Amelia earhart and george putnam relationship

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amelia earhart and george putnam relationship

The publisher George Palmer Putnam proposed to Amelia Earhart six to have struck a chord at this particular point in relationship history. George Palmer Putnam (September 7, – January 4, ) was an American publisher, . Due to his relationship with Amelia Earhart, Putnam has been the subject of numerous feature and documentary films including: Amelia Earhart. “Aviation Pioneer Amelia Earhart married George P. Putnam here in Noank, Connecticut, February 17, ” reads the carved, wooden plaque.

Untypical of such events, the lights were all kept on, with all participants crowding close to the medium. Fred was not at fault. Were they killed instantly? No, on a reef… Putnam: What direction from Howland?

Putnam's memories of Amelia

There are no islands north of Howland. Is it Kingman Reef? There are Navy planes flying near there now. The Navy search ended in July.

What will they find? They will find wreckage, in the water near the island. Nothing was ever found. What did Fred Noonan call his wife?

George P. Putnam

Fred want you to tell B. He is not dead. He wanted you to know there is no death… Maitland. Amelia is among a lot of friends. What about her mother? She has not given up hope. Can you ascertain from Amelia what word she used in addressing me? This is important; I want to get this right.

Pug, Pug or Pugsy. AE actually gave me a nickname similar to this, although only one or two intimate friends knew it. No one knew but myself. What country did the bracelet come from? Only AE and I knew that. What would she like me to do with the bracelet? You gave it to her, so you keep it. Parts of the plane.

Will you ask Amelia, please, if she had the Seagraves watch.


She did have it. Where is her will?

amelia earhart and george putnam relationship

In the safe-deposit box. Ask Amelia if she knows about the trip I am contemplating. That is very good. Putnam resigned from his position as secretary of G.

A significant event in Putnam's personal and business life occurred inbefore the merger. Because of his reputation for working with Lindbergh, he was contacted by Amy Phipps Guesta wealthy American living in Londonwho wanted to sponsor the first-ever flight by a woman across the Atlantic Ocean.

Guest asked Putnam to find a suitable candidate, and he eventually came up with the then-unknown aviatrix, Amelia Earhart. When Putnam first met Earhart he was still married to Binney.

After she completed her flight across the Atlantic, Putnam offered to help Earhart write a book it, following the formula he had established with Lindbergh in the writing of "WE".

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The resulting Earhart book was 20 Hrs. Shortly after, Binney left for South America. George and Dorothy divorced in Putnam had undertaken to promote Earhart in a campaign that included lecture tours and mass-market endorsements for luggage, Lucky Strike cigarettes this caused image problems for her, and McCall's magazine retracted an offer and other products. Earhart's ideas on marriage were liberal for the time, as she believed in equal responsibilities for both "breadwinners" and pointedly kept her own surname.

GP, as she called him, soon learned that he would be called "Mr. Her name was a household word. During her brief career, she was always thinking about the next flight, because these flights kept her in the public eye. Nine years later, in Julythe famed aviatrix suddenly vanished without a trace on the Lae to Howland leg of her round-the-world flight. This aspect is almost more interesting than her aviation career and even her disappearance.

For, aside from being the First Lady of Aviation, as she was dubbed, Amelia Earhart was also a considerable psychic, or so some believed. Since she almost never discussed this side of her life publicly, information regarding it is scarce. However, through the use of an online newspaper database, I was fortunate enough to uncover a few accounts not seen for nearly 70 years. Allen, in the Feb. It reported as follows: One development in connection with the recent air crashes which has been intriguing air officials is the way Amelia Earhart has gone psychic.

She believes she has developed a contact with the occult world by which she knows what happens in air crashes. Her latest prediction is that May 10 she will make a startling discovery regarding the crash of the Western Air Express plane lost over the Wasatch Mountains on Dec.

But her accuracy now has them mystified.

amelia earhart and george putnam relationship

When a United Airlines plane was lost just outside of Burbank, Calif. There the wreckage was found. Again when the Western Air Express plane carrying Mr.

Martin Johnson crashed Jan. In the earlier crash of the Western Air Express in Utah, Miss Earhart had a vision to the effect that the bodies of the dead had been robbed by a trapper. Two days later, a trapper near Salt Lake City reported finding the wreckage, but then suddenly disappeared without giving the location of the plane. This is the unfound plane regarding which Miss Earhart expects to make a startling discovery on May In part of the interview, she commented on the Drew Pearson column.

Given the details of the Drew Pearson column, it was quite clear that Earhart was trying to completely downplay her psychic ability. That portion of the interview ran as follows: Commenting on the story today, Mrs.

The reason I went that way was not because I had been visited by spirits, but because that plane had a 50 mile tail wind and I reasoned it had been further along than the others thought. A check of newspapers for later in the year revealed news releases in June regarding the missing plane.

Evidently the craft had been discovered within the previous day or so, and interestingly, there was no mention of Amelia Earhart or the trapper who had reported the downed aircraft.

The relevant portion ran: It was simply that Amelia Earhart herself had a fragile psychic quality, some strange susceptibility to conditions beyond understanding.

amelia earhart and george putnam relationship

She rarely mentioned it to friends, never discussed it publicly. But whenever AE participated in mental telepathy or psychic experiments to further her curiosity, observers were astonished at the results.

And yet she never involved or followed the advice of countless clairvoyants and astrologers who besieged her at every stage of her great flights.

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She used to say, laughing gaily: The feedback was usually in the form of warnings to her not to attempt her flight. And of course, each flight had been successful after all. Commendably, he gave impartial consideration to every communication, even occasionally spending considerable sums to follow out promising leads.

Amelia Earhart alive on coral shoal on one of Gilbert Islands latitude 2 above equator longitude. This message received by Mr. L— New York Medium. I am the retired captain of a copra boat that used to trade in the South Seas. I just happened to remember an uncharted island that we frequently visited for turtle eggs. The Gilbertese natives know where it is, too. The island is at— Here Putnam stopped in surprise and called his son David to locate the telegram he had received earlier that day.

A few moments later, David returned with the telegram and the two compared the position given in that document with the position given in the note from Nova Scotia.