Counselor troi and worf relationship

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counselor troi and worf relationship

Worf, son of Mogh is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. He appears in the television . Worf and Troi seemed to end their relationship following the destruction of the Enterprise-D at Veridian III and . He is married to Deanna Troi and has a daughter Shannara Rozhenko and a son Eric Christopher Rozhenko. Deanna had an intimately close relationship with Will Riker, occassionally referring to him as imzadi, a Betazoid word for "beloved". Before they served together. On the classic TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deanna Troi . Frakes said, "Some of the Troi-Riker relationship was certainly swept.

In this episode, she loses her empathic abilities, and the sudden loss of a sense which is the equivalent of one of us losing our vision or hearing is quite jarring for her.

counselor troi and worf relationship

She suffers a crisis of confidence. When Troi attempts to turn in her Starfleet resignation to Captain Picard, it is Riker who comes to her quarters to comfort her and, perhaps, talk some sense into her. His first instinct, of course, is to wrap her into a warm embrace and allow her to cry in his arms.

counselor troi and worf relationship

I look around me and all I see are surfaces without depth. You have no idea how frightening it is to just be here without sending you, without sharing your feelings. You always had an advantage, a little bit of control of every situation. That must have been a very safe position to be in. And his tone is just as harsh as his words. Riker refuses to let Troi drown in a self-pitying spiral.

Tough love is love, and there is plenty of that here. I adore seeing that this relationship is built on more than just unresolved sexual tension smoldering beneath every scene. Their relationship is built on the mutual respect that allows each of them to take the lead and challenge the other when necessary.

The crew of the D, however, does believe their Captain is dead, and it is time to host a memorial service. Riker declines because he has no plans to attend the memorial service: A memorial service helps to give everyone a sense of completion.

Helps them begin the healing process. It hurts like hell. Do you think you have the monopoly on loss? Well, let me tell you something: That is enough, Counselor…. This is not about revenge.

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This is about justice. The Captain died in a bar fight for nothing. Unbeknownst to Troi untilshe had a sister Kestra six years her senior who drowned in the nearby lake during a picnic when Troi was but a newborn infant. In grief and guilt her parents moved away, and upon Ian's death Lwaxana deleted all mention of Kestra in personal logs.

Though exasperated at times by the bawdy Lwaxana, she gained new insight with that revelation, which added new meaning to her mother's lifelong and oft-detested nickname "little one" and came while relieving Lwaxana's metaconscious trauma. Among her childhood keepsakes, not recovered from storage untilare a doll, a small teddy bear, necklaces, and two books; she'd once had a Betazoid kitten as a pet, but it never got along with her mother.

Worf Leaning - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Following Academy graduation she returned to her homeworld for advanced psychology studies at the University there, where she befriended the troubled Tam Elbrun during his treatments for stress. It was also during this period when she met and enjoyed a deep romance with her "imzadi," Starfleet Lieutenant William Riker. Aside from her intended mate Wyatt Miller, Riker is the only other person she felt had the capacity to share full telepathic contact.

Deanna/Worf relationship - how did it develop?

They had planned to reunite six months after he left Betazed for the U. Potemkin inbut his rapid career rise negated that and she eventually cooled to him. Despite latent feelings and her occasional use of the "imzadi" endearment, their professional life has remained largely platonic yet warm since their surprise reunion on the U.

Enterprise two years later.

counselor troi and worf relationship

Troi has shown no signs of negative reaction to Riker's occasional attractions to other women, including both Ensign Ro and the J'naii renegade Soren, and is even touched that he still confides in her. Even so, the appearance of the "old" U. Potemkin-era Riker in the form of Thomas easily swept her off her feet. Romantic attractions of her own have included genetically bred Genome Colony leader Aaron Conner, the deaf mediator Riva, a brief dating relationship with fellow officer Worf, and an intense fling with negotiator Devinoni Ral.

Owing to concern about her lack of command expertise during a crisis stint as senior bridge officer on the U. Enterprise, she successfully completed the Starfleet bridge command exam in Yes, she was a counselor but was she really an officer?

What happened to Worf and Deanna Troy? : startrek

She didn't even dress as a Starfleet officer until later in the series. In fact, Troi held the rank of lieutenant commander because of her medical training. The Betazoid race had psychic powers but her human father made Troi empathic instead. In the third season, an important window into her relationship with her father and the Betazoid would have been revealed but it was cut. In "The Bonding," a deleted scene would have explained how Troi's family lived on Betazed until her father died.

counselor troi and worf relationship

Afterward, whenever Deanna would try to talk about her father, the Betazoids kept pulling her thoughts out of her head before she could say them.

That made her angry and resentful towards Betazed. In the seventh season, the episode "Dark Page" showed flashbacks of Deanna Troi as a baby. The baby was played by twin sisters Candace and Nicole Villwock. The Next Generation will notice a pattern of Deanna Troi becoming the target of aliens. In season four's episode "Clues," the crew of the Enterprise lost a day's memory and Deanna was taken over by an alien entity to communicate with the crew.

In season five's episode "Violations," the Enterprise met telepathic aliens who brought back lost memories. One of the aliens mentally and physically assaulted Deanna in her quarters.

counselor troi and worf relationship

In Star Trek Nemesis, she was mentally molested by Shinzon with the help of his telepathic viceroy. Often, she'd be found in Ten Forward, savoring a chocolate sundae. A whole scene in "The Game" was dedicated to how she ate chocolate when she was upset and the ritual involved in eating it. In reality, Marina Sirtis didn't enjoy the chocolate her character ate. In fact, she usually spat it out after each take.

Partly, it was because being under the hot stage lights for hours would melt the chocolate into a soup. Partly, it was because she didn't want to gain weight.