Chihiro and haku relationship quiz

Spirited Away: Chihiro, Haku, or Yubaba?

chihiro and haku relationship quiz

Have no fear. You do not need to hold your breath while taking this quiz. Because it represents a phase in real life that is quite magnificent. It is no other than the relationship between Haku and Chihiro from spirited. But do you really remember the details of "Spirited Away"? What does Haku give Chihiro that stops her from fading into invisibility? clothes . its negative treatment of a gay relationship. its hiring of Mel Gibson as a voice actor. share this quiz.

On her way, she runs into No-Face, who tries to seduce her with the riches he offered others before her. Completely flabbergasted, it continues to offer her more and more until it goes into a rage. Figuring out that this spirit has already eaten about ten of her co-workers by this point, Sen feeds No-Face the rest of the medicinal dumpling, which causes him to vomit everything and everyone back into the bathhouse. Zeniba actually turns out to be kind and compassionate—the exact opposite of her sister.

Haku suddenly arrives and interrupts their conversation, urging Sen to return to the bathhouse.

chihiro and haku relationship quiz

Yubaba has blamed Sen for the destruction caused by No-Face, and because of that the old woman decided to put her parents up for slaughter. With this boost of confidence, and the support of every worker at the bathhouse, Sen faces her final challenge: Studying them carefully, she comes to the correct conclusion that none of them are her parents. With that, her name is returned to her and she hastily returns back to the human world. Yet with her new friends, memory, and belief in herself, Chihiro is ready to face the new challenges that await her in her new home and her new life.

Like many stories by Miyazaki before this one, Spirited Away is also a coming of age tale. Yes, her adventures in the spirit world are only serving to further her internal growth, and her problems there directly correlate to her internal issues. She feels lost at the beginning of the film, due to moving, and the spirit world only emphasizes this through the loss of her name.

Chihiro is in constant danger of not remembering who she is because of it and therefore remaining lost forever. I love the characters, I love the stakes, I love the stunning visuals, and I really love the mythology. Quite a while ago, I wrote the post Manga Mondays: Spirited Awayand in it I touched heavily on the Shinto themes found in this film. Almost every scene has something directly out of Japanese mythology and Shintoism.

The Shintoism is much more noticeable, considering that the main setting is a bathhouse and Shintoism deals a lot with water and cleanliness.

And Chihiro as Sen causes a lot of trouble for Yubaba and the bathhouse. After getting lost in the woods, they come across a tunnel with a stone statue sitting outside it.

chihiro and haku relationship quiz

However, the stone in front of the tunnel can easily be analogous to the sun goddess Amaterasu, who secluded herself in a cave after an argument with her brother. This movie even goes so far as to include what I can only describe as the Japanese version of a cootie shot. All of this is what I love so much about Spirited Away.

chihiro and haku relationship quiz

My name is the Kahaku river. They filled in that river, it's all apartments now. That must be why I can't find my way home, Chihiro, I remember you falling into the river, and I remember your little pink shoe. So, you're the one who carried me back to shallow water, you saved me I knew you were good! That is such a touchy scene, which made me shed tears the first time I watched it. In this scene their relationship is fully explained, as to what their connection was and how they first met.

Both very detailed and the story holds many debts. However what touched my heart the most, was actually the relationship between Haku and Chihiro.

Spirited Away: Chihiro, Haku, or Yubaba?

I won't do a synopsis of the movie as it doesn't have much importance and I assume most of you remember more or less. Unless you haven't seen it, then go watch it! What's the big deal?! Well, let me explain. This movie is actually about growing up. Which is a giant step in our life's from being the small and innocent child, to be the big and responsible grown up.

Many of us here on AA are in this process right now. It's a very important part of our life's! However, what is the most important new thing that follows upon growing up? Yeah, you heard it! Without love, how can we be human? Love is the most powerful force that forces all into being. Where would our babies be it weren't for love?! Without love, people's psyche gets destroyed. We all need love! Upon growing up, we humans often experiences what we call, a crush. Do you remember your first crush?

Yes, it's something special. It's where we for the first time, experience that amazing feeling of being in love.

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This amazing feeling my friend, is what Chihiro and Haku experiences. However, it's so new to them, that they don't know exactly what it is. It's their first love, which is very innocent and very beautiful. But this is not all. Because love is very hard to explain, let's go into their story together, and try to really empathize with them and how they feel in the given situation. Also I'll talk about roles, as they're important in relationships.

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When they first meet in the spirit world Haku found and saved Chihiro by giving her food from the spirit world so she wouldn't disappear.

Here he takes the role as the protector, which is the natural role for the man in a love relationship, and has probably ben since the Stone Age not that women can't protect! If it weren't for him, Chihiro wouldn't have survived, and therefore she is of course filled with gratitude. During the first day in the bathhouse, Haku can't be nice to Chihiro because he is yubaba's servant. This makes Chihiro feel sad, and before going to bed, she asks Lin if there is more than one Haku.

This is proof that she in love. Luckily the next day, Haku tells her early in the morning while she is still in bed, to meet him on the bridge.