Dead like me george and mason relationship problems

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dead like me george and mason relationship problems

'Dead Like Me' was a show with potential, and its reboot means giving an appropriate show a second life the story a little so along with dealing with the issues of being a grim Georgia 'George' Lass: Originally Ellen Muth (24) and playing Mason could be a character that he would breathe new life into. Same goes for Daisy who died in the 30s I think? No one alive in In the pilot, we also saw what Mason looked like to the outside world. But we never .. sure that working through the anger issues could be considered unfinished The show got cancelled before the relationship between graveling and reaper could be. Past Spoilers for Dead Like Me Season Two Mason seems to be having some personal problems, Industry Source. George decides not to go out with Brennan.

Daisy ends the episode and explains her bizarre behavior by asking Mason, "Did I ever tell you I had a sister? Daisy met Ray Summers in the episode "Death Defying" and began dating him. In the episode "Forget Me Not", Daisy ended their relationship and Ray turned nasty, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her into the wall. Mason killed Ray in Daisy's defense. Mason was extremely upset by his actions and by the fact that "there's no Post-It", i. Ray was not scheduled to die then.

To Mason's horror, a Graveling emerges from Ray's body, and Daisy says that she has seen that happen before. Mason buries Ray's body in the backyard. The Ray Graveling appears to retain some of Ray's personality or memories, as it hangs around Daisy and George's house and appears angry at Daisy, who begins drinking because of her feelings of guilt over his death.

It even accompanies Daisy on one of her reaps, causing the unscheduled death of an innocent bystander. When the Ray Graveling menaces a sleeping Mason, George, who is unafraid of it, reaps the Graveling, who then disintegrates into dust.

Georgia Lass

This Graveling was lighter in color than other Gravelings. The police search for Ray, but Roxy covers for Mason and Daisy as she understands something is wrong.

Harris and Wynter previously portrayed sisters in the second season of the show She was a spunky woman who "can't sit still for very long", and disappeared after following a soul into his great beyond[14] not long after befriending George.

She was known for sometimes using s phrases. She had conversations with George about using aliases in the past. Her trademark was taking a Polaroid photo of the people whose souls she took while saying "Happy Thoughts!

In the same way, George later classified Betty as "mysterious and reassuring". Although Betty's gravestone shows the year of her death asthis is contradicted in a later episode.

dead like me george and mason relationship problems

In the "Curious George" episode we see Betty robbing her own grave and removing from the finger of her corpse a ring that she presumably wore in life. In the episode "Reaping Havoc", George sees the ring and tells Betty she likes it.

Betty replies, "I saw it in the Village in ; my boy bought it for me. Described by George as a Virgo and a career legal secretary who enjoys ice skating and John Grisham novels. She is organized, neurotic, and a bit foul-mouthed. She hates the word "moist" because she thinks it sounds pornographic and is afraid of balloons.

Her name is an ironic misnomer, as her life is "joyless". Indeed, Joy's profound general dissatisfaction and frustration is summed in George's observation, "Who had the nerve to name you 'Joy'? She eventually divorces Clancy; the terms of the divorce apparently left Joy with sole ownership and possession of the family residence at Beatrice Lane the location of which is revealed in the first-season episode "Nighthawks".

Joy also confided to George as Millie that she doesn't think she was a very good mother. Unable to afford the childhood home of Georgia and Reggie, Joy began scouting with Reggie for other accommodations—as a result of which she met and began dating Angelobut the timing was off as it can be after a recent divorce. Her ex-husband, however, had been recently dumped by the woman with whom he cheated and, upon realizing Joy was dating, set out to sabotage his ex-wife's romantic plans.

Clancy confessed in a later episode he missed her and the life he had with his family. Joy is very disturbed by Reggie's fixation over George's death, and starts to worry about Reggie's sanity. She does not handle this very well and in many instances acts emotionally abusive. Five years after George's death, Joy's disposition has made a significant change.

Her neurotic nature and strict housekeeping requirements seem to have toned down. She has written a book based on her personal loss and counsels parents of deceased children. He is a tenured professor of English at the University of Washington. Even though he appears emotionally strong, he may be even more depressed about his daughter's death than Joy. In "Pilot", George notes that he hugs another man for a long time which was part of a scrapped plot-line in which he was homosexual.

George becomes friends with a student, Charlotte, after a reap at the college where her father teaches, and encourages Charlotte to meet Clancy outside of class. They later begin an affair. Charlotte dumped him before "Be Still My Heart". He has vaguely implied wanting to come back to Joy in Season 2, but she rejected this overture. Five years after George's death, Clancy has moved far away from his ex-wife and surviving daughter. It was also briefly stated that he started a new family.

Like George, she is intelligent and well-read, but rather difficult and emotionally complex. After George's death, Reggie developed a fixation with the way her sister died. She collected toilet seats and put them in a tree.

Now past this stage, she is fast growing away from her mother, and is in danger of becoming even more disaffected with life than her late sister. Reggie is opposed to Joy 's decision to sell the family home: Despite her stressed relationship with her mother, she is very protective of her and scared away one potential suitor by claiming that George was murdered in her own home.

She used to believe that George was a ghost, but has abandoned that notion or pretends to have. Even though she is unsure of George's whereabouts, she again, correctly believes George is still "living" somehow, and in "Haunted", her beliefs were apparently confirmed when she saw George face-to-face.

At the end of season 2, she appeared to have been gradually warming up to her mother, Joy. In the Dead Like Me filmReggie is now a teenager and seems to have a somewhat better relationship with her mother. She is rather socially awkward and insecure, but secretly dates a popular school athlete who appears to be even more in love with Reggie than his "real" girlfriend; but, due to boundaries in high school social cliques, they only see each other in secret.

After her secret boyfriend ends up hospitalized following a severe car accident, she runs into George appearing as Millie multiple times. She thinks George is stalking her and confronts her, but instead finds out this strange, mysterious woman is in fact, her sister.

During this time, George and Reggie begin to bond and be the sisters they weren't when George was alive. Later, she wants to move in with George, even though she's dead.

This appears to cause friction between Reggie and Joy, as the latter believes George is dead and gone, which is only half right. After George reaps Reggie's boyfriend, Reggie attempts to kill herself. After George stops her, she realizes she should no longer see her sister anymore. Accepting that, she visits George's grave one more time, before urging Joy to move to a new location.

Joy suggests that they go on a vacation. Reggie is last seen staring out of the window of the car as they leave on vacation. She sees George parked near the house, smiling at her as they drive by.

Phyllis[ edit ] Phyllis Barbara Barrie. Where Joy is a compulsive, worrying, neat-freak, Phyllis is laid-back, worry-free, and seems to live day-to-day.

dead like me george and mason relationship problems

She participated in the various progressive movements during the s at the expense, Joy believes, of her responsibilities, her husband, and daughter. Reggie appears to be fascinated by her, and Phyllis was apparently very close to George. Phyllis and Joy have a confrontational relationship.

Joy felt abandoned by her mother as a child and resents Phyllis' disinterest in providing a stable home life. Delores Herbig[ edit ] Delores Herbig Christine Willes "as in 'her big brown eyes'" or as George once said "as in 'her big fat ass'" and "her big strange heart". Delores is George's boss at Happy Time. She is highly obsessive-compulsive, which manifests in her dedication to propriety, correctness, and rules, and her artificial perkiness, which she believes to be the "right" attitude and tries very hard to maintain.

She disliked George, but she displays a high appreciation for "Millie", both professionally and emotionally, and even goes so far as to model George's personnel file after her after Joy requests a copy.

She occasionally mentions things from her past, such as having a cocaine habit in the s, having her neo-nazi tattoos removed, [17] and having restraining orders against her, which contrast with her current personality. She runs a webcam show from her apartment called "Getting Things Done with Delores". She seems very happy and positive but is in fact quite sad and lonely, and is looking for a long-term relationship via online dating. Delores's perky veneer finally breaks down at the death of her beloved cat, Murray.

Crystal[ edit ] Crystal Smith Crystal Dahl. Crystal is the receptionist at Happy Time, also known as Jane Smith. She can be very strange, and George initially finds her intimidating when she stares frequently at George and anyone else for long periods and she often refuses interaction, though the two eventually establish a rapport. She has a lookalike boyfriend at Happy Time also played by Crystal Dahl. How much she knows about George and the other Reapers is never fully revealed in the series.

After seeing Millie and possibly recognizing her as George due to its being Halloween she looked up files regarding George, after Mason and "Millie" had left, but she finds that the files are unavailable.

She has a closet full of Post-its which she steals from work, and in the episode "Business Unfinished" she seemed to notice the soul that Daisy brought into the office.

dead like me george and mason relationship problems

In "Vacation", she actually helped the Reapers complete some long overdue Reaper-related paperwork, but gave no indication to them whether she understood exactly what it was all about.

Her Happy Time file shows that she speaks SpanishFrenchRussian and Swahili this may be an in-joke as Crystal is by far the most silent character in the series, barely speaking in most episodesand that she served with the Special Forces in Southeast Asia.

Misty[ edit ] Misty Favreaux Meghan Black. Misty is a co-worker of George's at Happy Time, known for her promiscuity. She said she works 35 hours a week, spends 34 of those hours thinking about sex, and the other hour having it.

dead like me george and mason relationship problems

According to her confidential Happy Time file, she attended the Wheeling School of the Arts where she was voted the most popular student. She claims to have two children, Sassoon and Jordache, and to be married in Louisiana and possibly Kansas. The actress Meghan Black played a bank teller in the pilot episode, though this character is not Misty. Angus Cook appeared in a couple of episodes "My Room" and "A Cook" as the line cook who'd fallen into tough times involving a pyramid scheme where he lost everything and leaving him a very unhappy man.

He wasn't given to bending over backwards to customer complaints about the food he prepared and passed this philosophy along to Rube who reaped him and subsequently took over in the kitchen.

Incidentally, Angus stuck around to coach Rube in the kitchen passing on his philosophy that the cook shouldn't bow to the demands of the customer. When Rube caught on, only then did Angus pass on. Kiffany[ edit ] Kiffany Patricia Idlette. Kiffany is the Reapers' regular waitress at Der Waffle Haus, and meets the odd goings on among the Reapers bizarre conversations about death; Roxy shooting Mason in the foot; Mason committing a "lewd act" with a coconut slice with extraordinary sang-froid.

She has shown sympathetic interest in the characters, but never pries. She seems to like George, as she gave her free oatmeal for her patience "Hurry". In the episode "Always", she banned Mason from Der Waffle Haus for stealing tips, relenting after he apologized and giving him money. She has evidently worked there for some time, as she knows Penny, another Reaper. Kiffany claims to have psychic powers although she doesn't go out of her way to tell people about it.

She reads palms, and in a Season Two deleted scene, became visibly upset upon examining George's lifeline, refusing to discuss it with her even after George begged her to. In the episode "Haunted", Kiffany doesn't seem fazed by the fact that the Reapers appear as they were when they were alive. Journalist; George's first serious relationship.

George found herself liking Trip a great deal, and became extremely upset when she thought that Trip was her reap, Thomas Hesburgh Jr, though it was soon revealed that Trip was Thomas Hesburgh III and she was supposed to reap Trip's father instead.

He seems very unhappy despite being raised in a wealthy family, and seems tired of the social superficialities of his wealthy upbringing.

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He is often nagged by his older sister Ashley. He became George's first lover and called her his girlfriend, but it is uncertain whether any sort of relationship will actually develop. After spending the night with George, he never called or sought her out again, sending George into a rage. He and Ashley know George by her real name rather than by her Millie aliasa revelation which Mason chides her for although all the other reapers introduce themselves to the living with their real names throughout the series.

Angelo[ edit ] Angelo Peter Williams. Angelo owns a loft apartment that Joy and Reggie looked at in "In Escrow", and one of Joy's love interests. He is smooth-talking, urbane, and artistically talented, but seems very mysterious. Angelo is apparently the only male suitor for Joy of whom Reggie approves. He also knew that the Lass dog was a golden retriever without ever having been told. Ray was a reality television producer who struck up a romantic relationship with Daisy when she met him during an assignment in "Death Defying".

dead like me george and mason relationship problems

He came off as extremely obnoxious and overbearing and was disliked by Rube, George, and especially Mason. Ray disliked Mason, identifying him as a rival for Daisy's affections. He was manipulative and abusive towards Daisy. Unknown to Daisy, Ray had a criminal record that included assault and fraud charges. He was killed by Mason when he attacked Daisy.

Mason claimed, "The first [hit] was in self defense, but the next three were a bit murderous. The Ray Graveling was particularly malevolent, following Daisy to one of her reaps and causing the unscheduled death of an innocent bystander, which affected Daisy even more. In "Always", the Ray Graveling was reaped by George, turning into dust and disintegrating. Charlotte[ edit ] Charlotte A.

Mark Watches ‘Dead Like Me’: S02E14 – Always

Charlotte is a university student. She and George met in "Sunday Mornings", after Mason saved her from being raped. They became friends, and she took George to her course on the sonnets taught by George's father, Clancy. She begins a relationship with Clancy, but breaks up with him off camera sometime before the episode "Be Still My Heart".

Charlie[ edit ] Charlie, the pet Reaper Spencer Achtymichuk — was hit by a drunk driver. A young boy, Charlie has appeared three times to reap pets, one of which was George's family's dog. He encountered both George and Reggie. Reggie attempted to befriend him, while George asked him where he lived, and gave him some money when he replied "just here and there".

Charlie is one of the few Reapers who regularly refer to George as "Toilet Seat Girl", much to her annoyance. A young girl is portrayed as being another pet Reaper in Dead Like Me: Life After Death, possibly indicating that all pet Reapers may be children. Penny[ edit ] Penny Yeardley Smith died in the Titanic disaster, after which she developed a dislike of ice even in beverages. Penny used to be a member of Rube's group in "External Influences", and now works for "Natural Causes", based upon how reapers are assigned to their division see The Lawn Bowlersit is logical to assume she either drowned or died from hypothermia though hypothermia is more likely.

She first appeared in "Forget Me Not" when George had a reap at the hospital. Before her death, George characterizes herself as uninterested in everything, in order to ward off disappointment; by her understanding, interest led to expectations, which then led to disappointment once those expectations were cut short. Unlike many of her future "reaps", George suffers from mild hysteria upon realizing she is dead.

Since she is here to stay, Rube breaks many guidelines associated with reaping, taking her to her autopsy and allowing her to attend her own funeral. Once her corpse or what is left of it is properly interred, she becomes officially undead "Un-George" and gains a new physical body and different appearance to all non-Reapers portrayed by Laura Boddington in the TV series, and Jennifer Rae Westley in the later film.

Since her appearance has changed to facilitate her reaping, she has a fresh start and this time impresses Delores - who hires her to work at Happy Time itself. In a deleted scene on the DVD it is shown how an entire industry staffed by reapers has arisen creating new identities for newly assigned undead. She is provided with all necessary documentation to prove she is Mildred Hagen.

Millie soon becomes one of Delores's friend and arguably most favorite employees. In order to make her reaping appointments, she frequently uses the excuses of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drug rehabilitationand gynecology appointments, all of which unintentionally further Delores's sympathy for her. George begins to form a friendship with the aloof Betty, but the relationship is cut short by Betty's departure.

She keeps track of her old family's life, sometimes driving by, placing silent calls, or leaving things on their doorstep. Nonetheless, Rube very solidly takes on the role of "the paternal one" as George puts it. In addition, Delores takes on many of the responsibilities of a mother, Mason grows increasingly closer as a sort of brother, and Daisy becomes George's closest thing to a best friend. In the tradition of the Reapers, George's new home - a small one bedroomed apartment - is that of one of her reaps.

When Daisy arrives however it is too small, and Mason soon swaps his much larger house for theirs. In addition, George gains a pet frog Mr. Blinky and a red Mustang convertible from her reaps.

After falling for Trip Hesburghreaping his father and crashing the funeral, George has sex with Trip, thereby losing her virginity. She feels conflicted by the experience, and soon afterwards discovers that Trip has abandoned her. When the Ray Summers Graveling begins threatening Daisy and Mason, George catches him and reaps his soul, which results in his disintegration. George enjoys coffeechocolate milkshakeswafflesand oatmeal with raisins.

Unlike the other Reapers who have been dead for decadesshe still has qualms with her fate as one of the undead. Five years after her "death", Georgia is still reaping souls while working at Happy Time under her "living" name Millie Hagen.