Brandon and stella relationship test

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brandon and stella relationship test

Sky & Bloom, Brandon & Stella, Helia & Flora, Riven & Musa, Timmy & Tecna . A quiz to see which member of the magical Winx Club you most represent. . Nabu and Layla Winx Club, Disney Movies, Relationship Goals, Childhood, Heroes. I spent my afternoon doing this and tomorrow I have a chemistry test. Sky sends smiles at Bloom every so often, Brandon and Stella send intense looks .. It is just that their relationship is slower with both of them being hard. Their relationship struggles mostly consist of jealousy and Brandon's initial lie of being a prince. Stella and Brandon's personalities seem to bring out the best in.

Things went upside down when Icy appears attacking Helia so Flora decided to go herself to the Legendarium and save Helia. Flora saves it in the next chapter, seeing that Icy transformed into a Snow Queen and returns to the real world where she thaws it. However Flora has noticed that after having revived him, the specialist changed his way of being with her and even tries to fight with Riven. While the boys move Helia out of the way, Daphne calms Helia and reveals that the heart is frozen by an Icy spell and for that reason the flame of Bloom or another healing power does not counteract it because it is strong, which angers Flora.

During the battle against Icy back as Queen, Flora manages to conquer Icy and successfully unfreeze Helia's heart. So they are together again. Musa and Riven Riven an unbearable and jealous person who does not let any boy get close to Musa in his way of being, but is tender and romantic in the background, and that's what Musa likes. She is the only one who can extract the potential of how sweet and tender it can be. It is a tolerant and kind couple above all.

However, it is considered the most problematic couple despite all their intrigues they have had in posthumous seasons, until finally both decided to end. They started all right at the beginning of Season 1 but everything changed when Darcy owns Riven in his domain and makes him very ungrateful against the Specialists and especially the Winx to such an extent to make him his ally against the heroes.

But shortly after the Trix betray him after the conquest of the Magic Dimension, saying that it is no longer useful after having prevailed of his friends and send him to the dungeons of the tower until he frees himself and apologizes to others. After the defeat of the witches, Riven approaches Musa and they begin as a couple. In the 2nd Season they started to get along without any remorse after the past events, even Riven saves Musa from Darkar's attacks at the end of the season.

In the third stage Riven became more or less insensitive, even less tolerant of the events that occurred with the attack of Eraklyon and of course does not accept that Tecna is well until the end, where it was discovered in the Omega Dimension.

The tensions of Musa and Riven were not low when he was teaching the girls the handling of the bikes to go to Solaria, and even this thought that Nabu wanted to steal his girlfriend causing a misunderstanding and for that reason Musa came to motivate him well.

In the Winx Club events: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Riven was again enchanted thanks to Mandrake and when Musa saves Sky from one of his attacks, the spell on Riven is broken remembering the events he experienced with Musa. For the fourth season was where the couple began their conflicts, all because of a proposal by a music producer Jason Queen for Musa to be a famous and professional singer, which caused a great fight between them.

In episode 20 of the 4th season Musa and Riven decide to take time to know what will happen between them In the 5th Season Musa sees Riven coming out with other Alfea fairies, this meant that they did not see each other often. However, they reconciled in Stella's fashion show by showing that Alfea's fairies only helped her sing a song she wrote for Musa. Demonstrating when he cared about music other things, and above all he becomes a better musician.

brandon and stella relationship test

Finally in the 6th Season, the relationship once again began to lose sanity because Riven no longer tolerates and does not even talk to Musa. It is more he thinks about his challenges, he became competitive again and above all he thinks about the same one that wants to be the leader of the Specialists like Sky.

But little by little, Riven apologized for how he has treated him since all his conflicts and although he has helped in combat with the Witches was at the same point that the couple finally ended their relationship. Riven gives his days counted before the heroes and Musa who now remain as friends, so he moves away from Alfea and does not see him again.

Musa is sad since Riven's departure from The first color of the universe, remembering the moment when the two have finished. Tecna and Timmy they are a couple who love technology, computers, etc.

In the first episodes to Timmyle it is difficult to take the first step, but the relationship with the passage of time is strengthened. In the second season, during an episode in which the Trix try to get a Codex in Fontana Roja, Tecna gets angry with Timmy, because he could with his gun have captured the Trix, but it is fixed when Tecna realizes that this could have gone worse of what came out In the third season in which Tecna gets the Enchantix in order to close the hole in Andros and sacrifices himself when entering that prison, Timmy does not stop until he gets a signal that Tecna is alive and he saves it with the help of the other Winx and the specialists.

In the fifth season, they are the only ones who do not spend dispassion and send messages by phone. In one of the episodes Tecna and Timmy had a special date that the Winx put to Tecna in response to their special power Sirenix that I unleash in the simulator.

And although both boys said things to him contrary The Winx tell him that Timmy must be funny and that he still tells him of technology and the Specialists otherwise their relationship is having great difficulty, in the end they reconcile after Tecna helped the Winx in destroying the seal of the Control Column and having stabilized it until saving them from an eel.

In the Sixth, Timmy was so nervous because he met the parents of Tecna and earned their respect for them by approving their tastes and then removed a ten to an Electronio test. In the end they are united again. Aisha and Nabu It was a couple that was introduced in the Third season until its end in episode 24 of the Fourth. Aisha at first does not know who Nabu is because his parents forced him to marry him.

Little by little he was as undercover next to Valtor and the Trix watching what Aisha was doing so he was increasingly interested in her. After the Winx have reunited again, they go to the Magix Museum where they meet Nabu who happened to be Ophir there, they start a fight but lose for the same boy since they were forced to deliver the chest if they free Ophir. Each time they were so close, since the Winx distrusted him because they think he was a magician allied with Valtor, but after a few episodes they reconciled and he himself confessed that he is Nabu in reality.

Aisha loves him for what his parents decided they should not marry out of obligation. In the fourth they remain united like the rest of the couples Winx even helps Riven to find a way to relate again with Musa and they had little discussion when the boys came to earth and then reconciled after winning their Believix.

But the worst moment of them was when Nabu took the risk to save the terrestrial fairies by consuming all their power which causes his death.

Aisha tried to save him with the Dark Don since he only made himself with one person but Ogron steals it and uses it on a flower. Aisha is sad and from that moment she wants revenge on the magicians allying herself with Nebula in order to overthrow Morgana and leave the Winx for a while. After the final fight Aisha returns with the group. In the Fifth, Aisha misses him because he has a picture of him while he sees how the Winx have their boys.

But later a reference was made to him when Nabu tells Aisha because I let him die, to which she says that it was not like that and born of the illusion that the contaminated shells made. After this the relationship ends completely; and it is unknown if Aisha still has some memories with Nabu despite having new boys Aisha and Roy Roy had entered for the Fifth Season in the sixth chapter.

After the Winx won the Harmonix power and access to the Sirenix book, Roy appears mounted on the yacht known as Explorer Odyssey. This is granted for trips to the kingdoms in order to complete the complete box and have the Sirenix powers.

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Aisha had positive feelings with Roy in an episode when the Winx save the paradise bay and are united. In the 6th Roy lost his advance with the introduction of the paladin Nex, which causes competitions between both, in the end they do not become rivals but they go with Aisha, and in the episode when the Winx went to Egypt the roy himself gives him a gift causing neither jealousy to Nex.

However Roy already seems not to like that Nex had Aisha to see him in the sailboats that Aisha made to cross the cave and finally does not return to be in the other chapters for an unknown reason.

Aisha and Nex The relationship of these two began with episode 24, since at first they were friends and Nex was quite competitive against Roy until they agreed to truce themselves, but Roy shows it with an anguished face for letting Nex have his partner during the trip to sailboats in Skull. It is unknown how Aisha paid much attention to Nex but it was probably probable that Roy's absence in the mentioned chapter was the indication of their relationship. The relationship starts from episode 24 after Aisha had the other Pixies that were trapped in the Legendarium brought, after the battle the two had a stable relationship.

brandon and stella relationship test

Daphne and ThorenIt is the new pair introduced for the first time in "Vortice de llamas", at first Daphne met Thoren for the first time by helping to seek information from the b and how to reverse their curse. His attraction for Stella also continued to grow alongside his friendship with his teammates and the Winx.

When his monarch, King Erendor angrily called for Brandon, the latter responded quickly and knelt before his king as he gets yelled at for failure to protect the Crown Prince. He is unaware that Stella had witnessed all of this but eventually learns of it as she stops talking to him for a while.

Brandon with Stella on the Day of the Rose. But trouble was brewing and once the Trix got a hold of the Dragon's Flamethey waged war on Magix to prove their might and power. Brandon, alongside his classmates and teachers, fought bravely against the Trix's army.

But the Trix was proven to be too powerful and they all had to seek refugee at Alfea. He, Timmyand Sky were then sent to Domino to retrieve the Winx from their mission to learn about Bloom's heritage and destiny. Luckily, the trio arrived just in time because the girls were almost overpowered by the goldums and the Snow Monster. Since returning to Alfea, the war between the forces of Evil rages on with the Trix having the upper hand.

Stella and Brandon

Brandon and Sky become part of Bloom's plan to regain her powers. She plans to go to Cloud Tower and get the Dragon's Flame back with Stella and the reformed Knutwho serves as their guide to the school. Brandon fighting against the Army of Darkness. While in the underground tunnel, Brandon is finally questioned by Stella about his true origins. He is completely honest with her but they will have to discuss of their relationship at a more opportune time.

When Knut had found the wrong way to Cloud Tower the dumpsterhe is reunited with Riven. Although shocked at his sudden appearance, he is happy to have him back and forgives him for all he had said and done. After getting inside the school, he and Riven go and free Griffin and the witches.

brandon and stella relationship test

But as everyone makes their escape through the portal Griffin had conjured up, leading to Alfea, the Trix's army catches up to them. Although not wanting to, Brandon, Stella, Knut, Griffin and the witches are forced to leave while Bloom and Sky distract the monsters.

Back at Alfea, he continues to fight in the war and when there was actual peace, he and Stella were able to talk properly. He apologizes to her and Stella forgives him, reasoning that even though her parents are the King and Queen of Solaria their relationship has been damaged, and thus, she could careless of his status.

Brandon and Stella are official. However, the final battle was just beginning, as the Trix march over to Alfea with their entire army. The battle begins and all seems lost until a bright and powerful stream of flame barricades the front entrance of Alfea. Bloom and Sky had returned and Brandon delightfully welcomes back his friend.

The Trix are eventually defeated and sent to Lightrock Monastery. After a victorious battle everyone celebrates. While enjoying a meal with his friends at the table, he and Stella have established a romantic relationship. During Brandon's third year at school, there is more focus on his relationship with Stella.

When the couple went to Darkar's Fortress along with AishaBloom and Skythey were split up since the girls' powers do not work very well in the deeper underground they went. During a fight, Brandon fell off a cliff and Stella jumped after him, forgetting her powers did not work. They plunged into the river below. Brandon tried to save them both with his bow, but the line snapped. While they were being pulled in further into the water, Stella yelled at Brandon "Don't let go!

brandon and stella relationship test

They were later found by Sponsusand they were still holding hands. Sponsus transported them both to Downland. While there, Princess Amentia fell in love with Brandon because of his "perfectly symmetrical features" and decided to marry him. When Brandon refused, she threatened to keep Stella in Downland.

With no choice, Brandon agreed to marry her. Stella escaped, and found more sunlight to restore her energy. She then teleported to find help from SkyBloomand Aisha.

Brandon confessed his love to Stella who cried at their love ending, but in the end with help from Amore and her enchanted flowers, he was set free. In the season's end, Brandon had to go ask for Princess Amentia if she could assist them in defeating Darkar.