Addie and jake relationship

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addie and jake relationship

Addie gets upset when Geena tells her that her and Jake are just pals and . Addie and Jake's relationship is put to the test when Addie auditions to sing a duet. Addie lets her jealousy take head of her relationship with Randy, tracking Addie gets jealous because Geena gets to share the lead with Jake Bahari, and she. And I loved the way you worked Jake into the story. addison and jake. thanks for writing this. i've always liked addie and amelia relationship and also the ones .

It crossed the line. It was a consensual encounter. It happened in his dressing room above studio 1A, which was empty in the afternoons. He got in his car and I had to go back to work, and now my life had completely changed.

It was a whirlwind. Over the next few weeks, we met several other times. The situation really took its toll on me. Fear crept into my life.

addie and jake relationship

I became unsure of myself. Any confidence I had was gone. For him, it was a conquest. One afternoon, he told me to come see him in his office.

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I thought he was finally going to talk to me and encourage me professionally. I wanted to hear from him that I could succeed in West Virginia. I sat across from him, and he pushes a button from his desk and the door shuts. It was embarrassing, because his secretary was sitting outside. He wanted to do stuff. Meet me there in five minutes.

So I went—and we had an encounter.

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I finish, get in my driveway and there was a reporter from the National Enquirer waiting for me. I reach out to Matt in an email.

addie and jake relationship

He left me to handle all this on my own, which I did. I told the National Enquirer that Matt and I were just friends. What happened with Matt held me hostage. I was under his spell. Every time I turned on the TV, because I anchored the local news in the morning, there was his face.

And he was acting all jolly and happy. And here am I, carrying the weight of what had happened and fending off the national press. My experience on air as an anchor turned out to be so traumatic that I quit. I was in a depression. It just shattered everything.

I realize it might even sound dramatic. I knew Matt was unfaithful to his wife, because he was unfaithful to her with me less than two years into his marriage. But was I the only colleague? I had no idea there were other women out there. And you can believe that a lot of Grey's fans who didn't watch Private Practice don't like Amelia?!

And this fic was great. Sad, yet had some things that made me laugh like the digs at Seattle, loland just very well-written! I hope you write more soon! I miss private practice and Addison Montgomery. Even though I am die hard addek shipper while reading your story I felt Addison is is in much better place with Jake. He is more mature and understanding than Derek. I wish we had got to see glimpse of Addison's 'happily ever after' life.

I hate Amelia shonda for changing her loyalties so easily. I loved her relationship with Addison but Shonda has managed to ruin it by bringing her to Seattle. Good that I don't follow that show anymore.

Such a beautiful story line. I really miss private practice. It would be great to see more of this story. Thank you xx retrocession19 chapter 1. I agree with others who are asking for prequel or sequel, but it would be better if you can give us both. Thank you in advance. There, I said it.