Chicago fire casey and dawson relationship problems

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chicago fire casey and dawson relationship problems

'Chicago Fire' Season 4 Spoilers: Casey And Dawson Face Another For one there's looming situation that could put Casey and Dawson's relationship in heroic deed might get him into trouble with Gabriela Dawson. 'Chicago Fire' Spoilers: Jesse Spencer on Casey and Dawson's out of the decision-making process in the relationship, and it really flared up," to the in the premiere, and his presence could mean trouble for Firehouse 'Chicago Fire' Boss on Casey's Big Move, "Fallout" for Severide and Season 5 And also it goes toward what the relationship is for the show. whether or not they're committed to each other is not one of those challenges.

That can be dangerous. Firefighting inherently is a dangerous occupation. But they love it. Is it true love? Casey and Severide have a great relationship on screen. What is it like working with Taylor? We work together much better than we probably used to. We are much more of a unit now, having years of experience as actors on this show. He follows his instincts.

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He is ironic to me in a certain way. He has been around the block. He has his own issues. I really like working with him. He is fun to work with. We have a good chemistry. We are quite different but we have a good connection there in the middle. So after more than episodes playing a firefighter, how do you think you would react if you came upon an emergency situation?

A known hot-head, her temper gets the best of her and nearly costs Dawson her job. Casey seems to be jealous of the picture of Peter so proposes that the two take a picture to put up on the wall of fame. Casey takes his phone out and snaps a shot and the two share a moment soon after the photograph is taken. Gabriela is in a serious accident in the rear of her ambulance with her partner Leslie Shay.

The two are injured, but Shay much more severely so. Dawson is distraught and worries for her as she is admitted to hospital while still unconscious. She later visits Shay in the hospital and the two have a short but sweet conversation before being interrupted by Kelly Severide. Season 2 Edit In part 2 of season 2, we see Dawson train to be a firefighter at the Academy.

There she meets Rebecca Jones and they bond over being the only females in their class. At the academy, Gabby struggles with the physical tasks, having troubles breaking 7 minutes on the physical agility course. This causes her to lose her spot as a candidate for Firehouse The dynamics of the solution cause problems at home and work for the couple. This comes to a head when Gabby breaks off the engagement in Let Him Die. Season 4 Edit In season 4, we find out that Dawson is pregnant.

She ends up leaving Firehouse 51 to take a desk job with arson. We later learn that the pregnancy was never viable, and she loses the pregnancy. She and Casey take the pregnancy hard but after some time Dawson goes back to truck.

Dawson finds a small boy on one of her calls, getting attached to him she asks Casey about fostering him which he doesn't want right then. She takes matters into her own hands and fosters Louie on her own until Casey comes back into the picture. Season 5 Edit Dawson fosters Louie but things don't go the way she and Casey have planned after Casey is accused of using his political status as alderman to fast-track fostering him.

Things escalated when DCFS told the couple that Louie would most likely be taken from them and placed back in a home because of the way he was fostered, as it caused public backlash.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship problems

Susan Weller helps sort the problem shortly before Casey finds out she was responsible for the whole thing in the first place and fires her. Gabby starts the adoption process but is told it will be difficult to adopt Louie by listing that she will be with Casey as boyfriend and girlfriend as they aren't married.

Casey is slightly hurt that Gabby will have to list herself as a single mother. Casey and Dawson make the decision to marry each other, with the rest of 51 following behind. They are married and things go smoothly as the adoption process begins.

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However, soon after, Louie's birth father, Andre, finds them and is extremely upset that he won't be able to e with his son. Casey and Gabby put him off as neglectful until they find out that he is a soldier and was on duty and wasn't told about Louie and only found out when he returned recently.

Gabby hesitantly gives him a chance to meet Louie, but Andre fails to show up and tells them the next day that he has to go on duty again in a few days. Gabby makes the decision to still allow Louie and Andre to meet out of guilt.

For example, he was "consulted" by Herrmann on renovation works and building code compliance for Molly's and built a ramp for a paraplegic accident victim he and his men had rescued. Chicago Fire[ edit ] In the pilot, Casey and Kelly Severide are shown to be good friends since their days at the fire academy and long-time coworkers who are at loggerheads with each other, much to Chief Boden 's frustration, over the death of fellow firefighter and close friend Andy Darden due to a bad call.

Although they try to remain professional in front of their men, their spats have often made their way into the firehouse off duty to the point where they would indirectly insult each other, with their newest Candidate Peter Mills getting caught in the crossfire.

They eventually put aside their animosity by the end of the first season. He was very concerned about Casey, asking him numerous times if he was okay and offering help.

Likewise, Casey is the only person to whom Severide admits that he had difficulty getting over Shay's death. Darden's death would affect him in following episodes as he was forced to look after Darden's two young sons when Darden's widow Heather is imprisoned for DUI manslaughter. He discovers that he was named their legal guardian in the Dardens' will.

Hallie Thomas for a time, but they decide to break it off, at which point he tentatively pursues Gabby Dawson but ends up deciding to stay friends. At the end of the first season in "Ambition", Hallie returns and Casey rekindles his relationship with her but she is murdered in the season 1 episode "Leaders Lead".

However, after Casey overhears one doctor say that Hallie has died, he begins weeping in Severide's arms.

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At the end of season 1 and the prelude into season 2 Gabby shows up at his door helping him cope with Hallie's death. Gabriela Dawson had a crush on him, until they went on a casual date at her cousin's Christmas party. He "kissed her on the cheek" when she tried to kiss him, and from then Dawson seemed mad at him. They seem to be content with each other now that the secret of Dawson and Mills' relationship is now out.

In season 2 episode "Rhymes with Shout" he shows up at Gabby's door and kisses her at the end of the episode. At the start of the next episode they are shown waking up in bed together and are in a relationship.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship problems

In the season 2 episode "Not Like This", Casey risks his life to save a baby in a burning building and is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. When he gets back on the job, he suffers from neurological symptoms such as memory loss, uncharacteristic outbursts of anger and headaches but keeps this from his colleagues, although his erratic behavior is quickly picked up by several veteran coworkers and then-girlfriend Dawson.

When he begins to bleed from his ear, he sees a doctor who tells him that it was caused by a crack in his skull and warns him that another hit to the head could be catastrophic.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship problems

He decides not to tell his colleagues or the Chief, fearing that he would be forced into disability retirement. After spending more time together Casey and Dawson decide for the moment they are happy just being friends.

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Casey eventually gets helps from Dawson's friend, Isabella, to get Heather moved to a minimum security facility so that she can see Griffin and Ben more often. In the episode "No Regrets", Heather gets released due to overcrowding. She decides to move to Florida because she can't live in Chicago without being reminded of both her husband and friend's death. This deeply saddens Casey, but understands Heather's reasons for leaving. Dawson still has doubts and fears about Casey's commitment but he tells her "I had a chance at this a year ago and I blew it.