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Get an answer for 'In Othello, what is Cassio's relationship to Bianca in regards to the end of act 3?' and find homework help for other Othello questions at eNotes. CASSIO. What make you from home? How is 't with you, my most fair Bianca? Indeed, sweet love, I was coming to your house. CASSIO. Why are you so far from. And I was going to your lodging, Cassio. What, keep a week away? seven days and nights? 3. III,4, O Cassio, whence came this? This is some token from .

Two men, Iago and Roderigo, are discussing how upset they are by the fact that Othello and Desdemona are married.

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Even more, they got married behind the back of Desdemona's father, Brabantio. Iago and Roderigo decide to upset Brabantio by telling him that Othello has stolen Desdemona. Even without exploring the specific details, the fact that Desdemona and Othello have eloped says much about their commitment to each other.

Their sneaky escape also shows that they realize what the world thinks of their relationship. Further, the fact that Iago and Roderigo are planning to use the relationship to enrage Brabantio reveals that Desdemona's father would not approve. Brabantio hunts down Othello and demands that he explains why he stole Desdemona.

Emilia, Desdemona's attendant, reluctantly turns the handkerchief over to her husband, Iago.

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Little does Emilia know that Iago is planning to use it to frame Cassio and Desdemona as lovers. Iago plants the handkerchief in Cassio's quarters.

The rest is left to fate. In her second scene of the play, Bianca's jealousy escalates to rage, just as Iago's insinuations about a romance between Desdemona and Cassio pique Othello's jealous impulses. Bianca enters with the handkerchief that she describes as 'some minx's token' and refuses to 'take out the work' or copy it. Angry and betrayed, Bianca exits hastily, but not before her outburst convinces Othello that his wife and Cassio are lovers, making Bianca's outburst a pivotal moment in the plot.

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Bianca in Love There is little to suggest that Bianca is not really in love with Cassio, but her situation would necessitate an attachment to any man of position and means.

It is possible Bianca fears losing Cassio would render her without any other means of survival. Desdemona and Emilia, in particular, are manipulated, while Bianca's fiery jealousy asserts her in the plot, much to Iago's surprise. Feminist Themes Feminism may be defined in a variety of ways, but for the purposes of this lesson, we will apply a broad definition of the advocacy of equal rights for women.

In the context of Othello, Shakespeare does not directly advocate for women's rights. Instead, he focuses on the unjust moral, social and political environment in which Elizabethan women live. As was typical at the time, men wield the authority in Shakespearean plays, and although Othello is not an exception, the women in this story are powerful characterizations of the Elizabethan female plight and are the passive victims of the machinations of men.

So, how is it possible that there are any feminist themes in Othello?

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It's the characterizations of the women and the implied meaning of the relationships between the women and men that reveal Shakespeare's feminist attitudes, which can be summarized as a sharp criticism of women's fealty and perceived inferiority to men. Let's take a closer look at how feminism is portrayed in the play through each of three female characters. Desdemona Othello highlights several of the problems women of the time face.

Loyalty to patriarchy and marriage before oneself is captured in Desdemona's divided duty between her father, Brabantio, and her husband.