Analogy cause and effect relationship

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analogy cause and effect relationship

This lesson explores the relationship between cause and effect and teaches you about the criteria for establishing a causal relationship, the. The “degrees of a characteristic” relation in analogies can best be explained by The difference between this analogy type and “cause and effect” type, which is. Analogies are word relationships which compare a pair of words — fast to slow for To write am effect to cause relationship, reverse the order of the words.

A cause-effect relationship is a relationship in which one event the cause makes another event happen the effect. One cause can have several effects. For example, let's say you were conducting an experiment using regular high school students with no athletic ability.

Analogies – Examples and Types

The purpose of our experiment is to see if becoming an all-star athlete would increase their attractiveness and popularity ratings among other high school students. Suppose that your results showed that not only did the students view the all-star athletes as more attractive and popular, but the self-confidence of the athletes also improved.

analogy cause and effect relationship

Here we see that one cause having the status of an all-star athlete has two effects increased self-confidence and higher attractiveness ratings among other students. Cause-Effect Criteria In order to establish a cause-effect relationship, three criteria must be met. The first criterion is that the cause has to occur before the effect. This is also known as temporal precedence. In the example above, the students had to become all-star athletes before their attractiveness ratings and self-confidence improved.

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For example, let's say that you were conducting an experiment to see if making a loud noise would cause newborns to cry. In this example, the loud noise would have to occur before the newborns cried. In both examples, the causes occurred before the effects, so the first criterion was met. Second, whenever the cause happens, the effect must also occur.

Consequently, if the cause does not happen, then the effect must not take place.

analogy cause and effect relationship

The strength of the cause also determines the strength of the effect. They can be synonyms, worker and tool used, tool and object its used upon, worker and object he creates, cause and effect or effect and cause. Other word relationships used in writing analogies are material used and end product, function of a tool, part to whole, masculine and feminine, age, person and adjective describing that person, symbol and what it stands for, measurement, classification and type and degree of intensity, according to Diana Dell of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Opposite relationships, or antonyms, are clear to understand. Some examples are crying is to laughing as artificial is to genuine.

What Does Analogy Mean? A Look at the Types of Analogies with Examples

Synonym analogies describe similar word relationships — finish is to end as posterior is to backside. Cause and Effect or Effect and Cause Cause and effect or effect and cause are basically the same word relationships simply listed in a different order.

analogy cause and effect relationship

An example of a cause and effect analogy is lightning is to forest fire as hurricane is to tsunami. In this analogy, the relationship helps you understand each effect was a direct result of the cause.

To write am effect to cause relationship, reverse the order of the words. Workers, Tools and Products Carpenter is to hammer as dentist is to drill is an example of a worker to tool analogy.

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Lumber is to house as flour is to cake shows how to write an analogy which shows a material and its end product. An analogy which explains the function of a tool helps you understand tools which may be unfamiliar to you.

analogy cause and effect relationship

For instance, saw is to cut as rasp is to file, explains the connection between the items. Part to Whole Part to whole relationship analogies are simple to understand.

An example of this type of relationship is leaf is to tree as cushion is to couch. Masculine to Feminine Some occupations have a name that varies depending on the sex of the person in the job.

analogy cause and effect relationship

Word analogies can be written describing the relationships of masculine and feminine jobs — host is to hostess as actor is to actress. When using analogies, make sure the words are in the correct order.

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For instance, host is to hostess as actress is to actor, is not a correct comparison of the terms because of the order of the words. Bride is to groom as madame is to mister is another illustration which differentiates gender, not in an occupation necessarily, but in the role played. Comparing Ages An analogy can be written which compares the ages of things. An example for this word relationship is baby is to adult as pullet is to hen.