Damages patty and ellen relationship

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damages patty and ellen relationship

In Series 5, Patty and Ellen's close relationship comes to a close, with Ellen splitting off to create her law firm, Ellen Parsons & Associates. Whilst competing with. Apr 19, "The most important part of the show for us is Ellen and Patty — their relationship and what makes them tick," Zelman says. "There's a certain. Oct 26, Was Patty truly behind Ellen's attempted murder? Shortly after the first-season finale of FX's Damages, vifleem.info asked the series' pretty crucial role in that she had an impact on David and Ellen and their relationship.

She married young, to a man who supported her as she made her way through law school. But she remained pregnant while landing a job at a powerful law firm in New York City.

damages patty and ellen relationship

Her first husband demanded that she turn down the job and postpone her dreams of becoming a lawyer in order to raise their child. And, after being told that her pregnancy would require her to stay in bed, Patty opted to induce a miscarriage while riding a horse. The loss of her child a girl would haunt Patty, who quickly divorced her husband and began her law career. She moved to New York City and became a successful lawyer, one whose ruthlessness was matched by her corruption.

In one of the defining cases of her career, Patty convinced a company scientist, Daniel Purcell William Hurtto throw his deposition in order to win her case. Patty and Daniel had a brief affair during this period, resulting in the birth of Patty's only child, a son named Michael Zachary Booth. She also remarried, to a successful stock broker, Phil Grey Michael Nouriwho helped her raise her son as his own and constantly supported her in her work.

'Damages' Premiere: Patty Hewes And Ellen Parsons Are Kelly Ripa's Favorite Couple (VIDEO)

Her busy life led to estranged relations with both of them: Michael inherited his mother's ruthlessness and turned to a life of intrigues and manipulations and her constantly undermined husband Phil becomes unfaithful.

She devotes her life on taking down "bullies", corrupt men that misuse their power and position.

damages patty and ellen relationship

And at the time she meets young and bright Ellen Parsons Rose Byrne she is in midst of the biggest case in her career. Billionaire Arthur Frobisher Ted Dansonaccused of insider tradingbecomes her ultimate opponent. But in order to incriminate him she has to reach Katie Connor Anastasia Griffiththe only witness of his scheme. Patty grabs the opportunity and hires Ellen, and a complex game of cat and mouse begins as she starts incriminating Frobisher.

In-series story-lines[ edit ] Patty begins to realize Ellen's true potential and decides to mentor her and does not fire her after she gets the witness. She confides in Ellen, but soon sees her as a liability and orders for her to be murdered. She is guilt-stricken by her decision and realizes that Ellen has become the surrogate of her dead daughter. Patty helps her with the charges and Ellen returns to work for her. Soon after, Patty reunites with Daniel Purcell, who has killed his wife.

But in the second-to-last episode, when Patty goes to see her after Ellen gets out of jail, Ellen says that it was Frobisher's people who tried to do it. The reason she says that is because she needs Patty to exonerate her, so she's playing Patty.

And then as soon as she's exonerated, she tells the feds what she suspects about Patty.

damages patty and ellen relationship

One other thing is that prior to the finale, people had written online, "How can there be a second season? As evidenced by the way the first season ends, with Ellen going back to work for Patty and now having this Fed connection, there's plenty of story to be told.

In your minds, what cemented for Ellen that Patty was behind the attack? I think the most global answer is that over the course of the season she started to understand how Patty operated. In the scene we flash back to, where Ellen recalls the conversation she had with Patty and how she in fact put herself in jeopardy by telling her genuine feeling that she did regret what they had done, that crystallized her understanding of Patty.

What was the significance of Patty's son showing up at the apartment unexpectedly and somewhat mysteriously while Ellen was staying there?

Ellen vs. Patty - Damages Season 1

That's something that will continue into the second season as Patty deals with her son, but it was really one of those moments where, because the audience knows more than anyone about what's to come, you can take an innocent thing and project a lot onto it. The significance of what he was actually doing will be further explored in the second season, but it was not related to Ellen's attack.

damages patty and ellen relationship

Also, the significance to us is that he can't be trusted. On some level, it's as simple as that. He said he was going to be somewhere else, and he wasn't.

For an audience, we've seen Michael deceive Patty, so even if he's telling the truth it's difficult to percent trust him now. Is the FBI investigating Patty for anything in particular, or more a pattern of behavior?

You're tapping into what the essence of the second season will be. People have speculated, "What will come of the show at the end of a second season if Patty is taken down?

Is Glenn Close not going to be on the show? It is our greatest desire to be able to do six seasons with that triumvirate intact. You ask if they're investigating general things or a pattern. It was important to us for the audience to understand that what Patty did to win the Frobisher case was not unique for her. The idea that she isn't connected to the Arlington girl or that the child in the grave was not Frobisher's Frobisher was not required to have done something to her in the past for her to behave this way.

So in terms of what the Feds are investigating, I would say that she has pursued cases in the past as aggressively as she has pursued Frobisher. There's quite a bit for the FBI to go after. I hope Katie also is a keeper. I thought Anastasia Griffith was terrific. Yeah, she was a tremendous find for us and she delivered a stunning performance. She'll be back in a second season. Has FX given you a timetable as to when they will decide on Season 2? The two women stood together at the end of a long wooden pier, windswept physically and emotionally, staring out into the water, their faces as impassive as ever.

Work in another firm? Leave the law altogether? Ellen knew about the child, but not why she died.

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Patty said that losing the child, although difficult, enabled her to take a job at a New York law firm, where she was the first woman ever hired, and was able to begin her inexorable climb to the top. Her pregnancy had complications, and her doctor ordered her to stay on complete bed rest.

When the brief image faded, Patty stood still on the dock, struck mute. Ellen watched her for a moment, then murmured good-bye and walked away. As Ellen left, Patty turned to watch her disappear down the dock. What a shame, though, that such a vivid three-season portrait of a powerful, compelling, untraditional woman had to end on such a banal, predictable note.