Cl and dara relationship quizzes

The 5 cutest 2NE1 interactions post-disbandment | SBS PopAsia

One of their sweetest moments was when Dara went to CL's show in the but they still have a good relationship and are totally fun together. Fashion/Beauty · Quizzes · Opinion · Reviews · Events · Giveaways Why Did YG Deny G-Dragon+Sandara Park Dating Rumor After Years Of Silence? However, neither YG nor G-Dragon ever confirmed or denied the relationship. . 2NE1 Officially Disbands; CL And Sandara Park To Continue With YG. The March 27th 'YG Family' special of SBS Strong Heart also revealed that Sandara's fellow 2NE1 member CL admitted that she actively.

cl and dara relationship quizzes

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cl and dara relationship quizzes

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