stare, he took a few steps backwards before falling onto the bed. Just what the hell had he walked in on Law struggled to hold back his tears. Even though his master had stopped spanking him now, his ass still burnt horribly.

Still slumped lifelessly over his lap, Doffy grabbed Law's buttocks, inspecting the damage he had dealt. He tugged on Law's tail, causing Law to wince slightly as he felt the plug pry open his hole from the inside, before popping out and falling into his hand. Doffy loosened Law's gag, allowing it to fall round his neck. Before Law had time to adjust his jaw, Doffy nudged the plug into Law's lips, pushing it into his mouth.

Law squeezed one eye shut and squinted up at Doffy with the other. Both Doffy and Law looked over at Luffy. His hands still bound above his head, he was shaking slightly. He hung his head shamefully, allowing his ruffled hair to fall in front of his face.

He was crossing his legs, squeezing his thighs together tightly, but it was no use.

His bursting erection could be seen, clearly. Luffy began trembling nervously when he realised he had caught his attention. Law managed to hold back his yelp, before shakily climbing to his hands and knees. Doffy got up from his seat, swiftly snatching Law up by the collar again.

He dragged him across the floor showing no mercy, before letting him drop at Luffy's feet. He stood over Law, leaning in toward Luffy, intimidatingly. Luffy felt ashamed for being so hard, given the situation he was in.

doflamingo and law relationship test

As Doffy's touch crept closer and closer to his erect penis, Luffy closed his eyes, secretly wishing he would hurry. Growing desperate, Luffy began rocking his hips in an attempt for something, anything to touch him there. Eventually Doffy's light fingers met the base of Luffy's cock. He brushed his throbbing shaft, running his fingers over the striking veins, just once.

Just once was enough to completely send Luffy over the edge. He glanced at Law, observing his reaction. Law was knelt on the floor, unable to sit on his cut-up ass. He was clearly furious, his beautiful pale eyes were burning in his skull. He was baring his gritted teeth like a wild beast as his body began to tremor ferociously. Doffy shot Law a cruel grin as he softly tickled Luffy's earlobe with the tip of his tongue. Law had never been so jealous, his stomach knotted as he clenched his fists tightly.

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Continuing to test Law's composure, he placed a gentle kiss on Luffy's lips, whilst stroking the underside of his cock with his index finger and crushing the tip with his thumb. By now, Luffy had completely lost control of himself. He began moaning under his breath, bucking his hips, grinding his swollen dick against Doffy's hand. He dug his nails into the floor, unable to bring himself to watch any longer.

His heart sank deeper and deeper, embedding itself in the pit of his twisted stomach. Doffy knew exactly how to mess with his mind. A sly smile crept across his face.

Luffy was asking for him. In that moment, nothing else mattered. Luffy still only wanted him, and that was enough. Law knelt before Luffy, staring up at him. He glared down at Law, wearing an expression he didn't recognise.

Luffy's face looked relaxed, sensual and feverish. His jaw hung open loosely, exposing his tongue, and his eyes heavy lidded. But Luffy's eyes themselves were sharp and cold, much like Law's own. They looked wild and unpredictable, almost dangerous. Law didn't hesitate, he opened his mouth around Luffy before swallowing him up. He moved his head back and forth, hugging Luffy's shaft between the roof of his mouth and his tongue. Law clamped his lips around Luffy's hot thing, he could feel Luffy's pulse beating inside of his head.

He began sucking Luffy up harder, pressing his tongue against the underside of Luffy's erection. Law could see his protruding rib cage contracting and expanding fiercely with every heaving gasp. Each rib looked as though it was going to burst through Luffy's flawless skin. Law felt something pressing at the depths of his body, it was hard and hot.

It began driving its way into him. Before he had time to realise what it was, Doffy forced his legs wider. A horrendous pain ripped him apart. If you don't ease up, you're gunna tear my dick to shreds! You feel like a virgin!

The hard, hot thing began to push through his passage, his taunt innards began to creak as it tore his flesh in all different directions. It pressed into the deepest and tightest part of him, stabbing him right to his very guts. The second Doffy was completely buried inside of Law, he began moving, ruthlessly thrusting with incredible force. Unlike Luffy, Law wasn't made of rubber.

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His body had a limit. A limit which Doffy had most definitely abused. His insides were split open, gored. A wet, repulsive sound hit his ears. The squelching sound of blood bubbling. The noise was accompanied by the faint stench of iron. Each time Doffy plunged into him, prying him open, the sensation of friction against his cut up insides ached with heat, making his arched spine shudder.

Law knew if this level of pain continued he would most certainly lose his fight to remain conscious. He sat hunched over on Law's bed, trembling. His red hair fell unusually flat, weighted with sweat, and the soft skin of his face was flushed. Thick blue threads jumped beneath the pale skin of his erection, trailing from the base all the way to the swollen pink head. He made a tight fist around it, grasping it in his sweaty palm, as he rapidly began sliding his hand up and down. Sticky drops of liquid began over flowing from his tip, wetting him.

Doing such a thing in someone else's bed felt so wrong But it really couldn't be helped. His hand was moving on its own as he watched the events taking place on the surveillance den den mushi. The cool and cocky Trafalgar Law, being fucked by two guys at once.

It was just too good to be true. What I'd give to be there. Law refused to let any tears fall from his eyes, but his voice was beyond his control. Hearing his own trembling gasps, he felt so pathetic. It sounded as though he was weeping. Although he was still suffering, Law's blood allowed Doffy to slip in and out of him with ease, making it, if but a little more bearable.

As the power of his movements seemed to increase with each thrust, Law's legs began to give way. He was being thrown back and forth like a doll. He appeared scarily excited. As Luffy gazed down at Law's exposed face, he realised he didn't look at all like himself. Law's eyes had lost their flame, the striking chill behind them was missing, leaving nothing but two naked holes to his mind. They were glazed with tears, appearing strangely apologetic.

His tousled dark hair wasn't quite long enough to hide his blushing cheeks. He looks surprisingly cute, Luffy thought to himself. Whilst admiring Law, he began pushing with his hips, nudging himself deeper down his throat. Luffy felt guilty, worried that he had hurt him. Law detested the sorry look Luffy was giving him.