Ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

Romance in Pokemon: From the Games to the Anime

ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

She was Ash Ketchum's first companion in the anime, and one of the of her relationship with Ash. Here are the 15 Things You Didn't Know About Misty. . In the episode "Misty Meets Her Match", Ash challenges the third of. These are some Ash and Misty love stories and one of my favorites too. The Legendaries have no problem arranging that, but, in the end, is it really what Camp Master to be a Water Pokemon Master, but its in Pallet town, she'll have to lie in While Delia and Jay further strengthen their marriage, Ash and Misty are only. Who would you like to pair up with Ash Ketchum - Misty, Serena or someone else I think the script writers have been facing this issue every time a new season.

Misty also took offence to the fact that Ash did not seem to care for his Pikachu. In the original Japanese versions of these episodes, Misty showed her displeasure by giving Ash the back of her hand. The actual scenes involving physical contact were cut out of the English dub of the episodes. She has only made cameo appearances in episodes since then. While Ash made his journey to Hoenn followed quickly by BrockMisty took control of the Cerulean City Gym from her valley girl sisters.

In her last few appearances, she gave away her Togetic, and supported Ash when he battled in the Ever Grande Conference.

ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

It is during this episode that Misty overcomes her fear of Gyarados, and obtains one for herself. In the original Japanese version of the episode, it is revealed that Misty is not the official Gym leader yet, but is allowed to continue to act as one for the time being. In the English dub, it is stated that she has become the official leader of the Cerulean City Gym.


Ina CD made up of original songs was released in time for the holiday season. The song is set during a Christmas party. During this song, both Ash and Misty are secretly hoping to run into each other under the mistletoe.

When the two cross paths under the mistletoe, Ash freaks out and runs off. This can be forgiven, as he was still 10 years old at this point well, he's actually still 10 years old now according to the anime. While many non-canon sources confirm that Misty has feelings for him like "Misty's Song"this is a rare occasion where Ash's mindset is explored.

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The reason that those games had so much content, and were delayed so many times, was due to the developers wanting to end the series on a high note. The amount of cash that was being generated from the franchise ended up changing a few minds at Game Freak, and the series continues on to this day. A very early teaser trailer that was shown in Japan has leaked online in recent years. This trailer contains footage showing an older Misty, hanging around with a young girl.

Romance in Pokemon: From the Games to the Anime

Judging by the fact that she looks older and is referred to as a Gym Leader, I'm going to guess that this is game Misty. And it's nice to see the older, more mature version get some love.

ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

If nothing else, it makes a lot more sense to turn her into fan service than her pre-teen counterpart. I mentioned before that the game Misty is known for using Starmie as her main fighter. But what is Starmie? Apparently, its appearance bears a strong resemblance to a symbol of the Mesopotamian goddess Inannawhich might explain its mystic powers. Yet we must remember that some of these things were exclusive to the English version of the show.

Certain things, like Misty's voice, are a lot different in Japanese. But to the fans in that part of the world, that is Misty. In fact, Misty's Japanese voice actress, Mayumi Iizuka, is considered to be quite perfectly cast. As a result, she considers Misty to be the one character she has voiced who most represents herself. This Misty seems to be drawn in a more American style.

In fact, she sort of reminds me of the old Batman animated series of the '90s. And yet, Misty has been tampered with by American companies before. For instance, her crush on Ash was largely the creation of the English dub.

ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

In the Japanese version, the relationship is more implied but not outright stated like in the dub. But the song, however legendary, is not considered canon by the Japanese writers. So yeah, how's that for dubs ruining things?

She's seen Kanto, Johto, and even the totally made-up Orange Islands. She's also been to all the random places from the movies. But have you ever kept track of all the awards she's won along the way? She also placed in the Top 8 in the Whirl cup, making it further than even Ash. Meanwhile, Misty has been establishing dominance all over the world. In the anime, the position is technically held by Misty's sisters, although they're often too busy shopping to actually do their job.

As such, anime Misty is often the acting gym leader. But do you ever wonder how she got the job? So they just left, abandoning their gym and their daughters. Misty is really cute. Of course, people are going to be making tons of fan art and cosplay of her; her design is just too darn appealing. But some people go overboard in their appreciation of her. Rudy was one of the four gym leaders of the islands, but he was more interested in wooing Misty than he was in battling Ash.

Despite Misty being one of the best written, most complicated characters on the show, the ten year old girl was introduced by the show runners as eye candy. Hopefully, the writers bring back Misty to the show. The sisters have looked out for each other ever since they decided to become gym leaders which made their parents turn their backs on their children and her three sisters Daisy, Violet and Lily.

However, their relationship with Misty is somewhat strained.

ash ketchum and misty relationship problems

Violet, Daisy and Lily are all birds of the same feather, and their looks and lifestyle reflect that. One has to imagine that things were truly bad at home for Misty to go off into the sunset with Ash and Brock without even a second glance. Firstly, she is shown in a swim suit that is far too revealing. This scene was altered in comics, with Misty being given a fuller bathing suit. Another scene that was completely cut off in the American print showed Misty taking a bath in a hot spring alongside Pikachu and commenting on her burgeoning cleavage.

What's worse is that she is also ogled by Ash, Brock and Mikey while she is washing herself. Mangas have never stopped themselves from being a little dirty every now and then, but considering Misty is just 10 years old, it doesn't feel right. According to them, Misty appeared simply as eye candy and to bring a feminine touch to the show, so after her journey came to an end, other female characters have been brought in to fill the void.

In fact, they've stated that there isn't much purpose in giving her a full time role again which is really sad considering that having Misty back on the show would reignite interest in the series for older fans of the anime.