Batwoman and batman relationship

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batwoman and batman relationship

Batwoman is quickly becoming one of DC's most iconic female characters. #7 and her past relationship with Gotham Police Detective Renee Montoya is It's hard to imagine Batman, let alone any superhero, having time for. Also, kate kane, batwoman. Please comment to tell me if im right or if anyone knew this alreadyand im stupid. also tell me the relationship between batwoman . But who is Batwoman, and what is her connection to Batman? . And she's had failed relationships with both Renee Montoya and Maggie.

Looking at things logically, there are way too many heroes and villains in one singular metropolitan area to seem possible. Although she occasionally brushes shoulders with Batman and the rest, Kate mainly works alone or works alone with her own team.

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Batwoman isn't going face-to-face with The Joker or engaging in a battle of wits with The Riddler on a regular basis. However, Kate has many of her own villains that have no interest in Batman.

batwoman and batman relationship

Any of them could show up in the Arrowverse crossover. The Arrowverse has always been very welcoming and open about representing different types of superheroes.

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The make-up of the Arrowverse is a lot like the real world with characters of different colors and orientations. Kate, as Batwoman or in her personal life, is out and proud. This will undoubtedly make its way into the Arrowverse. In fact, when Batwoman first showed up, Nightwing was quite smitten with her.

Batwoman (Kate Kane)

Upon first meeting Batwoman, Nightwing tried several times to woo Kate. She was, obviously, not all that into him.

batwoman and batman relationship

Grayson eventually got the message but not until after making a bit of fool of himself. Yet the chances one of them flirting or showing interest in Batwoman, only for her to go in the complete opposite, sounds pretty likely. This is because Supergirl has already introduced a rather important Batwoman supporting character, Maggie Sawyer.

batwoman and batman relationship

Maggie and Kate were even engaged for a time, before tragically breaking off their relationship. They got very close to the altar but infamously DC forbade the creative team from going through with the marriage.

This caused the writers, J. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, to resign from the Batwoman series. DC head Dan Dido had to give the lame excuse that none of their heroes could get married. DC has since reversed that lame position but the damage was done when it came to Kate and Maggie -- their relationship is over for now.

Renee and Kate met and initially dated when Renee was still a cop and in the closet. Yet when Renee was publicly outed and took over the mantle of the superhero The Question, their romance was reunited, and it got very serious. If not, the Arrowverse could always provide a Bat and Question reunion. For example, everyone pretty much assumes that Superman is white bread protestant because of everything else in his background, but Superman rarely talks about God.

With Kate Kane and Batwoman, her religion is in the forefront of her character. Kate is very open about being Jewish and celebrating her faith. This will, undoubtedly, make its way into the Arrowverse. Felicity Smoak is the big Jewish representative of the Arrowverse and it'd be a shame if Batwoman and Felicity don't connect over it.

After being kicked out of the military academy for admitting to being in a lesbian relationship with her roommate, she moved back to her hometown of Gotham City, and there became a notorious night owl, drinking and dancing the night away, every night.

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A flashback in "Detective Comics" shows us how on one of these nights, she was attacked by a mugger as she left a club. After defeating him, Batman showed up to help, inadvertently inspiring Kate to forsake her partying in favor of becoming a vigilante. In her early crime-fighting days, she used stolen military equipment and armor to outfit herself as Batwoman, and that's when things got really interesting.

But then he went and did something extra awesome when he found out she was using stolen military equipment to fight crime. In this instance, he not only forgave her, but also used his military connections to empower her, sending her on an intense two years of training around the world. In this respect, Batwoman differs greatly from the other members of team Bat in that she wasn't personally trained by Batman and had to earn her place on the team rather than being invited.

Lois Lane and the Resistance" 2, Kate is killed alongside most of her team while attempting to attack a Jihadist training camp. Knowing her secret puts him at great risk, a fact that doesn't seem to faze him, because when she returned to Gotham City, he had another surprise waiting for her: Of course her dad has taken things a bit too far at times, like when he formed his own Bat-army in "Detective Comics" and invited her to lead it with him, although desperate times did call for desperate measures with a semi-crazy newly resurrected Batman on the loose.

batwoman and batman relationship

Extreme examples aside, how many superhero dads support their children in this way and how many are still alive to stand by their side? Batwoman having one living parent and a step-mum gives her character a touch of much-needed humanity that we can all appreciate.

Yup, nothing has changed there, much to Nightwing's dismay more on that later. The Question we're referring to here is Renee Montoya, the incarnation of the questionable pun intended detective turned superhero who premiered prior to the New 52 era of DC Comics.

Technically, they didn't date when Montoya was actually the Question; she was still just a young traffic cop at the time, and ended up dating Kate instead of arresting her for speeding.

She must have some charm! They never rekindled their love affair, but did partner up to solve crimes in "Detective Comics" And although it's non-canon, in "Injustice Gods Among Us Year 4" 3, a depressed Montoya overdoses on super pills while attempting to take out Superman and Batwoman gets pretty choked up about it, so much so that she tries and almost succeeds to kill Wonder Woman in revenge.