Asami and mako relationship

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asami and mako relationship

So when Korra and Asami didn't kiss at the end of Book 4, I saw it as a a romantic relationship with Mako work in Books 1 and especially 2. In the days after, Mako and Asami's relationship gradually began to grow more intimate, although they kept it secretive to the outside world, denying any kind of. So, before anyone starts thinking this is going to be a Mako-bashing post, it's not. Mako had some major relationship issues and flip-flopping.

Utilizing his lightning-bending abilities, Mako electrocuted Ming-Hua, killing the waterbender in the process. Mako then assisted Bolin who was engaged in battle with Ghazan at a cave. When it became apparent that Ghazan was no match for the two, the lavabender collapsed the entire cave on the three. Ghazan died in the process while the brothers safely escaped. He spent a large amount of his time in this capacity, helping the young prince get through some turbulent times, particularly when Kuvira refused to hand power to Wu.

When the businesswoman revealed that she had been worried when Korra informed her that she could no longer go into the Avatar State, Mako asked when Korra had told her that. He inquired what was going on between them, learning that Korra had written to Asami during her absence. This annoyed Mako, who was miffed that he was kept out of the loop.

After Wu was kidnapped, the three set out to rescue the prince. The three were successful in rescuing Wu, though in the process, Mako and Korra clashed repeatedly. When Asami remarked that their rescue mission reminded her of their old times, minus the "getting on each other's nerves part", Mako good-naturedly replied that arguing with Korra was normal for him.

Wu would eventually be moved to the Asami's mansion, where he would share residence with Mako's extended family [31] Later, Mako suggested that they "toughen up" the prince, so that he would be able to protect himself in the future. Soon however the conversation turned to Mako's past as he told Wu, his grandmother and his cousin Tu about his complicated romantic history with Korra and Asami.

However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts. A team would then enter Kuvira's machine through the hole and destroy the massive machine from its inside. The plan was generally successful as he managed to enter inside the hole with Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Korra.

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After defeating the soldiers, the two was unable to shut the engine down. Mako ordered Bolin to remove the cataleptic engineers and leave the room explaining that he planned to utilize his lightning-bending to destroy the engine room. Bolin realized that doing so could cost Mako his life and raised serious reservations. Mako brushed off Bolin's concerns and promised him that he would escape safely, telling him he loved him.

asami and mako relationship

In the process of implementing his plan Mako was struck by a bolt of energy, rendering him unconscious. He was saved by Bolin who had returned and carried Mako to relative safety. Outside the wedding party, Mako and Korra had a conversation in which the latter thanked Mako for his help. Mako and Korra reaffirmed their close friendship.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars In part one of the graphic novel continuation of the series, Mako is now a police officer in Chief Lin Beifong 's triad task force, with Bolin serving as his temporary partner. Mako and Bolin reunite with Korra and Asami, who have returned from their vacation in the Spirit World. Mako goes after their leader Tokuga but loses the fight when Tokuga exploits Mako's injured arm.

asami and mako relationship

Bolin comes to Mako's rescue but Tokuga is able to get away. In the aftermath of the battle, Korra kisses Asami out of relief, leading to Mako, Bolin, Jinora and Opal discovering their relationship.

Outside of The Legend of Korra[ edit ] Together with his brother Bolin, Mako starred in "Republic City Hustle", the first of three character-focused shorts Nickelodeon released in advance of the September premiere of the second season. In this short, a younger Mako and Bolin are shown living on the street, where they "enter the crime-ridden underworld of Republic City.

Firebending involves "external styles" that prioritize one's legwork as opposed to the arms and emphasizes "kicking over hand fighting"; the highly technical kicking strikes are meant to "extend as far as possible" without compromising balance. This is intended to sacrifices defense for optimized preemptive strikess and attrition warfare. Mako implements "a modern hybrid-martial arts style of firebending" that he developed as a pro-bending athlete; which primarily involves a series of defensive weaving and dodging patterns quickly followed by successive spurts of offense.

When the Sato mansion was investigated based on Korra's suspicions, Mako defended Asami against the allegations against her father, even going so far as threatening to end his friendship with Korra if she continued to berate his girlfriend. After it was proven that Hiroshi was working with the Equalists, Mako comforted the distraught Asami as they left the Sato estate.

She had an angry and upset reaction once an irked Mako coldly told her off while leading the search for Korra. Questioning Bolin over the nature of Mako and Korra's relationship, she found out the two had kissed sometime prior to the finals of the Pro-bending Tournament and was visibly upset and angry over this new development. Later, as Mako lovingly carried Korra to OogiAsami looked toward them, bearing a crestfallen look. After returning to Air Temple Island, Asami and Mako started to drift apart; she watched from a doorway with a dejected expression as Mako sat at the bedside of an unconscious and injured Korra, holding her hand.

She continued to be bothered by his attentive behavior toward Korra, like when he entered the kitchen asking for hot water so he could give Korra tea. She snapped at him, telling him that, as a firebender, he should boil it himself. She drilled him about his feelings for Korra, stating that she noticed his constant doting on her and that she knew he had shared a kiss with her during the Pro-bending Tournament.

Mako was unable to give her an answer regarding his feelings for Korra and placed a hand on hers, saying that they should concentrate on their own relationship. Enraged and feeling betrayed, she yanked her hand away and stormed out of the kitchen, stating that there "might not be any relationship to worry about" by then. Asami barely kept her alliance with Mako, begrudging him even during the attack on Republic City.

For example, when he tried to sit in the front seat of her Satomobile next to her, she told him irritably to sit behind with Korra.

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As Team Avatar watched the invasion of Air Temple Island from afar, she looked at Mako, vexed, who had his arm around Korra and was comforting her. He admitted that he would always care about her. She pecked his cheek and admitted she cared about him too, implying that she trusts Mako. After discovering her shipment of mecha tanks had been stolen, she turned to Mako for help, who calmed her down and assured her he would find the people responsible, even going as far as setting up a sting operation behind Chief Beifong's back.

Overpowered by emotion, Asami kissed Mako. During the operation, the two spent some time talking together, and Asami was shocked to learn that Mako and Korra had broken up.

asami and mako relationship

When Mako later told her that they needed to leave the ship, she trusted him blindly, following his lead. It was only after they had shaken their pursuers that she inquired the reason. When she found her warehouse completely empty, she lost all hope and gave up on her company. However, she found herself consoled by Mako, who stated that he would not give up on her.

So it will also surprise no-one that I loved the ending of Book 4 of Korra like the vast majority of the internet and the Korra fandom. But it took me all of two minutes to realise that the reasons I adored the finale were kind of different to what everyone else was squeeing about.

Yup, they made it super clear that both girls were extremely close to each other, probably closer to each other than they were to any other character on the show — and it was amazing watching their closeness and trust and emotional intimacy slowly develop over the last two books.

asami and mako relationship

So they decided that they wanted to run off and explore the spirit world together. Let me make one thing abundantly clear: It left the door open for them to be absolutely anything to each other: The important thing was that I felt like for one time in my life, two characters I loved were also incredibly important to each other, but not necessarily in a romantic way. I got to have the option of reading their relationship as something I — an aromantic asexual person — could actually relate to.

Positive, well-developed aromantic and asexual representation on TV.

asami and mako relationship