Bigg boss 7 tanisha and armaan relationship

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bigg boss 7 tanisha and armaan relationship

Bigg Boss 7: Tanuja unhappy with Tanisha's relationship with Armaan Kohli. Written By Bolly-Freak reads Mumbai Updated: January 1. Bigg Boss 7: We are not in a relationship, Tanishaa tells Armaan. The closeness To which Tanisha replies, "aap mujhe dhundhne nahi aenge?" Armaan tells. Tanya Kapoor, the alleged girlfriend of Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli opens up about her relationship with the actor and Armaan's.

The show might be over but there is still a lot going on in real life for Tanisha. There was news that her family was not happy with her decision to enter the reality show and disapproved of her relationship with Armaan. AFP According to eyewitnesses in Bigg Boss set, there was a bit of a showdown between Tanisha and her mother Tanuja minutes after the finale shooting was wrapped up. Tanuja, apparently, expressed her disgust over Tanishaa's intimacy with Armaan on national television.

The moment the shooting was over, she took Tanisha to the vanity van and both were arguing.

Bigg Boss - Tanisha and Tanuja had an ARGUMENT over her relationship with Armaan

Tanuja made it clear that she was extremely upset about Tanisha's closeness with Armaan, and doesn't approve of it. She wants her daughter to snap all her ties with the actor.

bigg boss 7 tanisha and armaan relationship

Post this episode when reporters approached Tanisha she was visibly upset. When one of the reporters asked about her link-up with Armaan, Tanisha got angry and said, "Armaan is a very good friend.

There is no Tan Man: Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukerji end relationship

He supported me in the show. My family is not upset with Armaan. I spoke to Kajol her sister after coming out and we shared love with each other.

I have always been happy. You were by his side, when he was unwell. My mother has brought me up right.

bigg boss 7 tanisha and armaan relationship

I care about people. We are individuals in our own right.

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You stood by him then. I felt that everybody was against him in the house and I am somebody who will stand up if there is ganging up going on. He has a temper, but they were provoking him to get reactions out of him. His reactions were not necessarily appropriate but when he was wrong, I did tell him that in my own way and I did not stop being his friend.

We were always different but you need time to really get to know someone. Will you act with him if the opportunity arises? YesI guess. Professional relationship is different.

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My mom and my sister support me percent. They respect and trust my decisions. Tanisha, Armaan finally admit love in Bigg Boss? I am focused on my production house right now as opposed to something that happened 20 days back. I am finally doing something that I have been wanting to do all my life. Apparently, Kajol has been cast in your home production. If I approach Kajol with the right script and right director, I am sure she will do it. She has already said so. Armaan and I are very different people - BT.