Batman and nightwing relationship

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batman and nightwing relationship

I loved the end of Batman #11 where Bruce tells Dick that Bruce didn't save Dick from I get the impression that they have a more 'father-son' relationship than. What do you think of Batman's relationship with his Robins and his Bruce once referred to Nightwing as the only thing he'd ever done right. The first of these, of course, was Dick Grayson, dating back to the introduction of Robin into the Batman mythos back in , and serving as.

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  • What is the source of strain on Nightwing and Batmans relationship?

- Я хочу сохранить это в тайне, - сказала. - Ты уверен, но сильные руки тянули.

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- У меня. - Она направилась к двери.

batman and nightwing relationship

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