Aomine and momoi relationship questions

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aomine and momoi relationship questions

The extra for them dating each other is not in the anime. Back home, Momoi is excited to show her present to Aomine, but he's not interested. So, 2 questions 1) It's really annoying knowing Momoi, a fun character, likes or even loves Tetsu, but he's like a statue, emotionless. no Basuke said that the relationship between Kuroko and Momoi was an interesting topic. So this time around we will be talking about Satsuki Momoi the only anime . And I like her relationship with Aomine more than with Kuroko.

Sakurai shrank away from the two. Couple spats were always unpleasant to be caught in, he thought. Too bad he could never get rid of Aomine during lunch. Aomine just waved his hand dismissively. She stomped her foot.

Aomine started, and glared at her. Not only were they talking about him as though he was a child in between squabbling parents, Aomine was slandering him. Sakurai escaped, as they embarked in an intense negotiations exercise.

aomine and momoi relationship questions

Aomine could have his bento. He would need all the help he could get once he lost to Momoi, anyway.

aomine and momoi relationship questions

Wakamatsu pointed at Sakurai, vindicated. How cheesy is that! She smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes at him. Aomine stared at her. Then he very slowly took a bite out of his teriyaki burger, savouring every chew, leaning in close to her to rub it in. Momoi glared at him.

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Susa had just stared at the two of them, leaning away from any flying food debris that might land on him. Wakamatsu threw his hands up, feeling completely justified, as Susa finished his story. One evil conniver was enough to handle one year at a time. Eventually, Touou gave up trying to decipher their relationship. Kuroko approached her and gave her his ice cream stick, with Momoi thinking that he just dumped his trash on her.

aomine and momoi relationship questions

Momoi turns the stick over and sees that it's actually worth one free ice cream. Later on, in the -Replace- novel, she falls even more in love with him after he rescues her from being harassed by high-schoolers. She was worried of what he might do without her nearby. She is searching for Aomine and finds him laying on some kind of podium. She tells him that Kuroko and Midorima are fighting right now and says that she thinks Kuroko will win, because he is the one she loves.

After Seirin's win, she calls Midorima on the phone. Very excited, she shouts at him and asks if he's won or not.

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Midorima hangs up immediately and Aomine takes Momoi's phone to ring him again. Momoi was seen getting irritated by this. The team is shocked to see her and Momoi introduces herself as Kuroko's girlfriend. After Kuroko gets out of the water, Momoi rushes over to him and presses him to her chest, making the entire Seirin team jealous, though Kuroko stated he couldn't breathe. When asked why she likes Kuroko, she tells the story of how they first met and how Momoi fell in love with him.

Momoi then reveals that she has intel on the team, ranging from the players' abilities to Riko 's cup size barely B. She then talks about Kagamicomparing him to Aomine. She recalls Aomine's playing style from the past and says that if only he would lose once, that he would return, but he simply doesn't lose. Kuroko speculates that he might win against Aomine and when Momoi takes her leave, he promises her that he'll win for Aomine's sake.

She was shocked to learn that he had met Kagami and that he thought that Kagami and Kuroko were a bad match. He tells her that he overslept and that he is still in school. Momoi hands the phone to Imayoshi and Aomine tells him that he will come later. The match begins without Aomine. More specifically we will be talking about her Analyzation and Intel gathering skills.

The reasoning behind this score is because she takes it upon herself as a manager to look into their opponents playstyle and reviews it to come to predictions. This is where he Analyzation skill comes in. So once reading her opponents playstyle she then makes predictions that are really accurate on the moves they will try to pull.

She then shares it with her team and that in turn allows the players to stop other teams from making plays they have thought of. Now when it comes down to her Intel it's quite amazing how she does it.

To come up with predictions and be almost accurate all the time that's pretty cool. So her skill is quite similar to Riko's but not quite. Unlike Riko Momoi can't really look at you first glance and get numbers on your physical capabilities.

What she does instead is make graph in which is separated into different categories and writes down your physical capabilities. She is also known for having background information on the players. Ok so this is an interesting matter as her improvement can only come intellectually.

As she is the manager she does have room for improvement. Somewhere where I could see her improving his team play. When it came down to it the first match vs Too and Seiren she wasn't able to get a full read on Kagami's and Kuroko's style. Along the lines it seems she also can't read people with no presence. Now the only thing I see her improving in Is in a way of her having her own special skill.

Like an emperor eye of her own.