Black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

The Avengers: 15 Crazy Secrets About Black Widow And The Hulk’s Relationship

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

Black Widow and Hulk have always had an interesting relationship. Yet the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of women who are in relationships or Black Widow is one of the most developed characters of the MCU, but she. Forget the comic books ever existed — look only at the movies, and still there's so much Bizarre things about Hulk and Black Widow's relationship went into full swing and viewers started wondering about the shots of Black Widow touching. Do Black Widow & The Hulk Get Together In The Marvel Comics? is throwing fans a serious curveball with the Hulk and Black Widow relationship. monster, or a woman who made a living killing people all over the world.

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

The story has no equivalent in the pages of the comics. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff have barely any connection with one another in the source material, other than that they've both been members of the Avengers. But calling their pairing surprising isn't just a comic book purist's complaint.

Bizarre things about Hulk and Black Widow's relationship

Forget the comic books ever existed — look only at the movies, and still there's so much about the idea of these two being together that's just plain strange.

Reviewing them should convince you of everything that's bizarre about Hulk and Black Widow's relationship. Their first date didn't go well Lies, betrayal, violence, and fear. These are words which you probably won't want to use when — on your first double date with a new romantic partner — someone from the other couple asks, "So how did you guys meet? Romanoff hires a little girl to lure Banner to a shack away from the city, under the false pretense that her father is sick.

Once Black Widow's trap is revealed, she uses her sex appeal and lies to draw Banner closer. She tells Banner that there's no one outside waiting for him, and that — as far as she knows — Nick Fury's interest in him has nothing to do with "The Other Guy. Banner is far from innocent himself.

He purposely frightens Romanoff, appearing enraged just to get her to show all her cards. She pulls a gun on him and the supposedly nonexistent S. Both Romanoff's actions and Banner's are understandable under the circumstances.

But they're not exactly the foundation to build a lasting relationship of love and trust. Their second date was worse We've had a lot of screen time with Black Widow. So we know Black Widow well enough by now to know she doesn't get easily flustered.

When Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk aboard S. Romanoff hides from the Hulk in the ship's bowels, but once he finds her, she doesn't have a chance on her own. Afterwards, we see Black Widow shaken. Even though the battle is continuing throughout the Helicarrier, Widow is sitting and clearly recovering from her terror. It's the only time we've seen her like this in all of the films.

We've seen her scared, sure, but even after seeing her in battles with armies of robots and getting choked out by Bucky's metal arm, we've never seen her utterly traumatized except in this moment.

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

It seems absolutely insane to think that the man who inspired this trauma — in a team full of handsome and mostly single men — should be the one she's drawn to. As a result, the Hulk spent plenty of time scattering crowds of scared soldiers, dodging missiles, and tearing through tanks. The Black Widow is no cigar-chomping general barking orders, but she is a part of a structure that Bruce Banner has come to know all too well.

That's why when she appears in that shack with her joke about how Calcutta wasn't the best place for Banner to avoid stress, in spite of her alluring smile and her flattering outfit, Banner knows exactly the kind of person he's dealing with. He's dealt with them before and it's likely he'll deal with them again. Fury may not have sent Black Widow to kill Banner, but if that had been Fury's goal, Romanoff is precisely the kind of person he would send, and Banner knows it. Which makes Banner's eventual closeness with Romanoff so strange.

Sure, by the time Avengers: Age of Ultron opens, Banner has won some soon to be destroyed trust with the the world, but he knows better than anyone else how quickly that can change. The Abomination Not only is Natasha Romanoff exactly the kind of assassin who would be tasked with killing Banner if that call was made, it's possible she has connections with the man who proved the Hulk's most challenging foe — Emil Blonsky, a. Admittedly, it's a stretch, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that Romanoff and Blonsky have some kind of connection.

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

When he's introduced in Incredible Hulk, we learn Blonsky was born in Russia. Presumably, Blonsky moved to England and joined the Royal Marines before he could ever be a part of Russia's military, so there isn't necessarily a reason to assume he would have known Black Widow when she was killing for the Russians.

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

First, while Black Widow may trust her teammates, she obviously doesn't trust them with everything. When she battles Bucky in Captain America: Civil War, she says — so only she and he can hear — "You could at least recognize me. In most likelihood then, Romanoff and Bucky knew each other when they were both killing people for the Powers That Be in Russia.

And if she's connected to Bucky, who else could she be connected to? Could it be that he chose her because she had already gotten to know someone who was big and green and could bench press oil trucks?

They don't consider each other the same person, and they don't like it when they're valued for the attributes of the other. Though largely played for laughs, the scenes in Thor: And when you think about that, a scene that was treated as a victorious one in Avengers: Age of Ultron seems much darker. When Banner frees Black Widow from Ultron's prison and suggests they run and go into hiding, Black Widow lures Banner in for a kiss and then pushes him back down a hole, triggering his transformation into the Hulk.

You can argue it's a justified betrayal, but it's still a betrayal. He emphasized that the direction for the relationship came from Joss Whedon.

He said "I think Joss was trying to find interesting ways of pairing up the characters and create dynamics between them," before acknowledging the general feeling that the experiment wasn't a success. However, he didn't dismiss the decision, instead explaining how the intervening films and the latest MCU movie covered the relationship's fallout. He concluded that "There's sort of unspoken truth that there's need to be a spoken resolution.

black widow and hulk relationship in the comics who created

There have even been suggestions that part of her moving on process may have involved her fellow fugitive hero Captain America, but in her interview with Screen Rant, Johansson emphatically said that relationship was platonic. Perhaps the next movie will give us more to see between Romanoff and Banner. Given the closeness of their MCU incarnations in the first Avengers movie, fans may have expected the same.

That expectation was at the heart of a lot of fan criticism of Hulk and Widow's relationship. When addressing his decision, Whedon explained his decision for the direction he took the characters. In a discussion with Empirehe said "I know a lot of people are quite angry about it.

Hulk & Black Widow's MCU Relationship Is Troubling | CBR

Mostly because of Clint, I guess, and sometimes Steve. Everybody wants what they want. He wanted to dodge the expectation that the two have to be in a relationship to explain their closeness. Whedon said it's more "romantic" that there could be two people who "would die for each other" but aren't romantic partners at all.

He dismissed the Hawkeye and Black Widow relationship as both obvious and less interesting as a relationship. He also dismissed the criticisms from fans who saw a romantic link between Cap and Widow from The Winter Soldier, saying that any romance there was never the intent of the team.

For Johansson, the long-awaited meeting between Bruce and Natasha took a heavy toll. After filming their muted reunion in Wakanda, Johansson said "I had such devastation that day, I don't know why.

She describes the feeling between Bruce and Black Widow as "Something that should feel so solid, and suddenly doesn't. Johansson continued to say in the interview that the emotions in the scene reminded her of some events in her own life. The plot of Infinity War was really full to bursting and so there was almost no time to really unpack the relationship more than was given.

Especially with the ongoing tension between Bruce Banner's two sides in the movie, Widow might have some role to play.

Marvel: 20 Weird Facts About Black Widow And The Hulk’s Relationship

Neither cartoon explored the romance from the MCU. Instead, viewers got to see how Hulk and Widow might work as trusted friends and as frenemies. On the other hand, in the newer Avengers Assemble cartoon, the two share a trusting relationship. The two work together when the other Avengers are exposed to Gamma Radiation and Hulk out. By the episode's end, Hulk entrusts the device to Black Widow. In other episodes they share time together, with Hulk asking about Black Widow's past.

While not the romance of the MCU, it is interesting to see another take on the heroes who share troubled histories. The relationship caused a big stir among fans, with Joe Russo recently saying "I know it seems to be a generally unpopular choice. You know, you can't win them all.

In her previous outings, like Captain America: The Winter Solider, Widow's fighting and espionage skills were front and center.