Aries and sagittarius relationship problems

Aries and Sagittarius

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

Since Aries and Sagittarius share "fireyness", it is not difficult to be the last to see that a certain issue could be the end of the relationship. Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility – The Real Match Sagittarius and Aries . Challenges For Each Zodiac Sign. Challenges For Each Zodiac. The connection between Aries and Sagittarius takes place almost instantly. These two are always looking for new challenges and to have fun.

If they think the side of Justice is with them, they could be stubborn. If they see that Justice is on the other side, they could move toward reconciliation. However, both will want to have the conflict ended, because its counter productive to daily fun and activity, to be grinding away at negative emotions.

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Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: If they do get bored, it will probably need a super makeover of the relationship, or their life style.

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

An older Sagittarius can stay youthful and have an upward and onward look, even when they are melancholy. Since Sagittarius is concerned with Justice and Fairness, that could mean continuing happiness for the Aries. However, if Aries is too selfish and headstrong, the horse, rising up on its hind legs, could demand a fairer peace and a plan for lessening boredom. Keep Up The Interest Graph: Sagittarius has a lifelong mission of keeping the horizon new and the terrain beneath their feet green and fresh and untrod upon.

The archer will make a new path and leave the travelled road for any good reason, and without a reason. Sagittarius would show the Ram a different cliff to jump from.

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

Aries might be even more bold and more daring, so they could constantly challenge one another in terms of "keeping up the interest". Trips, new plans, charity projects or trips to Cancun, could all be a part of the agenda. The danger is that in all the interest stimulation, they might lose track of each other, as time goes on.

There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. The "7 year itch" could look like a bridge to cross with flags waving at the crossing guard. A definite warning for both signs here.

Aries & Sagittarius: Love Compatibility

Just pure energy and a sense of adventure could lead them into territory that they were not aware they were even walking into. The 7 year itch happens, not from deliberation, but because of distracting inadvertence powered by a vague longing for new satisfaction.

Both shy from commitment.

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Compatibility Score Aries and Sagittarius: This combo has the potential to create a firestorm in the bedroom and build a mightier version of each other in the real world. These two signs are good for each other and whether it be a short blazing affair or an unconventional lifelong commitment — both benefit from being in the others world.

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

Decoding Aries and Sagittarius friendships… A friendship born in zodiac heaven! Aries and Sagittarius never forget how to play. Both are free spirits and want to be pushed outside of their comfort zones. They make excellent travel buddies and like MacGyver are able to build a sea plane out of plankton and fish heads when drifting, lost in a raging ocean.

Practical jokers, weeks are spent crafting elaborate setups to prank friends and family.

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

This combo is fire and fire — sometimes the flames are fierce — they amplify the crazy in each other — with disastrous results. Should they survive — the stories of high adventure will become more and more exaggerated as they grow old disgracefully.

Each is a bit of a commitment-phobe so the courtship rituals begin by wearing strong suits of emotional armour and brandishing different psychological weapons.

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Aries is easy to read. You can get what they are chasing after instantly. You know what an Aries wants, because they make their demands clear because they are focused on manifestation. By the time Sagittarius comes into the year, manifestation has already happened well on its own. Therefore, Sagittarius is in the state of living and giving thanksgiving. Sagittarius will totally appreciate how die hard Aries is, because Sagittarius loves success, it loves status even, and loves constantly being better than the last time.

Sagittarius are idea collectors, they are know it alls, they are charmers. They are very charismatic. They need someone who is highly goal oriented and wants to grow. They don't want to just stay the same, so it could really scare them if they are with a partner who doesn't want to challenge themselves and go new places. The Differences Between Aries and Sagittarius Since both Aries and Sagittarius have yang like qualities, they may need to consider how they can manage their relationship and the things they have in a practical sense.

Both have leadership qualities and want to go forward, but sometimes neither want to manage and take care of the mess they make. Aries is the strongest born leader as the first of the zodiac. Sagittarius can shift into having some manager like qualities. It can borrow from its Capricorn neighbor. But Sagittarius will want to lead at times, so Aries will have to listen and give them a chance.

Hold your words if you need to Aries, because leading in some ways helps the Sagittarius to become more of their own person. Sagittarius is turned on by a strong leader. But that's not because they have yin as their guiding post. They just think its hot when people take charge. They love to see someone really take action and have vigor, ambition, and creativity.

aries and sagittarius relationship problems

That's kind of awesome to them that someone can be passionate. It is much needed to see. Fire can help but like fire. Aries needs someone who can be independent. Aries doesn't do well with co-dependency, because Aries isn't someone who can really stay in a mode of co-dependency for very long.